Top 11 WebSites for Free Stock Video Footage Clips

Multimedia • Nov. 18, 2022

Stock Video sites

Creating video content is much easier than ever before and being surrounded by platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat where millions of users are absorbing video content gives you a chance to get your ideas across much easier.

With the help of stock video footage clips, you can create videos digitally directly from your computer.

While these types of stock videos cost a lot in the early days, now there are many platforms that provide such footage for free under copyright-free licenses.

And in this post, you’ll find 11 of the best free stock video footage clip websites, so keep on reading!

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Top Sites for Free Stock Videos Footage Clips

Finding free stock video footage clips isn’t hard if you know where to look and to avoid any issues with licenses and rights of use, head down and check out any of these platforms where you can find high-quality video assets that you can start using today!

1. Videvo – Best for Video Editors

Videvo is a versatile and simple stock video footage platform where you can find video footage, but also motion graphics, and even sound effects or music which makes it unique.


What’s so great about Videvo is that you can find much more than only stock free video footage clips since it also features templates for video software such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, and Motion Graphics. This means that you can download a template and edit the video footage further to accommodate it to your project.

Combine this with stock-free music and audio effects and you can create a very unique video with a few skills in one of the software mentioned above.

With a simple yet powerful search, you can find videos that will match your niche but you can also rely on convenient collections that are theme-based so you can find videos that will fit almost any purpose.

2. Videezy – Best for 4K Videos

Videezy is known for being the go-to video stock platform to get all types of free stock videos that can be used for various purposes.


With the helpful search bar, you can find videos of various types such as background videos, After Effect templates, vector videos, and even brushes and stock-free images and photos.

If you have no idea what type of video content you’re looking for, you can browse Videezy by categories which makes it a lot easier since the platform features millions of stock video footage that is provided by artists and creators from all around the world.

What’s also unique about Videezy is that it provides a full category of only slow motion video footage that can be very well combined with travel niche for example. Combine it with After Effect templates and throw a bit of skill into the mix and you’ll be able to create unique videos for any type of purpose and use.

3. SplitShire – Best for Nature Videos

SplitShire is known as a free stock photo platform but not everyone knows that SplitShire offers free stock video clips as well.

Even though SplitShire doesn’t offer a wide range of video footage clips to choose from, they have a very decent choice in various niches where all stock footage is high-quality that almost reaches the 4K resolution.

You can preview all the footage directly on YouTube short clips and yet the download button is right below the videos so you can quickly find footage and start using it in minutes.

If you are able to find videos for your niche, SplitShire can be a great choice, and if you weren’t able to find any, we recommend you keep on checking because they tend to add more content on a regular basis.

And if you use any of the editing software, you can combine SplitShire’s stock videos and stock images to create unique and visual presentations for any type of purpose and use.

4. Clipstill – Best for eCommerce

Clipstill is a similar platform to other free stock video footage providers, yet they’re based on providing commercial video footage ideal for eCommerce use.

It can be hard finding free video footage that fits the marketing and eCommerce purpose, yet every clip you can find on Clipstill is made exactly for this purpose. There’s even a search bar that helps you with your search but you can also go through pages and pages of available content. There are also categories that can help you find videos in certain niches such as nature, places, food, transport, or others.

Clipstill offers a video player built-in on the website so you can preview the footage before downloading it and yet when you decide to download a video, you’ll be able to choose between 3 different resolutions. You have to keep in mind that the web resolution is free, while the SD and HD resolutions have to be paid for extra.

But considering the value of these stock video footage clips, the pricing is really fair and ideal for even the most average users who are only starting their eCommerce journey.

5. Pexels – Best for Community Shared Videos

Pexels is one of the most known free stock image platforms, and yet they have a free stock video section not many people know about.

pexels 1

The video section is as good as their image section and you can search for free stock video footage clips using the powerful search engine, but also by browsing through trending videos that are regularly updated.

All stock videos are easy to preview directly on the website and yet upon downloading them, you can decide between 3 different download sizes (resolutions) to fit your project and needs.

As a part of the Pexels platform, you can also save desired stock videos, make your own collection to keep all your saved videos in an organized way, or you can even follow contributors.

What’s really unique about Pexels is that it categorizes all video footage so well, so when you open a specific video, you also get suggestions and even keyword suggestions to find more similar content that’ll fit your niche.

6. Pixabay – Best for Versatility Choice

Pixabay is known as the platform that has almost 3 million stock images, and even though they have a relatively lower amount of free stock video footage, they are still one of the best go-to platforms if you’re looking for versatile stock videos.

There’s a very efficient search bar that helps you find specific stock video types, and after every search, you can refine your results by filters such as the resolution or effects, and you can even turn the SafeSearch setting on.

Each free stock video has a quick player and a couple of icons that will tell you the length, resolution quality, and tags which helps with the research.

What’s also great about Pixabay is that it’s super versatile, making it one of the most versatile choices since you can combine their free stock video clips with other media types such images, illustrations, music, sound effects, GIFs, and others.

