Canva Joins the AI Race with Magic Tools

News • March 24, 2023

canva magic ai

Australian graphic design platform Canva has recently launched a suite of new generative AI-powered tools, which it has dubbed “Magic”. These tools are designed to help you automate many of the repetitive tasks associated with graphic design, freeing up more time for creativity and innovation.

According to Tegan Murdock, Canva’s Head of Product for Branding and Collaboration,

“Canva’s AI tools are designed to simplify the design process and help users create beautiful, professional-looking designs quickly and easily.”

‘Magic’ design

Canva’s Magic Design tool allows you to perform complex design tasks with ease. The tool can automatically remove the background from an image, replace it with a new one, and even enhance the image with filters and effects. You can also use the tool to replace certain elements of a design, such as the font or the color scheme, with a single click. This feature makes it easy to create professional-looking designs in a matter of minutes.

‘Magic’ video

Canva now allows you to create videos that are perfectly synced with the beat of the music. This feature adds a professional touch to any video, making it more engaging and enjoyable to watch. Digital Trends notes that Canva’s Beat Sync feature might even replace your video editor. Additionally, the tool provides a wide range of video templates, making it easy to generate stunning AI videos in minutes.

‘Magic’ presentation

With Canva’s Brand Hub, you can create consistent and professional-looking presentations that are in line with their brand identity. You can also store all your brand assets in one place, including logos, fonts, and color palettes. The platform’s AI tool then generates presentation templates based on the brand assets, ensuring that all presentations are consistent and cohesive. You simply need to provide a description of the presentation, and the platform generates the template complete with suggested subheadings and topics.

‘Magic’ write

Canva’s Magic Write tool uses AI to help you write more effectively. The tool analyzes the text and suggests improvements, such as better word choices and formatting. This feature saves you time from having to proofread and edit your own work, allowing you to focus on creating content. Additionally, the tool provides writing prompts and suggestions, making it easier for you to generate new ideas for your content.

Canva’s Magic tools are set to revolutionize the world of graphic design and make it more accessible to a wider audience. Canva’s move is in response to similar efforts by other tech giants such as Adobe (new Firefly generative tool) and Microsoft (Power platform 2023), which have also been investing heavily in AI-powered tools. As the competition in the industry heats up, it remains to be seen which company will come out on top.

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