Top 11 AI Video Upscalers to Enhance Video Quality

Utilities   •  June 9, 2023

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Wanting to enhance your old and low-res videos to high-quality upscaled videos, then you must rely on AI Video Upscalers. These video upscalers can analyze and interpolate the missing details of your video and help generate enhanced videos featuring visual quality and sharper images.

This article provides you with the best AI Video Upscaler tools that can serve all your video enhancement needs after trying and testing many.

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What is upscaling?

Upscaling can be defined as the process of enhancing the resolution and quality of images or videos. For beginners, upscaling works by increasing the number of pixels in a lower-resolution video to match or exceed the resolution of the display device.

AI upscalers use interpolation to enhance photos or videos through algorithms such as a nearest neighbor, bilinear, bicubic, or more advanced techniques like deep learning-based methods.

While compared to the traditional upscaling methods, AI Upscalers have made upscaling easier and accessible to everyone.

Can AI upscaling improve a video?

With improvement in AI, upscaling is done more efficiently. Through sophisticated algorithms, analysis is done on the video frames, and based on it, additional pixels are generated to fill in the gaps, resulting in a higher-resolution output.

Alongside improved clarity, sharpness, and detail, the AI video upscalers can identify and reduce the effects of compression artifacts, noise, and other distortions in the original video. However, the only downside is losing fidelity and creating artifacts.

The AI Video Upscalers can enhance older or low-resolution videos into higher-quality content, capable of watching on modern high-resolution displays.

What kinds of AI video upscalers exist?

Considering the advancement in AI, many AI video upscalers are used based on unique strengths, limitations, and applications. Here are some of the most common kinds of AI Video Upscalers that are frequently used for video enhancements;

  • Neural Network-based upscalers
  • Super-resolution upscalers
  • Frame interpolation upscalers
  • Hybrid upscalers
  • Cloud-based upscalers

The AI video upscaler software listed in the compilation uses an individual or mix of the above AI video upscalers, and here are our suggestions.

Top 11 AI video upscaler software tools

#1 HitPaw Video Enhancer: Best for beginners

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your videos without learning or editing skills, then HitPaw Video Enhancer is for you. HitPaw has made AI video upscaling accessible to everyone through the HitPaw Video Enhancer, featuring an intuitive interface and impressive features.


To enhance a video through HitPaw Video Enhancer, you must choose the file, select the AI model and generate the results. With support to increase low res videos to higher resolution up to 4K and 8K, you need a powerful GPU that can handle the processing.

In addition, features such as Auto Enhancement, Batch Processing, and 30+ Format support can easily serve all your video enhancement needs. The $ 349.99-lifetime plan might be expensive, but if you’re happy with the results from testing the trial version, it is arguably the best for beginners.

#2 Topaz Video AI: Best powerful and ideal for intermediate users

If you’re looking for software as efficient and intuitive as HitPaw Video Enhancer but need more tools and flexibility, then Topaz Video AI is for you. Through our testing, we noticed the tools offered are ideal for intermediate editing, and the best part is the flexibility and customization.


Topaz Video AI works on all types of videos, and every tool on offer comes in handy in one way or another. All tools work as advertised, but we suggest using this tool on a high-spec computer or a laptop to avoid long processing times.

Features such as 4K/8K enhancement, 24 to 60 FPS conversion, smooth slow motion, stabilization, and fewer motion artifacts in the final output make it arguably one of the best AI video upscalers in its segment.

With a $299 lifetime pack, you can have it forever. We felt the price tag was reasonable, and after testing the features, it felt like the best bang for the buck.

#3 Pixop: Best for business

After trying Topaz Video AI, if you’re happy with its features but wish it to work on the cloud, Pixop might be the best for you. Pixop is as efficient as Topaz Video AI, and we suggest it for professionals and media.

Unlike other AI video upscalers, Pixop charges its users based on the processing job, and one has to purchase credits. Each tool has a different price; for instance, Pixop Deep Restoration costs $0.369 / gigapixel.

For Pixop, you need a high-speed connection alongside a powerful computer. Upon using Pixop, we felt it is a great software for professionals who occasionally want to do personal projects without purchasing a full software.

