Top 10 Partition Recovery Tools for Windows in 2023

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If you have been using a Windows device for some time, then you must have come across partitions. Partitioning an HDD or SSD is vital as it plays a critical role in managing all the data. While creating partitions is an easy task, recovering them without losing data can be a daunting task. Typically, partitions get corrupted or lost due to accidental deletion, formatting, virus attacks, or system crashes, and recovering them requires efficient recovery tools.

This article will introduce you to some of Windows’ best partition recovery tools that can help you recover your data. Regardless of your technical exposure, whether you’re a tech-savvy user or a beginner, we’ve got you covered, as all tools mentioned are user-friendly and efficient.

It is essential to note that this article is for educational purposes, and we do not guarantee data recovery or take responsibility for any loss. Using the below-mentioned recovery tools is at your own risk.

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10 Best Partition Recovery Tools

We have tested several tools for partition recovery to find the most efficient ones. Based on the results, flexibility with file systems, and overall performance, we have shortlisted the top 10 partition recovery tools for Windows.

#1 EaseUS Partition Recovery

With a straightforward interface and  lots of flexibility, “EaseUS Partition Recovery” stands at the top. We expected the interface to be loaded with multiple icons, but to our surprise, it resembles the standard Windows tools and feels premium.

easeus1 1

Getting Started

Downloading the “EaseUS Partition Recovery” took just a few minutes. and there were no issues while installing the tool using the .exe setup file.

Once we loaded the tool on our device to recover some of the lost partitions due to a corrupted partition table, we were greeted with a refined interface displaying the disks and asked us to select the disk to begin the search operation of the lost partitions.

The time taken for the scan depends on the disk size and several factors like type of disk, file system type, and device performance. From our test, we noticed that the quick scan was very efficient, and we suggest going with it rather than the deep scan to save time.

Once the scan operation was finished, the tool provides detailed information about each lost partition and recoverability status.

easeus2 1

Our Take

To test the true potential of the tool, we have tried running the “EaseUS Partition Recovery” on several Windows devices featuring different storage devices (HDD and SSD) and file systems such as NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, Ext2, and Ext3, and the performance is promising in every aspect.

The worth-mentioning ability of the “EaseUS Partition Recovery” is the “Explore support’ as it helped us with selecting the partitions that we need to restore. We used the explore feature by clicking on the lost partition to preview the stored files and narrowed down the necessary partitions while avoiding unnecessary ones.

After preview, we started continuing with the recovery process. We were worried that the recovery would cause conflicts with the existing partitions, but EaseUS Partition Recovery came to the save by informing us of the consequences of recovering a specific partition.

While it has many great features, there is one small hiccup we’d like to point out. It seems that in their pursuit of user-friendliness, EaseUS may have overlooked the need for optimizing its performance.

As a result, the recovery process takes a bit longer than we had initially anticipated. But hey, let’s not dwell on the negatives too much because overall, we’re still pretty satisfied with what it brings to the table.

Premium versions and upgrades

Once we upgraded to the full version of “EaseUS Partition Recovery,” we noticed additional flexibility with the storage devices. For instance, the pro version supports recovery on external HDD, USB flash drive, memory card, RAID, virtual disk, dynamic disk, etc., which was missing in the free version.

In addition, we were also offered additional perks where we could recover from a RAW, formatted, and corrupted partition with the help of an advanced partition recovery algorithm.

Considering both versions, the free version is an absolute steal. However, an individual who needs additional compatibility and performance would find it lacking.

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#2 Partition Recovery by Disk Internals

While looking for an alternative to EaseUS Partition Recovery, we had a hard time finding an option until we crossed paths with the “Partition Recovery by Disk Internals.”


Getting Started

The downloading and installation of “Partition Recovery by Disk Internals” are easy, and the entire installation is automated with the help of a setup file.

