Softorino YouTube Converter Pro (SYC Pro) Review

Reviews • Sept.19, 2022

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We have had many options to download YouTube videos since the platform became popular. Now, YouTube is undoubtedly the go-to entertainment space for millions of users, and you can easily find YouTube video downloaders. However, sometimes, simply downloading a YouTube video doesn’t cut it. Instead, you need a bunch of Pro features to help you keep things smooth.

For instance, you may have to transfer downloaded YouTube videos to your iPhone or Android smartphone. Or you may need to edit video metadata and create a well-organized collection. And some people may have to do these things multiple times a day. So, these situations naturally call for a Pro-optimized YouTube video downloader.

So, we were excited to know that Softorino has launched a Pro version of its popular YouTube downloader app for Mac and Windows. This new app, aptly called Softorino YouTube Converter Pro, packs many features we have wanted to see on YouTube downloader utilities.

But you might already know about Softorino YouTube Converter Pro if you have checked our guide on the best YouTube video downloaders for Mac.

It easily got the first spot on our coverage—for all good reasons. Nevertheless, we think Softorino YouTube Converter Pro deserves a dedicated review. In this detailed review, we shall explore what SYC Pro offers and how to get the best out of this advanced YouTube downloader for Mac.

SYC Pro: an introduction

SYC has been our go-to option for downloading YouTube videos to our Mac devices. It was also great when we wanted to transfer the downloaded content to Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It also had 4K video support and subtitle options. However, SYC Pro takes a different approach altogether.


SYC Pro is designed for professionals who need to download YouTube videos and organize them in the best way possible. It packs many features that appeal to professional content creators and media junkies. SYC Pro also got some UI improvements from the development team.

These improvements make SYC Pro a superb choice for detailed workflows. But we should also remember that SYC Pro retains all the great technologies that SYC 2 has, including Automatic Content Recognition and Universal Connection Bridge. So you will not miss anything during this upgrade.

At the same time, there is a lot more to gain. We will now look at the user experience that SYC Pro offers.

Using SYC Pro to download videos

Despite all its Pro features, you can use SYC Pro features to easily download YouTube videos to your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone. You can do it in a few steps.

You first have to copy the URL of the YouTube video or playlist you want to download

When you launch SYC Pro, it will automatically detect the URL and recognize the content

In the next step, you can decide the type, quality, and destination of the content. For instance, you can pick either audio or video. Similarly, you can download videos at qualities up to 4K.


More importantly, you can decide where you want to store the downloaded video/audio. You can pick one of the following options:

  • The Downloads folder of your Mac
  • Your iPhone connected via USB or WiFi
  • Your iPod connected via USB or FireWire
  • Your Apple TV/Music Library
  • The SYC Pro Favorites folder

Once you have selected these options, you can click the Download button. SYC Pro will let you know once it has finished the download.

You can now access the downloaded video/audio from the destination. In this case, we can click the Finder button and locate the enclosing folder. Then, we can play the audio/video file using the desired player.

In short, the process is easier than ever. But it is just the tip of the iceberg.

What’s the pro in SYC Pro?

Let’s now look at the features that make SYC Pro a suitable option for professionals.

  • Better control over metadata

Metadata is important when you want to create a well-organized media collection. With Softorino YouTube Converter Pro, you can seamlessly edit the metadata of the video/audio files you download. For instance, if you want to download an entire YouTube playlist, you will have an option to edit the metadata of each video in the playlist.


This feature is handy because you can add the necessary metadata before saving the file. Things get better when you download music from YouTube. In addition to metadata like artist name and genre, the artwork for the track will also be fetched automatically. So, once you have finished the downloads, you can have an impressive folder containing organized music files.

  • Advanced integration with YouTube

SYC Pro seems more integrated with YouTube than many other YouTube downloaders we have tried. For example, the downloader lets you easily download regular YouTube videos and YouTube Shorts. Similarly, you can get one of the many subtitles available for the video. In addition, the quickness with which the SYC Pro app recognizes the YouTube URL from the macOS clipboard is commendable.


