Winxvideo AI review: convert and upscale videos/images effortlessly

Reviews • April. 9, 2024

winxvideoai review

Well, this is a review of Winxvideo AI. The tool revolutionizes your video and image processing with its AI powerful suite of generative and enhancement AI models, effortlessly transforming your low-quality video into high quality masterpieces.

We were curious – could Winxvideo AI truly live up to the hype? Today, we put it to the test on our Windows 10 PC, and here’s a sneak peek at its features, capabilities, pros, cons, and more.

What does Winxvideo AI do

Winxvideo AI takes care of image and video processing, using its advanced AI to enhance quality and speed in conversion, editing, and compression. Its cutting-edge AI capabilities like video upscaling, image enhancement, frame interpolation, and stabilization, gets you all covered for diverse video and image processing needs.

  • Uses AI to upscale low-resolution images/videos to higher resolutions without losing quality.
  • Enhances usability by offering batch processing for video conversion and compression.
  • Comes with a complete screen and video editor featuring exclusive tools like trim, merge, crop, add effects, watermark, etc.

A quick look at pros and cons


  • Supports 4K/8K video conversion and features advanced tools like stabilization, noise removal, and artifact reduction.
  • Comes with GPU acceleration and batch processing.
  • Includes useful tools like screen recording, audio conversion, and a video editor.


  • The interface could have been intuitive.
  • Sometimes the results generated by AI tools can be undesirable.
  • Winxvideo AI limited to Windows (7/8/8.1/10/11, 64-bit).

A deep dive into Winxvideo AI

After careful testing, we have realized that Winxvideo AI caters to all users. While you might struggle at the beginning, the detailed knowledge base of Winxvideo AI makes it easier by guiding you through each step.

In this section, we have focused specifically on Winxvideo AI capabilities, as talking about everything would take forever. Here are our thoughts and what you must consider while using the AI tools of Winxvideo AI.

To gain more insights into the development and future direction of Winxvideo AI, be sure to check out our exclusive interview with their Manager at Winxvideo AI.

Upscale Video

We were particularly impressed with Winxvideo’s key ability to enhance low-quality videos. They use a technology called CineAI, but don’t let the technical jargon scare you. Here’s how easy it is: we simply uploaded a grainy video into the app.

First, we clicked on the Video AI icon and dragged the video file in. Then, we selected the “Super Resolution” option and chose a ‘4x’ improvement under “Model Settings.” Finally, we hit “Run” to start the process.

winxvideoai upscale

The results were clear – the difference between the before and after versions was remarkable in the above picture we looked at. The video quality took a significant jump for the better!

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Enhance Image

While the name – Winxvideo AI suggests that it is focused on working with videos, the image enhancement tool adds a special touch to the software, enhancing reliability.

The AI technology sharpened blurry photos and refined rough images with ease, offering up to 4X upscaling, making it an ideal choice to enhance low-resolution images.

Like Video AI’s Super Resolution, the settings remain the same for Image AI, which has provided us additional flexibility to optimize the enhancement based on the image content.

The High-Quality Engine option promises an enhanced output. Still, it is important to balance the quality settings as the processing time can significantly increase and can take forever if not for powerful specs.

Frame Interpolation

Frame interpolation is a useful feature, especially when working with anime and fast-paced action footage.

winxvideoai frameinterpolation

The ability to increase the frame rate to as much as 240fps made our videos significantly smoother. While the interface could have been better, offering settings for GPU usage, FPS adjustment, and scene change sensitivity can be considered an added advantage.

While everything seems promising, for best result, the perfect balance between smoothness and natural motion is necessary. In this limited scenario, we felt that Winxvideo AI should have offered presets to enhance usability.

To be best at this, you might need to experiment with these settings. Hence, be ready to tweak and preview multiple times to get the desired outcome.

Stabilize Video

Alongside the above AI features, the video stabilization tool of Winxvideo AI can be extremely useful if you’re working on unstabilized videos. We tested it with a variety of clips, and the AI algorithms, backed by GPU acceleration, did not disappoint.

winxvideoai stabilization

The four presets allows to choose between optimal stabilization and faster processing speeds. However, it’s worth noting that the Two Pass mode, while offering higher stabilization quality, will also demand more processing time.

Next, customization options for border color fill and cropping method added an extra layer of control, which you might appreciate if you’re particular about your final output.

Convert/Compress Video

Winxvideo AI can act as a video converter, letting you switch between various formats like MP4, MOV, and MKV with ease. It supports a wide range of codecs and resolutions, ensuring seamless playback on any computer, mobile device, or platform. Plus, thanks to full GPU acceleration, converting even heavy 4K videos happens in seconds.

winxvideoai convert

With built-in compression features, you can also easily shrink video sizes without needing separate software like Handbrake. Simply drag your video into the app, choose the desired format, and let Winxvideo AI work its magic.

Preset profiles make the process even simpler, offering various compression options without requiring manual adjustments. Then you can share your videos anywhere without worrying about file size limitations.

Winxvideo AI pricing

Considering the above tools and features, you might have expected an expensive subscription or perpetual license. However, Winxvideo AI does things differently by offering relatively cheap plans, making it one of the best affordable AI video enhancers in the market. Here is what Winxvideo AI offers:

  • 1-Year Plan / 3 PCs: $25.95 (discounted from $39.95)
  • Lifetime / 1 PC (Best Seller): $45.95 (discounted from $69.95)
  • Family / 3-5 PCs: $57.95(discounted from $119.90)

Want to try Winxvideo AI before you buy? They offer a free trial, but note that you can only convert or enhance videos up to 5 minutes long and edit up to 5 images.

Winxvideo AI verdict

Winxvideo AI emerges as affordable and efficient video enhancement software. While other options exist, it stands out, especially if you prioritize affordability over absolute perfection.

The additional tools, such as AI image enhancer and video converter, aren’t just marketing ploys and can be relied on. In summary, Winxvideo AI’s toolkit introduces robust AI-driven features to your digital workspace.


Who uses Winxvideo AI?

Winxvideo AI isn’t limited to specific users. If you ask us, we believe it can fit all types of users, from beginners to video editing professionals, thanks to its effective AI capabilities.

Is Winxvideo AI effective?

Absolutely. Winxvideo AI proves its effectiveness by delivering high-quality video and image enhancements, offering a suite of advanced tools that cater to the most demands of image/video processing.

Which is the best alternative to Winxvideo AI?

While Winxvideo AI stands out for its comprehensive AI tools, Adobe Premiere Pro is a notable alternative, offering robust editing capabilities. If you’re unsure, try experimenting with other video editing software in the segment, compare the results, and make a well-informed decision.

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