Once we installed and started with the recovery operation, and just like any tool, we were asked to pick the disk on which we wanted to perform the restore operation. However, the interesting thing happened once we selected a disk and proceeded to the “Folder Structure Recovery” window.

The program offers two scanning modes here. The “Full Recovery” mode provided the flexibility to manage and manually select the file systems of our liking. On the other hand, the “Fast Recovery” mode is straightforward and ideal for lightly damaged disks.

Our Take

To test its full potential, we have performed both recovery modes on different devices featuring the same storage medium and files, which we achieved through disk cloning.

Once the recovery operation is done, we have noticed that the “Full Recovery” mode has done a significantly better job than the “Fast Recovery” mode, with better recovery featuring more files. However, on the dark side, the “Fast Recovery” mode has taken much time to finish the operation.

The performance was good, but we were disappointed with the Preview section as it felt completely outdated. The interface of the Preview section resembled Windows XP and Windows 7 theme combination, and we couldn’t preview everything inside the selected partition just like we did on the EaseUS Partition Recovery.

Premium Versions and Upgrades

The free-version packs almost everything an individual would need, besides the only limitation on Preview section. However, we suggest going with the pro version if you need added flexibility with storage devices, file systems, and additional premium perks.

#3 MiniTool Power Data Recovery

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a versatile and comprehensive tool that’s perfect for anyone in search of the ultimate data recovery solution. It offers a wide range of features, from the basic to the advanced, and one of its standout capabilities is partition recovery. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, this tool has got you covered when it comes to managing your partitions with ease.


Getting Started

Starting with the downloading and installing MiniTool software, there were no issues, and the setup file took care of the entire installation. Once the tool was installed, we noticed a proper home screen which the above tools lacked.

Even though the home screen is intuitive, we felt room for improvement, and with additional refinement; it would arguably be the best in its segment. Speaking of the performance, we would say it is decent and works as expected.

Our Take

During testing, MiniTool Power Data Recovery excels in recovering lost or damaged partitions. It supports the retrieval of lost partitions due to accidental deletion, formatting, or other types of system errors. The tool scans the storage media thoroughly, searching for lost partitions and displaying them in a clear and understandable manner.

We can preview files within the found partitions before initiating the recovery process. Additionally, we have the option to selectively recover specific files or folders, saving time and storage space by excluding unnecessary data.

Aside from partition recovery, MiniTool Power Data Recovery offers a range of other useful features. These include data recovery from damaged or deleted files, CD/DVD drives, SSDs, USB drives, memory cards, and the ability to recover data from inaccessible or corrupted drives.

Premium Versions and Upgrades

We have upgraded to the paid version and noticed all plans were affordable. In addition, we were provided with additional perks such as loading previous scan results, load .rss results manually, etc.

Except for the 1GB data recovery limit, the MiniTool Power Data Recovery Software is the most powerful free tool. If you’re not happy with the free version of this tool, we suggest checking out EaseUS Partition Recovery Preminum.

#4 AOMEI Partition Assistant

AOMEI Partition Assistant is an all-rounder and is ideal for those looking for a complete partition tool. With this tool, one could get their hands on basic to complex features related to partitions, where partition recovery is one among them.


Speaking of Partition Recovery on AOMEI Partition Assistant, works similarly to most prominent recovery tools. You must select the disk, perform the scan, preview the lost partitions, and recover the data from the lost partition.

With a user-friendly, intuitive interface and reliable features, the AOMEI Partition Assistant is an all-in-one partition tool suggested for all users.

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#5 Hetman Partition Recovery

With support for multiple storage devices and file systems such as FAT, NTFS, exFAT, HFS+, etc., you must consider checking out the Hetman Partition Recovery tool if you’re looking for a way to recover the data due to lost partition.


Like most prominent partition recovery tools, it comes with advanced scanning and recovery algorithms, resulting in faster scanning and recovery of lost partitions.

On the other hand, the interface is one of the best-looking in the segment, as it is easy to navigate. The paid versions pack more features, and it is a great choice if you have to deal with many partition recoveries.

