12 Mac Apps in ‘The Applaudables’ Bundle

Deals • Nov.30, 2021

The Applaudables

Just got yourself a new Mac? The recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping spree was filled with offers on Macs, and it’s no surprise that people got a great deal. However, a device is of no use without good software.

So, why not get all the best Mac apps within a single package? Also, how about a great deal on the price to make your holidays feel that extra bit special.

Well, you’re at the right place. Today we’ll be looking at a package with all the essential apps to get you started and a deal ‘The Applaudables‘ from Unclutter team that will make your jaw drop. It is one of the best deals on the internet and probably the smartest $75 that you will ever spend.

So, let’s not waste any more time and dive straight into it.

Why call it “The Applaudables”

Applaudables embody the spirit of a good movie, with vivid, expressive characters (apps) and thrilling stories. This holiday, 12 essential apps band together to put up a great experience. Each app is a star with various unique skills, tools, and an exciting backstory. However, unlike regular old movies, the magic won’t wane after 2 hours.

The Applaudables apps

So, here are the apps that you get in the package:

1. Aeon Timeline 3

Regular Price: $65
Discounted Applaudable Price: $32.5 (50% OFF)


Aeon Timeline is an app developed and designed explicitly for project management and visual timeline creations. It is great for making and managing a detailed order of events in a timeline. It can also be used to make a date and time-specific order of events, and it helps create beautiful data-rich timelines that take your time management skills to the next level.

So, if you’re struggling with your time management skills and need something to keep you on track, then Aeon Timeline 3 is the way to go, and with Applaudable, it is that much easier and affordable to acquire.

2. BetterZip 5

Regular Price: $25
Discounted Applaudable Price: $12.5 (50% OFF)


To put it simply, BetterZip 5 is the best archiving and encryption tool for macOS. It has been called the next generation of archiving and helps do a lot of stuff that you can’t simply do with the regular macOS archive tool.

BetterZip 5 comes tightly integrated with macOS and also allows you to use or view documents without extracting them, which the regular macOS archive utility cant do. It supports various formats and has secure encryption techniques that make it a must-have utility tool for everyone. So, getting it at a discounted price would make for a great deal.

3. DaisyDisk

Regular Price: $10
Discounted Applaudable Price: $5 (50% OFF)


We get it. Managing your storage drive and always being on track with how much available space you have can get challenging. Its time consuming to scan through all the files to see if you want to delete or move something.

So, here’s the solution. DaisyDisk helps analyze disk usage and free up disk space on Mac with a quick and easy-to-use interface. It uses colors and a circular pie graph to show your storage allocation. It also has a tool to analyze and suggest data deletions which helps you clear junk files and increase the storage space.

4. Default Folder X

Regular Price: $35
Discounted Applaudable Price: $17.5 (50% OFF)

Yes, macOS has Finder but can it help you quickly navigate to all your files? Well, Default Folder X is an indispensable tool that offers file-navigation options through Finder that Apple should have included with macOS ages ago.

Enhanced Open and Save dialogs for macOS, easy access files, recent navigations, and a whole lot more are what you get with Default Folder X. So, if you want to make searching for files and fi=olders easier, then get Default Folder X from Applaudable at a great 50% reduced price tag.

5. Path Finder 10

Regular Price: $36
Discounted Applaudable Price: $18 (50% OFF)


Path Finder 10, you guessed it, a Finder alternative. It is a file manager for macOS that allows you to add modules that you can access at a moment’s notice. It also has AirDrop support, native support for Mac silicon, Dropbox integration, batch renaming, tabs, bookmarks, and a whole lot more.

So, if you think you’re being limited with the regular old file management Finder, then giving Path Finder a shot would definitely be worth it.

6. Permute 3

Regular Price: $15
Discounted Applaudable Price: $7.5 (50% OFF)


Permute is officially one of my most used apps on my Mac, and it is for a good reason. You can easily convert any movie, TV show, or music video to any format imaginable. You just need to select the file and click a button to convert the file that works on your PS5 or your iPhone.

