Beautiful.AI review: Elevate your presentations through AI automation

Reviews • March. 21, 2024

Beautifulai review

Have you ever stared down a blank presentation template, feeling overwhelmed? We’ve all been there. But what if artificial intelligence could do the heavy lifting for you? Beautiful.AI promises just that – an AI-powered presentation software designed to streamline the creation process.

We took a deep dive into Beautiful.AI to see if it lives up to the hype. Here’s what we discovered about its features, pros, cons, and more.

What does beautiful.AI do

Beautiful.AI is AI-powered presentation software that simplifies creating presentations by automating the design work and content arrangement.

It uses AI to make the process quicker and adjust content based on the topic, although it’s more effective with simpler topics.

  • Powered by AI DesignerBot and Smart Slides, automating the presentation creation process.
  • Gain access to customizable themes, elements, animations, and several library integration support.
  • Work with teams through its integration and collaboration with access settings.

A quick look at pros and cons


  • Integrated with AI-powered DesignerBot and Smart Slides.
  • A vast collection of customizable templates and a dedicated media library.
  • Like prominent PowerPoint creation software, it has exclusive customization features like animations, elements, etc.
  • Capable of integration and collaboration and supports access settings.


  • The pricing is well structured, but it could have been affordable.
  • While the interface is intuitive, beginners might find it difficult and require learning.
  • Only the enterprise plan offers SAML SSO, Audit Events, and SCIM.

A deep dive into Beautiful.AI

Struggling to craft captivating presentations? We’ve all been there. But what if AI could do the heavy lifting? Join us as we take a deep dive into Beautiful.AI’s core features, revealing how DesignerBot and Smart Slides automate design, streamline content, and unleash your inner presentation guru.

Beautiful.AI’s AI capabilities

DesignerBot simplifies creating presentations, allowing you to bypass the difficult aspects of design and execution. We initially tested its capabilities by providing specific prompts, and it proficiently automated the creation of presentations using its AI and Smart Slides feature.

BeautifulAI DesignerBot

Generally reliable, DesignerBot sometimes struggles to produce high-quality content for complex or obscure topics. Nonetheless, training the AI with more detailed information about the subject can significantly improve the quality of the presentation.

Furthermore, the Rewrite function in DesignerBot is quite beneficial for refining text. For example, we uploaded a complex presentation that effectively simplified the content.

Although it performs well, its ability to thoroughly analyze the content can be poor if the text is too intricate or incomplete. On the bright side, its robust translation features make an excellent ally for overcoming language barriers.

Customizable themes & library integration offers preset templates similar to traditional presentation software, providing a user-friendly, engaging experience. While it generally holds its own, it may not always match the capabilities of Microsoft PowerPoint. However, including DesignerBot, which can generate presentations from prompts though AI, is an added advantage.

BeautifulAI library

The platform’s multiple library integrations are handy, providing easy access to videos, images, fonts, etc, for your presentations. Although its customization options may not be as extensive as PowerPoint’s, the slide designs are tailored to its unique customization features, ensuring you don’t feel restricted.

Regardless of the design,’s customization options have you covered, except when using a custom template.

Elements and animations

Elements and animations are crucial in presentations, and makes sure to get it right. It offers considerable flexibility in the customization of elements, and you can tailor animations to your preference using preset options like Timing, Speed, or Advancement.

BeautifulAI Animation

Also, the platform supports diverse team sizes with tailored solutions and integrates with primary services like Slack, Dropbox, and PowerPoint​​.

Collaboration capabilities comes with collaboration tools, including interactive feedback through player comments, options to transfer presentation ownership, comprehensive team collaboration settings, and management of team member access, along with commenting features for improved communication.

BeautifulAI collaboration

We encountered no issues with its collaboration features, and you can use permission settings to your benefit, ensuring private, secure, and public access levels as needed.

Beautiful.AI pricing

Pro: [Monthly – $12] – Ideal for individuals

Team: [Monthly – $50 / Annual plan – $40 / user/month] – Ideal for team collaborations.

Enterprise: [N/A: Contact Sales] – For advanced security, support and control.

Beautiful.AI verdict

Beautiful.AI streamlines presentation creation, particularly beneficial for frequent presenters among professionals or students. It lives up to its claims, offering an AI-enhanced upgrade to traditional presentation software.

While its AI capabilities enhance reliability, it’s essential to assess your specific needs, as conventional presentation software still provides robust tools for seamless creation.


Who uses Beautiful.AI?

While Beautiful.AI can empower anyone to craft captivating presentations, its user base leans towards professionals who prioritize visual storytelling and efficient workflows. Freelancers, educators, and marketers often find its AI-powered design magic and collaborative features a godsend for their frequent presentation needs. Similarly, small businesses and startups appreciate its modern aesthetic and agility, scaling along with their growth.

Is Beautiful.AI easy to learn for beginners?

The interface is generally intuitive, but beginners might initially find it unfamiliar compared to traditional presentation software. However, the platform offers helpful tutorials and guides, and the AI assists with design aspects, potentially overcoming the learning curve. Consider exploring the free trial to test its suitability for your comfort level.

Does Beautiful.AI integrate with other tools and services?

Yes, Beautiful.AI integrates with popular services like Slack, Dropbox, and PowerPoint, providing easy access to resources and collaboration opportunities. Additionally, its library integration features support importing videos, images, and fonts, further simplifying content creation.

Which is the best alternative to Beautiful.AI?

Declaring a “best” alternative to Beautiful.AI hinges on your individual needs and presentation style. If you’re curious about alternatives, consider or Canva. Ultimately, the perfect alternative depends on your budget, team size, and presentation objectives. Exploring free trials and demos is key to finding the right platform for you.

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