Extensis Connect Review: Streamline Your Digital Assets & Fonts

Articles • Mar 12, 2024

With millions of fonts available at your disposal, selecting the one to use in your creative assets and artwork takes a lot of effort. But even when you choose a font, you still need to ensure that the font you chose can be used for your purpose. While this can feel like an uphill battle, that’s where we noticed Extensis Connect can step in and help us.

Even though we don’t do a lot of graphic designing work, we still have certain needs that need to be fulfilled. By trying Extensis Connect, we noticed that we can streamline our work by bringing order to a work that can quickly turn into chaos. Therefore, if you’re looking to learn more about Extensis Connect and how it can improve your sweet productivity levels, you’re in the right place.

Down below, we’ll show you the pros and cons of Extensis Connect but also review some of the features that had the hugest impact on us during the test, so let’s break it down!

What does Extensis Connect do

Extensis Connect is a versatile tool designed to help you organize, share, and collaborate on digital assets. It caters to graphic designers, marketing teams, and anyone who needs a secure and centralized hub for their creative content.

  • Act as a secure cloud storage solution for various creative digital assets.
  • Manage all your fonts from a central library, ensuring brand consistency and license compliance.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with real-time file sharing, updates, and multiple search options.

A quick look at pros and cons


  • Secure and safe cloud space to store digital assets
  • Great file organization and powerful search functionality
  • Incredible way to manage fonts and collaborate with others


  • There is a slight learning curve you must adapt to
  • It’s not very easy to integrate into other third-party tools
  • It requires an internet connection at all times

A deep dive into the Extensis Connect

Extensis Connect is a great tool that not only helps you store and share your digital assets and content, but it also helps keep it secure, and most importantly, improves collaboration. Since everyone at SweetBits is all about reaching new levels of productivity, Extensis Connect was preferred and liked, and here are the features we liked the most.

Storing and managing digital assets

We know you must’ve heard that content is king, so Extensis Connect made its mission to ensure you have a safe space to store and protect your digital assets. Whether it’s images, documents, artwork, or a variety of file types, Extensis Connect can store it in the cloud.


What we like the most about Extensis Connect is that you don’t need multiple storage places for certain file types. This cloud-based service features a unified repository, which means you can upload almost any format there is and the database will store it and sort it for you.

No matter how much data you upload, Extensis Connect ensures that you always have access and organization tools to categorize everything you have stored. It has the ability to annotate assets. This way, if you’re using Extensis Connect as a team (just like we are), you can keep uploaded files tidy and organized for everyone on the team.

We know that data and files can get out of control but that’s not an issue to be worried about with the Extensis Connect. There’s a centralized management system in place that allows larger businesses and teams to upload as much data as they have without worrying about sacrificing the usability or workflow of the team.

Collaboration and sharing capabilities

We’re a decently sized team so keeping the productivity at the highest levels possible to efficiently get our tasks done is important for us. As someone who loves sweet productivity, we also liked Extensis Connect’s ability to make collaboration within the tool simple for teams.

Several team members can connect with the tool simultaneously and still use it without logging anyone off. On top of that, sharing content you have uploaded with external people who aren’t part of your team is also very simple. This way, External Connect makes things convenient for everyone, and as the name says, provides the preferred connection.

Another thing that kept us going strong was the real-time updates and notifications. Whenever someone from our team added a file, removed it, or left an annotation, the right people on the team got notified. This is well combined with the tracking ability so working on multiple projects together while sharing one cloud space in the External Connect is still a convenient possibility.

While the integration isn’t very Extensis, there is a certain capability of integration as it is, but we’re looking forward to seeing more third-party integration options available. Lastly, one thing we like the most when it comes down to productivity and collaboration is accessibility. Yes, you will need internet at all times to use Extensis Connect, but it allows remote teams to work and collaborate in real-time, on the same files, in one place

Font management integration

Another Extensis Connect’s strength that’s often overlooked is the font management integration. Since any type of document uses letters, font is inevitably one of the things that you have to work with daily.

font connect

Extensis Connect makes things simpler by providing a centralized font library where you can store the fonts you use regularly and ensure the whole team has access to the fonts of your brand identity.

We like the easy access and how no questions are left once team members get to know this integration. It’s one of the integrations we like to think of as a setter for team members to get it right from the start and get the team together on the same page, even when it comes down to fonts.