#4 Vegas Pro: Best for pro/advanced users

While Topaz Video AI is for intermediate users, it wouldn’t be enough for professional users. If you’re a professional consistently working on enhancing videos, then Vegas Pro is for you.


The main reason for suggesting it to professional users is because of its full-scale video editing tools embedded in it. After we tested it thoroughly, we noticed it could work with various formats.

Coming to the AI video upscaling, you need a powerful high-spec computer to make any enhancements. It can perform colorization and content upscaling like every AI upscaler, but the feature that impressed and caught our attention is Style Transfer to mimic Picasso & Van Gogh.

On the other hand, exciting features such as ActionVFX, Boris FX Primatte Studio, SOUND FORGE Audio Studio, Motion Tracking, Live Streaming, and Adjustment tracks make it arguably the best in advanced video editing and AI upscaling software.

Vegas offers three plans for its users, and the perpetual licenses are affordable and reasonable. The Vegas Edit ($249), Vegas Pro ($399), and Vegas Post ($599) have significant differences, and we felt the Vegas Pro plan was right as it has the right balance of perks.

#5 Microsoft Edge: Best in-built upscaler on web browser

Microsoft has released Video Super Resolution (VSR), an AI Video Upscaler developed for Microsoft Edge. The main aim of Microsoft VSR is to eliminate blocky compression artifacts and generate high-resolution videos.

You can get hands-on Microsoft Edge AI Video upscaler if you’re running the Camry channel of the Edge, which is a part of Microsoft Insider Program. Currently, Microsoft VSR is in the beta phase and will only work on video resolutions of 720p or lower.

The Microsoft VSR cannot upscale all videos due to DRM tech. Hence, you cannot upscale content from prominent streaming platforms to provide copyright protection.

Like every AI Video Upscaler, you require a high-spec PC or laptop to handle the processing, and Microsoft VSR supports both Nvidia and AMD GPUs. Considering everything, Microsoft VSR feels promising, and we believe it will become a big thing.

#6 Uniconverter: best for video format conversion

Wondershare Uniconverter stands out as a highly versatile and comprehensive video conversion and upscaling tool for Windows and macOS.


The tool excels in providing an all-in-one solution for video upscaling, format conversion, editing, and more. Regardless of the video format, such as AVI, MOV, MP4, MKV, DVD, Blu-ray, and others, Uniconverter efficiently upscales video resolution while preserving the original quality through GPU acceleration.

Notably, this video resolution converter boasts impressive speed, offering up to 30 times faster performance than standard tools. Its batch convert feature enables simultaneous upscaling of multiple 720P files to 1080P, saving your time.

Moreover, Uniconverter offers a video editor that allows you to trim, crop, add subtitles, apply watermarks, add effects, and adjust audio to suit individual preferences. However, it’s important to note that the trim feature may have limitations in achieving precise cuts, particularly when zoomed in.

Starting at $29.99 per quarter or with the option of a perpetual plan for $55.99. Uniconverter also provides the added functionality of recording streaming videos and downloading video or audio from YouTube.

#7 GDFLab G-Enhancer: Best replacement to HitPaw

HitPaw Video Enhancer is a great pick for beginners. However, it isn’t the right tool for everyone, and we suggest checking out GDFLab G-Enhancer if it isn’t for you. Through our testing, we realized that the interface of GDFLab G-Enhancer is intuitive and navigating around is easy.

GDFLab G-Enhancer can upscale low-resolution videos to higher resolution, up to 4K and 8K, so you need a powerful GPU to handle the processing. The processing is done based on your assigned input video quality, and the change is noticeable for different inputs.

In addition, features such as Post Filter, AI Sharpen, and support for various format support makes the video enhancements better. Unfortunately, there is no lifetime plan, and one has to purchase a monthly subscription ($49.99). It didn’t sound reasonable to us, and we suggest checking out the trial version before buying a plan.

#8 AVCLabs: Best alternative to Topaz Video AI

Suppose you find Topaz Video AI difficult to use and enhance videos. In that case, we suggest you check AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI, as it is simpler and has most Topaz Video AI features.


To begin with, AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI has an AI video enhancer, upscaler, colorizer, frame interpolation and super-resolution. We have tried each and noticed that the software performed well for all types of videos.