We believe this feature will help professionals a lot. For instance, when you want to download videos from various YouTube channels for your next teaching session, SYC Pro can save a lot of time. As you can guess, SYC Pro also has full support for YouTube playlists. Even so, you get the opportunity to make changes to aspects like metadata.

  • Directly download YouTube videos to iPhone/iPad/Android

Most people do not like the process of manually transferring downloaded YouTube videos to their devices. When you have SYC Pro, it is one less thing to worry about. Once you have done the initial setup, SYC Pro can download YouTube videos directly into your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone. The best part? You can do it wirelessly.

So, if you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch connected to the same wireless network, you can use SYC Pro to download YouTube videos directly into those devices. So, the next time you need to download something, you simply need to wake your iPhone/iPad from sleep. The feature itself is great and we think it is superb that you can do all this wirelessly.

  • Easy and effective organization

When you have SYC Pro, you do not have to worry about where the downloaded videos end up. You get full control over the process. Even better, you can download YouTube video/audio content into native apps like Apple Music and Apple TV. So, if you want to listen to an entire playlist you downloaded, you can do it using native apps.


Similarly, when you move music/videos to your iPhone or Android phone, they go straight to the designated folders. So, you can use native apps to play this content on those devices. Here, we have to thank the ACR—Automatic Content Recognition—system that Softorino has used. By the way, if you simply want to store all the videos in a random folder, you can do it too.

  • Nifty little features

Most of the time, Pro software is not about big changes but nifty little improvements. In this respect alone, SYC Pro is an excellent choice for most professionals. For instance, the app does not download YouTube videos in their full size. Instead, the app downloads a compressed version. So, if you have a limited data plan, you can stay confident.

We must also appreciate the performance improvements the team has brought in. According to Softorino, SYC Pro is six times faster than SYC 2. Considering that SYC 2 itself was one of the fastest tools to download a YouTube video, this improvement of 6x is impressive. Last but not least, the app has already been optimized for macOS Ventura.

Availability and pricing

Softorino YouTube Converter Pro is currently available for macOS only. You need a Mac running macOS 10.15 or higher to run the latest version. As we said earlier, the app is macOS Ventura supported.

As far as pricing is concerned, you have a couple of options to explore. First, you can download the free version, which offers a limited experience. When you want to upgrade, you have three options:

  • You can get SYC Pro for its monthly plan that costs $3.98
  • The cost comes down to $1.17 per month when billed annually
  • You can also get SYC Pro for a one-time payment of $120

Softorino has a software bundle called Universal License, which gives you access to 16 apps. SYC Pro, WALTR PRO, iRingg, and Folder Colorizer are some of the apps on this list. You can get this subscription for $2.92 per month when billed annually. Or, you can pay $300 for just one time.

Considering the quality of apps from Softorino, we can confidently recommend this bundle.

Is SYC Pro really a pro? Our verdict

Is SYC Pro perfect? We think not.

There are a few areas where SYC Pro could improve.

First and foremost, Softorino YouTube Converter Pro does not have support for 8K downloads. It is a feature that we have seen on many other YouTube downloaders. While it’s great that you can use Softorino YouTube Converter Pro to download 4K videos at 60fps, there are times when you need that ultra-sharp 8K video.

We would have loved to see additional control over subtitles as well. As of now, you can only disable them in general. It must be nice to choose the desired language of subtitles for every video you download. It is not a dealbreaker, though.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that Softorino is working on some sought-out features. For instance, it will soon introduce support for Facebook videos. The list of supported websites currently includes only YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud. So, we are waiting to see some improvements in the compatibility department.

Rest assured, these points do not make Softorino YouTube Converter Pro a bad option!

In the end, after a few weeks of rigorous testing, we would love to recommend SYC Pro to our readers. Of course, you do not have to be a professional to use this app, but it will surely help your professional life. For instance, the features of Softorino YouTube Converter Pro will be gold for content creators, teachers, and parents who need offline access to high-quality YouTube videos or SoundCloud tracks.

Compared to what you may have to spend on the YouTube Premium subscription, the cost of SYC Pro is so reasonable. So, we believe that is another reason to get this YouTube downloader for Mac.