A great life-saver with this integration is the license management where Extensis Connect ensures compliance with licensing agreements. This removes the worry in the back of your head about using a certain font, leaving you with thousands of fonts you can freely use for your business.

Switching between the fonts even got easier with a new built-in feature called automatic font switching. And if you’re collaborating or sharing, you get to share fonts among team members. We saw an increase in productivity levels since there’s no time spent on getting small things right such as fonts. Yet this shows how crucial it is to have everything neatly organized, and that’s what Extensis Connect is all about.

Cloud-based security

We get it, uploading your important and valuable data to the cloud and having to let the safety of your digital assets into the company’s hands can be scary. Luckily, Extensis Connect ensures proper data security and safety, no matter the amount of files you have in the cloud.

The biggest benefits of cloud-based useability lie in accessibility. You only need an internet connection to virtually access data from any location or device. We like how the platform works even with smartphone devices so productivity can be taken to another level and you won’t ever be stopped from working with your team, even when you’re on the go.

The actions taken in Extensis Connect’s cloud system are synchronized in real-time so all team members can work on the same type of files as if they’re working in-house. Since not all members might need access to all levels of data, you can manage the access for each member of your team.

With such customizable access controls, it’s much easier to administrate the data and reduce the risk of data misuseage.

If you’re still skeptical about keeping all your data in the cloud, Extensis Connect’s disaster recovery feature will rest assured. This is a feature that can recover your data even in the worst-case scenarios of data loss. With such protection, you can get your data rapidly restored, which also minimizes downtime and ensures your company and team keep on working without losing productivity levels.

Search functionality

We’re a big fan of Extensis search functionality rather than a basic search engine, especially when working with files. Extensis Connect provides a powerful search functionality that allows you to search for your files and find them in seconds, no matter how many files you have there.


Besides using keywords, you can perform a visual search, and even have a list of saved searches or history that you can refer to. Giving the team members the option to tag and categorize files, you can use the integrated advanced filtering to find files quicker.

If that’s not enough, you’ll be surprised (just like we were) with Boolean operators and wildcards for advanced search functionality options. This way, users can combine multiple search queries to further refine the results. This can help you pinpoint the specific type of file you’re looking for.

This helped us in situations when we had a specific file on our mind but couldn’t find it with ease visually or using the filters. Boolean operators and wildcards functionality are some of the most specific ways you can use to search for your files in the cloud. That’s also another area where we noticed how Extensis Connect likes productivity boosts, just like we do, so it was a pleasure knowing we can rely on tools that have similar values to ours.

With such phenomenal search functionality, scaling up the files without losing productivity or performance is made easier. With rapid results even if you have Extensis digital libraries, performance is still intact and reliability and speed are some of the benefits you have to gain.

Extensis Connect pricing

Extensis Connect offers tiered plans for individuals, small teams, and large organizations:

  • Connect ($150/user/year): Ideal for solo creators & small teams. Includes storage, asset management, font licensing tools, and integrations.
  • Connect + Insight ($200/user/year): Builds on Connect with risk management features for larger teams: project risk scanning, font risk reports, and more storage.
  • Connect for Large Teams: Caters to large organizations with custom pricing. Includes all Connect + Insight features plus dedicated support and tailored services.

The pricing of Connect for larger teams isn’t publicly available and you will have to contact Extensis for a quote.

Extensis Connect verdict

After testing Extensis Connect with our data, we were impressed by its robust security and organization features. It streamlines workflows, improves organization, and enhances communication, leading to a significant boost in productivity.

Collaboration features, unique font management, and great accessibility make Extensis Connect ideal for teams and businesses. The Connect Fonts version also makes it a valuable tool for individual creators, keeping their fonts organized and ensuring license compliance.


How does Extensis enhance collaboration among team members?

There are several features we noticed that help the most within Extensis Connect, including great sharing functionality, integrated communication tools, and real-time updates.

Can Extensis Connect integrate with other tools?

Yes, Extensis Connect can integrate with other tools, but its integration is still fairly limited and we’re looking forward to having more integration options available soon.

Is there a trial version of Extensis Connect?

No, there isn’t a trial version that allows users to experience full functionality for a limited period.

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