Unlocking Seamless Media Freedom for Apple Users: Josh Brown on WALTR PRO

Interviews • June 5, 2024

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In an insightful interview with TheSweetBits, Josh Brown, CEO & Partner at Softorino Inc., joins us today to discuss WALTR PRO, the company’s flagship media transfer tool that unlocks seamless media freedom for Apple users.

Key takeaways:

  • Josh discusses the vision of creating a user-friendly tool for transferring media files to Apple devices, addressing gaps left by other iTunes alternatives.
  • He elaborates on the advanced technologies integrated into WALTR PRO.
  • He also offers a glimpse into future updates and the evolving landscape of media transfer tools, underscoring WALTR PRO’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction.

Let’s dive into the details.

TheSweetBits: What inspired the creation of WALTR PRO, and what specific gaps in the market did you aim to address with this pro version?

Josh: The inspiration for WALTR PRO stemmed from our desire to create a seamless, user-friendly experience for transferring media files to Apple devices. While several tools were available, none offered the ease of use and comprehensive functionality users needed. We identified a significant gap in the market for a tool that could handle a wide range of file formats and automatically convert them for Apple devices without the need for iTunes.

After nearly two years of development, we released the original WALTR in 2014, pioneering direct media transfers to iOS devices.

WALTR PRO builds on this success by offering advanced features like custom metadata editing, folder management, and support for HEVC and FLAC formats, catering to both casual users and professionals looking for greater control over their media transfers.

What are the standout features of WALTR PRO that set it apart from other iTunes alternatives?

WALTR PRO stands out for several reasons.

Firstly, it supports a wide array of file formats, enabling users to transfer music, videos, PDFs, and ePub files without worrying about compatibility issues.

The Universal Connection Bridge 2.0 (UCB 2.0) allows for seamless connectivity with Apple devices, while Automatic Content Recognition 2.0 (ACR 2.0) ensures that media files are properly tagged and organized.

Additionally, WALTR PRO offers advanced options like custom metadata editing, folder management, and support for HEVC and FLAC formats. The ability to transfer files to third-party apps and even convert files for local storage makes WALTR PRO a versatile tool for both everyday users and media professionals.

The difference between WALTR 2 and WALTR PRO is dramatic. At its core, WALTR PRO retains WALTR’s simple drag-and-drop experience, allowing users to bypass file format issues and transfer any music, video, ringtone, or book file straight to an iPhone or iPad.

WALTR PRO introduces new pro features, a standalone converter, a beautiful design, and significantly more control. Key enhancements include the ability to manually edit cover art and metadata, convert files to Apple-friendly formats directly on your PC, and transfer unsupported music formats directly to the Apple Music cloud for HomePod playability or all iCloud-connected Apple devices.

Additionally, WALTR PRO supports transferring any file to iOS as long as there is a third-party app installed that can read it.

How does WALTR PRO handle various file formats and ensure compatibility with Apple devices? Can you discuss the technologies like UCB 2.0 and ACR 2.0 behind the automatic file conversion feature?

WALTR PRO’s strength lies in its ability to handle a multitude of file formats and ensure they are compatible with Apple devices.

The Universal Connection Bridge (UCB), developed through four years of intensive research, is pivotal in this process. Since 2001, Apple has released numerous media devices, each with its own protocol ‘language’. UCB identifies each device and establishes a secure connection using the appropriate Apple protocol. This means UCB understands the data-write protocols for each generation of Apple devices, ensuring a seamless and reliable transfer process.

Automatic Content Recognition 2.0 (ACR 2.0) further enhances this capability by providing a rich visual experience for movies, TV shows, and music. ACR recognizes the content, searches for missing cover art, and fills in missing metadata such as name, cast, synopsis, and track list. This ensures that your content looks as if it was purchased directly from the iTunes Store. Together, these technologies enable WALTR PRO to automatically convert files to formats compatible with Apple devices, ensuring a smooth playback experience.

For audio conversion specifically, WALTR PRO handles a variety of formats with precision. Native formats like m4a, m4b, mp3, and aac are transferred directly without conversion. Lossless formats such as FLAC, WV, APE, tta, and tak are converted to ALAC, while uncompressed formats like wav and aiff are also converted to ALAC to save space. For rare lossy formats like wma, ogg, and oga, WALTR PRO converts them to ALAC to preserve sound quality. Users can also choose to compress lossless formats into AAC (256k) if desired, similar to Apple Music’s quality.

Are there any limitations on the file size or quantity that can be transferred using WALTR PRO? What measures are in place to protect user data during the transfer process?

WALTR PRO is designed to handle large files and bulk transfers efficiently. There are no specific limitations on file size or quantity, which means users can transfer entire libraries if needed.

To protect user data, WALTR PRO employs robust encryption protocols during the transfer process.

Additionally, we have implemented strict data privacy policies to ensure that user information is never compromised. The software also performs checks to prevent any potential data corruption, ensuring a smooth and reliable transfer experience.

Are there any upcoming features or updates for WALTR PRO that you’re particularly excited about?

We are continuously working on enhancing WALTR PRO to meet the technology trends. One of the upcoming features we’re excited about is the integration with Apple Vision Pro, allowing users to transfer media into their Apple headsets.

We are also developing advanced customization options for metadata editing and exploring new ways to improve transfer speeds and efficiency.

These updates aim to make WALTR PRO even more versatile and user-friendly.

How do you see the future of media transfer tools evolving, and what role do you envision for WALTR PRO in that future?

The future of media transfer tools lies in greater integration with AI, enhanced file compatibility, and more intuitive user interfaces. As media consumption habits continue to evolve, users will demand tools that offer seamless and efficient ways to manage their digital libraries.

WALTR PRO is well-positioned to lead in this space, with its focus on user-centric design. We envision WALTR PRO becoming the go-to solution for both personal and professional media transfers, continually adapting to new technologies and user needs.

But we are also excited to release our biggest (and most advanced) software yet, to complement WALTR – and that is AltTunes. It does what WALTR can’t and to avoid over cluttering the interface, two apps will exist and solve different use cases.

Are there any personal anecdotes or experiences you’d like to share about the journey with WALTR PRO?

The journey with WALTR PRO has been incredibly rewarding.

One memorable experience was when we first tested the automatic file conversion feature. Seeing a complex MKV file effortlessly play on an iPhone was a moment of triumph for the team.

Another highlight has been the feedback from our users, who have shared stories of how WALTR PRO has simplified their workflows and saved them countless hours. It’s these success stories that motivate us to keep improving and innovating.

We appreciate Josh for sharing insights into the development of WALTR PRO and how it addresses user needs in the digital media realm. To learn more about the software, its features, and pricing options, you can visit the official Softorino website, or check out our detailed review here.

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