WALTR PRO Review: A Magic ‘Drop’ Toolbox for iPhone File Transfer

Articles • Mar 7, 2024

waltr pro review

As a dedicated iPhone user, I’ve always loved the sleek design, but managing files sometimes felt like navigating a maze compared to other devices. Enter third-party iPhone manager software like WALTR PRO, a tool that lets you effortlessly transfer and convert almost any file format onto your iPhone, iPad, or even any iPod.

This review dives deep into WALTR PRO, exploring its features and showcasing its magic.

What is WALTR PRO?

WALTR PRO is iTunes on steroids. It started as a community project back in the day, which turned into WALTR, giving rise to WALTR 2 and now WALTR PRO. It has support for over 36 different file types and lets you kick iTunes to the bucket and even remove the use of wires altogether. It offers seamlessly transferring data with a simple drag and drop interface over WiFi and automatically connects to your iOS device with a companion app for the iPhone.

WALTR PRO is a massive upgrade from the old WALTR 2 and brings many new features plus small perks with a media converter, more control, impressive UI, and much more to experience. According to Softorino CEO Josh Brown:

“For the past four years, we’ve been collecting your feedback and learning from our customers’ experience. We didn’t want to make ‘just’ an incremental improvement. We wanted to challenge ourselves and redefine our product approach entirely. And this approach birthed – PRO. Our best product yet.”

Here are some new pro-grade features that we think provided some highlights:

  • The ability to automatically convert all media files to Apple-compatible folders for all your Macs and mobile devices.
  • Syncing music across all your Apple devices, and add music to Apple Music to play on your HomePods.
  • The metadata editor allows you to edit all metadata manually and automatically add covers and other missing metadata from the internet.
  • Allowing transfer from your PC or Mac to any third-party app on your iPhone or iPad.  When shared, your books, documents, and videos will appear in your iBooks and iOS TV app, and as always, you don’t need to install any third-party iOS apps for this.
  • Improving the already impressive drag-and-drop design of WALTR 2 made it much more straightforward and cleaner to use.

Available for macOS and Windows, WALTR PRO is compatible with iPhones, iPads, iPods, all models all generations.

How to make use of this magic ‘DROP’ toolbox?

We’ve all been there. You find the perfect movie online, download it and transfer, but then discover your iPhone or iPad declaring, “Unsupported format”?

Well, WALTR PRO offers an effortless way to convert movies, videos, musics and transferring them from your Mac or PC to your iPhone or iPad. This feature also works exactly the same way as converting PDFs and books.

The process is simple: just drag and drop your files, and let WALTR PRO work its magic.

# Drop to convert and transfer files from computer to your iPhone/iPad

add files

Step 1: Run WALTR PRO and connect to your iPhone or iPad through a wired or wireless connection. Drag and drop all the files you need to be transferred to the iPhone. Don’t worry about the file type, as the intelligent ACR feature detects all your files automatically.

Step 2: We dropped in some photos, PDFs, MP3, and AVI files, and they were detected in a second. All incompatible files, such as MKV files, are automatically converted to a supported format such as MP4. This helps save a lot of time and makes the experience seamless. Also, you could hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key on the keyboard and drag and drop the file to access all metadata.


Step 3: The transferring process is straightforward, and after the file is detected and converted, the transmission process begins and can also sync up the files with a WiFi wireless connection. This can be done by enabling the WiFi connectivity option in the settings tab.

transfer success

Step 4: As soon as the transfer completes, you can instantly view it on the native iOS TV app, and there’s no need to use or install any other video player.

Note: Besides iPhone and iPad, all legacy iPods from 2010 to 2021 are supported, which shows the dedication the developers of WALTR PRO have put forward. When you connect the classic iPod to your computer, WALTR PRO will instantly detect it, and the iPod will show up on your launch screen.

# Drop to convert media files to local folder on computer

Transfer in progress

Step 1: Drop all media files on the ‘Drop to convert to Local Folder’ area to start the content recognition and converting process.

Step 2: If the file is not compatible with MKV, the files would be converted to MP4. Let the files be recognized and start the converting process by selecting the storage location. No buttons. No unnecessary settings to worry about, just a simple drag and drop interface.

Step 3: Wait for the conversion process to be completed and then check the converted folder.

# Drop to add music to Apple Music and sync to your iPhone or Homepod


Step 1: Drag and Drop files on the ‘Drop to add to Apple Music’ area.