It is one of the easiest to use media converters, and it supports old legacy devices such as iPods, Xbox 360, PS3, and a whole lot more. So, if you too need to convert many videos, then Permute is perfect for you.

7. Squash 3

Regular Price: $29
Discounted Applaudable Price: $14.5 (50% OFF)


Editing photos has become a whole lot easier, and you can even use your iPhone to edit out some great images. However, if you need a lot more tools, effective and quick templates, and better quality, then Squash is the tool you need.

It can help you batch resize images and optimize pictures on the fly on macOS, and it can also convert HEIC images to jpg for better compatibility. So, get Squash 3 from Applaudable now!

8. TextSniper

Regular Price: $10
Discounted Applaudable Price: $5 (50% OFF)

Have you ever wondered how to extract any uncopyable text from your Mac’s screen? Well, here’s your answer. TextSniper uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to recognize texts from images or pdfs.

This is extremely useful for work or when you simply want to grab something from an image and use it as a text. The process is speedy, and you can convert multiple pdf or images into text within minutes. So, if you are a working professional or a student who needs to extract text directly from different formats, TextSniper will fit right in with you.

9. TextSoap 9

Regular Price: $50
Discounted Applaudable Price: $25 (50% OFF)

A great companion app to TextSniper, TextSoap 9 is a super handy automation tool for writers. It can help you create powerful text transformations with just a click, and you can clean all the copied texts and make automated changes.

This takes your writing game to the next stage and makes all your writings seem a lot more clearer, in-line and organized. So, if you too like all your writings sorted and organized for an effective work screen, then getting TextSoap 9 would be the best choice.

10. uBar 4

Regular Price: $30
Discounted Applaudable Price: $15 (50% OFF)


The current dock in macOS is limited to the number of apps you can add in and the tools that you can use. uBar is looking to change that. It is a dock replacement for Mac, and it brings in a lot of features that you will seriously love using.

If you have used the Windows taskbar, then you’ll find uBar to be quite similar. It can house a lot more apps, and it has various pop-ups for the apps you want to use. This makes everything much more organized, easy to access, and speeds up your work by quite a lot. Oh, and also, if you’ve recently shifted from Windows, it will make your shift a whole lot smoother.

11. Unclutter

Regular Price: $20
Discounted Applaudable Price: $10 (50% OFF)


Looking to organize your home screen, notes, and files? Well, Unclutter helps you do just that. It has a file, notes & clipboard tile that can be used to access different sections with relative ease. It manages all these files and allows you to make the best use of your home screen,

If you have a lot of files that you want access to readily and use your clipboard and notes from time to time, then Unclutter will help you improve your overall performance and how quickly you get things done. So, get Unclutter at a discounted price from Applaudable and thank us later.

12. Unite 4

Regular Price: $25Discounted Applaudable Price: $12.5 (50% OFF)

Finally, the last app on the list, Unite 4, is truly unique and valuable to many. It’s basically the same thing as what Google is doing with web apps on Android. However, Unite 4 can help turn any website into a native app on your Mac.

If you frequently access a website and want a better way to use the platform without a browser, then Unite would help you covert the webpage into an actual app. You can use it to quickly add icons on your home screen, make online games available at a click, and websites behave like native apps, which is perfect for tinkerers and customization lovers.

So, get your game on and get Unite to make custom apps that can be easily accessed to navigate to different websites for a 50% discount.

Final words

We get it. The “Applaudable” isn’t for everyone, but it has many great apps that most people would appreciate. The overall value for the apps is worth $350. However, with “Applaudable”, you only pay $75 (saving $275), a huge 78% discount. Hurry, this offer is only available for a limited time.

So, it’s fine even if you don’t use all the apps and end up using just five or six, and get any of these apps for 50% off. The cheap offering makes for a great buy, and with some great apps, the package is looking to be a must-buy for the holiday season. With that said, we have reached the end of our journey and hope that you will have a great holiday with these new apps on your roaster.