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, Pixabay regularly refreshes sections such as Editor’s Choice, Popular Videos, and Curated Collections so you can simply open Pixabay and browse until you find something that’ll catch your interest.

7. Dareful – Best for High-Quality Free Stock Videos

If you’re looking only for high-quality stock-free videos, Dareful is the go-to place because it’s a free stock video footage clips platform that provides only 4K videos with some HD videos as well.


All available stock video content is open-source and royalty-free which is free to download, but be aware that there are ads on the website that lead to other stock video platforms where paid content is available. However, everything you find on Dareful is absolutely free.

With the convenient search engine, you can quickly browse through hundreds, if not thousands of free stock videos and if you’re looking for a little bit of help or inspiration, you can take advantage of Dareful’s category suggestions.

There is also a section where you can browse through some of the most popular or the latest free stock videos and since Dareful integrates a quick video player, you can easily preview videos so you can make a choice in minutes.

8. Life of Vids – Best for Stock Video Loops

Life of Vids is a very interesting website that features free stock videos and clips, but what’s unique about it is that it also includes loops.

With a clear and easy-to-use search bar at the top, you can find the content you’re looking for in moments. However, their landing page is very convenient as well since you get to scroll endlessly while browsing the stock videos and clips they have featured.

Thanks to an integrated quick video player, you can directly preview the videos in your browser before hitting the download button. All videos are free to download and they’re ideal for both personal and commercial use. The only thing to keep in mind is that they restrict the distribution of more than 10 videos on one site.

However, if you are working on more projects and you don’t need more than 10 videos for one website/project, Life of Vids is definitely a good fit.

On top of that, they also feature collections that can inspire you or you can also find free photos that you can use to combine with videos.

9. Pond5 – Best for Videos With Effects

Pond5 is the go-to place if you’re looking for free stock videos, but you’re also an editor who is interested in editing those stock videos further. With music, SFX, After Effects, and 3D models, you can make unique and stunning videos that will fit your needs.


On top of that, Pond5 features photos and illustrations so you can make video presentations and get as creative as you wish, turning ideas from your head straight into digital art.

With a simple search bar, you can browse through a selection of stock assets, and if you don’t know what to search for, using any of the suggested popular tags by Pond5 will get you going super quick.

The only downside is that not all items on Pond5 are free, but if you find some items that you really like, their system allows you to pay per item, with no subscriptions.

10. Coverr – Best for Niched Videos

Coverr is one of the least known but super powerful free stock video platforms that help you find high-quality stock videos that are absolutely free. Within minutes, you can find desired video footage by using the search engine or by browsing through popular tags or offered collections.

Coverr has a really unique way they categorize all of their footage so even if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to quickly get ideas and inspiration thanks to their wisely designed landing page.

You can find videos on almost any subject and in any niche, and some of the most popular ones include people, love & relationships, fitness, lifestyle, pets, nature, and others.

Coverr is constantly updating the platform and introducing new stock assets and at the time of writing, they’re testing a beta version of free stock music that you can download and pair with your videos with just only a couple of editing skills.

The whole website has an integrated quick player that makes things so much easier to preview and download within minutes of finding the desired stock assets.

11. Artgrid – Best for Marketing Purposes

Artgrid is a stock video footage platform that isn’t fully free, but you can get started for free and upgrade whenever you wish.

It’s a platform full of high-quality commercial stock videos that will fit certain niches such as business, eCommerce, marketing, and other industries.

With a simple search bar, you can browse through thousands of videos, being able to easily preview each one of them, download it (or purchase it), and use it on your project.

All footage is high-quality (some are even 4K) so you can expect at least a resolution of 6000 x 2500 and above. What’s also great about the footage is that each video mentions the camera used to shoot the video so you’ll recognize that all of the content is made by professionals that is worth the price tag.


What are stock videos used for?

Stock videos are used in various projects and films and since they’re pre-recorded footage, all you need to do is find footage that fits your project’s needs. It can be anything from personal use, marketing purposes, or even eCommerce such as product promotion.

Can you make money with stock videos?

You can definitely make money with stock videos, even with the free footage you can download from the websites above. Most of the stock video footage is free to be used for commercial purposes so you can use it to promote products or make commercials that will help you monetize your content or products.

Can free stock videos with sound be used for marketing purposes?

Yes, they can. You can either find free stock video footage that comes with sound, or you can download free stock sound separately and pair it up together with a bit of editing skills in one of the video editing software.

Does free stock footage come with no watermark?

Free stock footage shouldn’t come with the watermark and only demo versions of paid stock footage will come with a watermark that you can get removed after purchasing the footage.


All of these platforms feature royalty-free stock video footage clips you can use for both personal and commercial use.

While each platform has a specific range of interests and categories they cover, you won’t go wrong with any of the websites and you only need to find the one that fits your niche and project the best.

Some of the platforms even feature other stock assets that can be well combined with the videos you find, which is always a bonus if you possess slight editing skills.

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