Step 2: Let the files sync up to your Apple Music or your HomePod through a physical or a WiFi connection. You could also use this to add music for streaming on your HomePod. With iCloud enabled, your music will be backed up and ready to play at a moment’s notice.

Note: All FLAC files are converted for Apple Music support and are the best option for audiophiles. The conversion results in no data being lost and allows you to stream FLAC through the HomePod and HomePod mini.

# Drop to transfer files to third-party apps


WALTR PRO supports third-party apps to transfer your files to. All files are supported, such as Word documents and high-resolution pictures. Some of the most useful of those apps are Files by WALTR, Documents, and VLC. You could convert and transfer files from your PC or Mac directly to your iPhone’s app storage location with a single click.

Step 1: Follow the same steps from the default transfer method.

Step 2: However, while on the final screen, hold down the ‘Alt’ key on the keyboard and drop the files to select the third-party target app.

Step 3: Let the transfer be completed and find the file in the specified app of choice.

Pros and cons of using WALTR PRO


  • Easy to use and transfer data
  • A central hub for sharing all file formats from your desktop to your iPhone
  • It has a clean and well-designed user interface
  • Works with all iPhones and iPads
  • Support for all legacy iPods


  • Has a limiting trial period
  • It is costly with a $40 price tag
  • It can sometimes take a long time with connecting over WiFi

In Short: We would recommend WALTR PRO to everyone that needs an iTunes replacement, but if you’re looking for free software that can do everything that iTunes does, well, look somewhere else.


Q: Is WALTR PRO safe to use?

Yes, WALTR PRO is entirely safe to use and doesn’t bring any problems with it. The installation is fast and secure and works on both Windows and Macs. We tried all the features and triple-checked it for viruses or malware and ended up with nothing, which shows that WALTR PRO was built with security and privacy in mind.

Q: Is WALTR PRO free?

No, WALTR PRO is not a free software. It’s available through two subscription options. You can choose a monthly plan for $9.95 or a yearly plan that comes out to $2.92 per month if billed annually. The interesting part is that both options come with access to all 16 apps from Softorino through their Universal License package. This means you might be getting more value than just WALTR PRO if you find other software from them useful as well.

Q: Can I transfer files over WiFi?

Yes, WiFi transfers are possible, and you can connect your iPhone with WALTR PRO by downloading the app and being on the same network. WALTR PRO will automatically scan for your device and send a connection request, and as soon as you grant the connection request, the iPhone would be connected to the PC allowing you to transfer all of your files.

Q: Does WALTR PRO support lossless conversion?

Yes, all files you transfer through WALTR PRO are transferred to your iPhone without any data loss. All the conversions are also lossless, so you can quickly move all FLAC flies, which turns into ALAC on the fly and keeps 100% of the quality. Similarly, MKV files turn into M4V format on the fly with zero loss in quality. This helps you save a lot of time and also helps retain all the original quality.

Q: Are HEIC and ProRAW files supported with WALTR PRO?

Yes, HEIC and ProRAW files are supported and can be transferred to your iPhone or iPad without any issues or problems with loss in quality. However, as these files can occupy ample storage space due to the lossless nature, we suggest using a wired connection as it is much faster than wireless transfers and would save you a lot of valuable time.

WALTR PRO verdict: is it any good?

With iTunes on the verge of demise, the market for similar data and device management tools is rising. One such ‘Drop’ tool that we have tested today is WALTR PRO and impressed with the attention to detail and the app’s general performance, such as:

  • Central Hub: Manage, transfer, and play all your media files (including music, videos, and ebooks) from a single, user-friendly app.
  • Effortless Transfer: Transfer data wirelessly via WiFi, supporting over 36 file formats with no loss in quality.
  • Seamless Conversion: Automatic file conversion ensures compatibility with your iOS device, removing the need for separate conversion tools like Handbrake.
  • Subtitles and More: Enjoy automatic subtitle conversion and other features like metadata editing.

Overall, WALTR PRO is great for users who:

  • Value quality and convenience: No more sacrificing quality for compatibility or using multiple apps for different tasks.
  • Need a central hub: Manage all your iOS file transfers and playback from a single, intuitive interface.
  • Transfer a lot of files: Handle large file transfers seamlessly, making it a great choice for media enthusiasts.

However, it’s important to consider:

  • Cost: WALTR PRO requires a paid subscription, while iTunes is free.
  • Needs: If you only occasionally transfer a few files, the free AirDrop option might be sufficient.

In short, if you’re seeking a powerful and user-friendly solution for managing files on you iOS devices, WALTR PRO is a good choice.

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