The hardware acceleration feature comes in handy while upscaling videos to 4K/8K and when there are many frames. In addition, features such as Single and Multi-frame enhancement, Face Recovery and Refinement, Noise and Grain removal, Color control, and AI sharpening make it reliable.

The lifetime plan ($239.90) is arguably the best pricing, but we suggest trying out the trial version before purchasing any plan to identify if it fits your requirements.

#9 DVDFab Enlarger AI: Best affordable AI video upscaler

DVDFab Enlarger AI might be the affordable solution to upscale the videos as it produces outstanding enhancements featuring a straightforward interface.

The reason for considering DVDFab Enlarger AI is its flexibility with the DVDs. Even though most AI Video Upscalers support DVDs, we haven’t found any that is as compatible as DVDFab Enlarger AI.

With DVDFab Enlarger AI, you can upscale the videos to 4K, and through the Enlarger AI feature, you can improve the details of the images and restore the original colors to the objects.

The AI takes care of everything and provides an ideal balance of Saturation, brightness, and contrast. There aren’t many features, but you have to look out for the four output quality options (Premium Quality, Ultra Quality, Deblock, and Ultra+Deblock).

The pricing is fair, with the Lifetime pack costing $139.99, arguably the most affordable software in this compilation.

#10 Waifu2x-Extension-GUI: Best open source upscaler

Waifu2x is a free online tool known by everyone for its image-upscaling capabilities. However, it is not capable of enhancing and upscaling videos. For this purpose, the Waifu2x-Extension-GUI is developed, which is compatible with images, animated images, and videos.

Unlike the rest of the software, the Waifu2x-Extension-GUI doesn’t have an intuitive interface and takes time to get used with. Additionally, this software isn’t for beginners and is suggested for intermediate and advanced users.

With Waifu2x-Extension-GUI, you’re all covered as you are offered all the tools that premium and advanced AI upscalers usually feature. For instance, audio denoise, frame interpolation, hardware acceleration, Dynamic RAM, and Multi GPU are advanced but reliable features.

We are extremely happy with the level of flexibility, and the best part about Waifu2x-Extension-GUI is it is free. Even though it is free, few features are locked, and the premium costs just $4.99 per month.

#11 Video2X: Best free alternative to Waifu2x-Extension-GUI

Another completely efficient software with more advanced features to Waifu2x-Extension-GUI is Video2X, arguably the only option. Like Waifu2x-Extension-GUI, you get an outdated interface and can work on enhancing videos, GIFs, and static images.

With Video2X, you can denoise, interpolate frames, and convert 30fps videos to 120fps. As most use Video2X to upscale animation and projects, we have tried doing the same, and the results were promising, thanks to its collaboration with waifu2x, Anime4K, SRMD, RealSR, and Real-CUGAN upscalers.

Additionally, the software offers outstanding flexibility, and you can customize scaling ratios or upscaling types. Video2X requires powerful GPUs and is compatible with tools like Docker and Podman.

As Video2X is an open-source project, all tools and features are free. Hence, there are no subscriptions, but you can join the developer’s Patreon for just $1 for updates.

Bonus round: how to maximize upscale quality?

Before answering this question, note that upscaling can enhance video quality but cannot create details not present in the original footage.

Here are steps to maximize upscale quality in videos;

  1. Start with the best original footage that is high quality.
  2. Perform necessary edits using professional video editing software before upscaling.
  3. Use AI-powered upscaling tools and experiment with upscaling algorithms.
  4. Don’t perform excess upscaling, as it can lead to artifacts and a loss of clarity.
  5. Apply post-processing techniques such as sharpening, denoising, and color correction.


AI Video Upscalers is arguably the most efficient and effective way to enhance videos. With many software built based on it, AI video upscaling is accessible to everyone, and even an individual with no skills can use them.

With this article, we have provided you with a compilation featuring some of the top AI video upscalers. All the software listed in this compilation are tested, and we have considered them according to the user and pricing.

If you ask us to suggest a few, we recommend HitPaw, Topaz, and Vegas Pro. However, if you’re an advanced user and don’t care about the interface, Waifu2x-Extension-GUI and Video2X are the best free, open-source, and feature-packed software.


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