CrossOver’s DirectX 12 Support Revolutionizes Mac Gaming

News • June 5, 2023

CrossOver DirectX12

CrossOver, the popular software that enables macOS users to run Windows applications seamlessly, has recently announced its plans to incorporate DirectX 12 support. This exciting development is set to enhance the gaming experience on macOS, allowing you to play Windows games with improved performance and efficiency. With the addition of DirectX 12, CrossOver aims to bridge the gap between native gaming options for Mac and the expansive world of Windows gaming.

Unleashing the power of DirectX 12

DirectX 12 represents a significant leap forward in graphics rendering technology, surpassing its predecessor, DirectX 11, in terms of speed and efficiency. Independent tests have shown that DirectX 12 offers a 50-70% increase in rendering speed while consuming fewer resources. By embracing DirectX 12, CrossOver 23 will empower Mac users to play resource-intensive Windows games on their macOS devices with unparalleled speed, stability, and power efficiency.

CrossOver has been at the forefront of supporting Apple silicon, ensuring that Mac users can harness the full potential of their hardware. The compatibility layer provided by CrossOver 23 will enable gamers to unlock the combined power of Apple silicon’s CPU and GPU resources, delivering optimal performance. Compared to virtual machine software, CrossOver offers a resource-efficient alternative, eliminating the need to wait for developers to release Apple silicon-optimized versions of games.

It’s important to note that DirectX 12 support will be introduced on a per-title basis rather than being universally available from the start. CodeWeavers has taken a meticulous approach, ensuring optimal compatibility and circumventing bugs by addressing each game individually. The initial game benefiting from DirectX 12 support will be “Diablo II Resurrected,” with plans to expand support to more titles in the future. CodeWeavers maintains a compatibility database, allowing you to stay informed about supported games through their blog and updates.

CrossOver games

Embracing the future of Mac gaming

The arrival of DirectX 12 support in CrossOver marks a pivotal moment for the Mac gaming community. While the development of Mac-optimized games continues, CrossOver empowers Mac users to access a vast library of Windows games seamlessly. By bridging the gap between macOS and Windows gaming, CrossOver 23 enables Mac users to indulge in their favorite games without limitations. Whether you’re a devoted Diablo II fan or eagerly awaiting other DirectX 12 supported titles, CrossOver provides a versatile and efficient solution.

Again, this is a pretty big deal for Mac gaming. By leveraging the benefits of DirectX 12, including improved speed, stability, and native support for Apple silicon, CrossOver 23 empowers you to enjoy a broader selection of Windows games without compromising performance. The beta release of CrossOver 23 is scheduled for the summer of 2023, with a stable version expected later in the year.

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