#6 Recoverit

Wondershare’s Recoverit is a data recovery tool different from the standard partition recovery tool. With Recoverit, we start by selecting a disk, and the recovery begins automatically.


Unlike the partition recovery tools, all the lost data is displayed in one place, and one doesn’t have to worry about managing partitions after recovering them. Like our list’s top three partition recovery tools, Recoverit supports all file system types and storage devices.

Considering it is from Wondershare, the interface is free of complaints. The free version comes with all premium features, but one has to upgrade over time to prevent restrictions from accessing all features.

#7 TestDisk

If you believe you’re technically sound and can work with complex tools while referring to a few tutorials and walkthroughs, then TestDisk is for you. For starters, TestDisk is open software designed to recover lost partitions and can make non-booting disks bootable again.


One capable of using TestDisk would never consider checking out any tools as it can easily handle all the recovery operations. To add a cherry on top, it is completely free.

TestDisk can easily compete with any modern data recovery tool, but the downside lies in its complexity and outdated interface. However, it would be an absolute steal for only those who can figure using it out.

#8 DiskGenius

DiskGenius is another disk management and data recovery software that is extremely efficient at recovering lost data. We were extremely happy with its performance, but the reason for not considering it is due to the interface.


The interface is very technical, and most people might find it confusing, and only a few would navigate around and use the features without difficulty. There are no additional limitations; on the bright side, it supports multiple file systems and storage devices.

We have noticed the paid version offers additional flexibility, but there is no improvement to the interface. Hence we suggest looking for a recovery tool with an intuitive interface while providing great performance and recovery rate.

#9 Disk Drill

If you don’t want to go through the entire process of restoring and recovering a partition to get back the lost data, then Disk Drill is for you. Disk Drill is efficient and reliable data recovery software that can recover lost data.


Like other disk recovery tools, it has advanced scanning algorithms and support for multiple storage devices and file types. However, it stands out from the rest because of its special tools, such as disk cleanup, duplicate file finder, and disk health monitoring.

The intuitive interface of Disk Drill is probably the best looking in its segment and matches the theme of Windows 11. One wouldn’t find it difficult to navigate, and even beginners can easily use this tool to recover lost data.

#10 Stellar Data Recovery

While looking for data recovery with an extremely simple and user-friendly interface, we crossed paths with the Stellar Data Recovery tool. The interface is so straightforward that an individual with no prior experience or knowledge would use it straight away with ease.


We felt nothing new with the Stellar Data Recovery tool except for the interface. Like every other data recovery tool, it features custom advanced scanning algorithms paired with support for multiple storage devices and file types.

The recovery rate is promising, and purchasing a pro version can help you gain access to a few perks. These additional perks enhance the overall usability and performance, resulting in better data recovery.


To wrap this up, recovering a lost partition loss and its associated data is a frustrating experience. However, you can ease the process with the right Partition Recovery tools. Independently developed tools like our pick, EaseUS Partition Recovery represents the best choice for most users, and MiniTools Power Data Recovery remains the complete solution for advanced operations.


Is it safe to use partition recovery software?

It is safe to use partition recovery software if you download it from a reputable source and follow the instructions carefully. We suggest checking if the tool is prominent and has decent reviews. Also, try the free version before subscribing or purchasing a tool.

Can I recover the lost partitions and their data entirely?

There is no guarantee about total data recovery with any of the recovery tools mentioned above. Also, remember that misusing these tools can lead to data loss and partition deletion.

What precautions should I take to prevent future data loss and partition damage?

Here are a few suggestions from us that would help you with preventing data loss and partition damage in the future;

  • Always back up data regularly.
  • Use reliable Anti-virus software.
  • Invest in a UPS to avoid power failures.
  • Always update your device.
  • Download only trusted software or tools.
  • Eject external storage devices carefully.
  • Handle storage devices with care.

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