10 Best Coding Gifts for Programmers and Techies

Programming • Nov. 30, 2023

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No matter how soon you start searching for a gift, it’s normal to experience a time when inspiration just doesn’t come. You’re not a bad person if you’re struggling with finding gifts, and that’s why we’re here to help.

On the bright side, a wide range of gifts is ideal for programmers and techies. Searching for them can take hours, but it’s much easier to check our 10 best coding gifts since we did all the research for you, so let’s break it down! Everyone at SweetBits is passionate about software, apps and tools we use daily, so we know exactly what would make a great gift.

Practical coding gifts for programmers

With everyone being a different individual, it can be hard to make a list of gifts that fit everyone. However, these 10 coding gifts will most likely fit a wide range of people, and it’s up to you now to choose a gift that makes the most sense for your favorite person.

1. DIY Mechanical Keyboard Kit

If you know a programmer, a tech person, or anyone who uses a computer for work, a DIY mechanical keyboard kit is one of the best gifts.

diy keyboard

People who use computers for work have to type a lot, especially programmers. With the rise of mechanical keyboards, there’s a wide range of choices. Mechanical keyboards come with a variety of mechanical switches that determine the typing experience, feel, accuracy, and even typing speed.

That’s why a DIY mechanical keyboard kit makes a perfect gift. It gives people the chance to build their mechanical keyboard from scratch, starting with the board included here. From there, they need mechanical switches, keycaps, and decorations to make a unique keyboard and personal typing experience.

2. Pluralsight Courses

When it comes to picking e-gifts for tech enthusiasts, Pluralsight Courses stand out as a fantastic choice. Not only do they arm individuals with up-to-date knowledge, but they also empower them to keep up with the ever-changing tech world.

What sets Pluralsight apart is its Pluralsight Skills – a tech skills hub crafted to measure, enhance, and lift the skills needed in today’s tech landscape. It acts like a personal guide, helping folks discover essential programming skills, spot any gaps, and plan a journey towards mastering their roles. Thanks to carefully curated learning paths, Pluralsight seamlessly guides learners from beginner to expert, covering a range of tech skills, not just limited to AI.

What adds an extra layer of appeal to Pluralsight Courses is the flexibility they offer. Instead of being confined to a single course, this gift opens doors to an entire collection of courses for the recipient. This means they have the freedom to shape their learning experience based on what best suits them, turning education into a personalized and impactful journey.

3. Coffee Mug

One thing that most people consume is coffee (or tea) and it’s mostly consumed during work hours. Programmers and techies most likely enjoy beverages next to their keyboard so a special coffee mug is a thoughtful gift that won’t break the bank.

Coffee Mug

For example, this coffee mug is ideal for programmers since it has a code focused on coffee. Not only does this make a fun gift, but it’s also a quality mug suitable for dishwasher and microwave use. With that being said, programmers won’t have to spend time washing the mug by hand and they can always reheat the mug.

What’s even better yet is that this coffee mug is made from a small family-owned business in the USA so you’ll also be supporting others at the same time while supporting your favorite person in his work. Of course, there are all kinds of such coffee mugs so feel free to browse some more to find a mug that’ll fit your person better.

4. Programmable Robot

When you know someone younger who is very interested in programming, tech, or gadgets, one of the best gifts is the programmable robot. A programmable robot is made for educational purposes but it’s designed in a way to bring hours of fun. The Artie 3000 coding robot can spark curiosity and help beginners learn how to write code. After successfully creating the code, Artie the robot will draw from the code.

With step-by-step instructions, it’s great to learn coding with visual aspects that will help improve logical thinking, the basics of coding, and even advanced features. This robot features the most common programming languages such as Snap!, Python, and JavaScript. The only thing you will also need is a laptop or a tablet, which isn’t included.

This gift will make a great gift with plenty of possibilities that will provide educational content for hours in a fun and interesting way. Whether it’s something they are familiar with or it’s something they have no idea about, it’ll bring hours of fun and a lot of educational content to renew their knowledge or learn something completely new.

5. Ergonomic Chair

Sitting down for hours as programmers or techies can be exhausting. Not only can it be painful, but it can also have a negative long-term effect on the back and spine. Therefore, an ergonomic chair is one of the most practical gifts every programmer would need to stay comfortable.

Ergonomic Chair

Monhey is an ergonomic office chair that integrates lumbar support, a 3D headrest, flip up armrests, and a lockable swivel design. This way, anyone who sits at a desk for hours can improve the spine position, alleviate back pain, or even treat conditions like sciatica. The material is breathable and comfortable thanks to a combination of sponges.

With the armrests that can flip up at 90 degrees, you can adjust your chair to your body, rather than having your body adjust to the chair’s shape. This helps a lot when you’re trying to correct your posture and sitting position without sacrificing comfort.

6. Reusable Notebook

Do you know a programmer or a techie who goes through notebooks quickly? Rather than getting a bunch of high-quality notebooks, the next best gift is the reusable notebook. Programmers and techies love smart gadgets and this smart notebook is just one in a row, and chances are they don’t have this one yet.

With 3 sizes, you can choose the one that will fit your person the best since they can use it for a lifetime, thanks to its reusable functionality. The pages are made of synthetic material that provides a smooth writing experience, just like you experience on a regular paper. However, this smart notebook can turn text into digital formats so you can scan your notes and materials for easier sharing. Along with the smart notebook, you also get a Pilot FriXion pen that’s suitable with the reusable notebook and also a microfiber towel that’s used to erase your writing.

With the Android and iOS apps, this smart notebook can easily turn text you write into documents you can have on your phone within minutes. Besides the notebook where you can keep notes, there are also planners and other page-styled books for better productivity. This way, programmers and techies can keep all their notes as usual, but with the ability to turn them digital in seconds. There are also 15 different colors so you can match this smart notebook with your person’s favorite preference without a doubt.

7. Electronics Starter Kit

Techies who love electronics and gadgets will love an electronics starter kit. This is the most complete starter kit, which is compatible with Arduino IDE. Including 200 components made of premium quality, you can expect them to work with any type of design you make.

There are 33 lessons included (in a PDF format) and the greatest thing about this kit is that you won’t have to do any soldering yourself, thanks to the LCD1602 and GY-521 modules. Since there are too many pieces to keep track of, there’s also a small box ideal for storing all components. But with proper labels, it’s a joy to go through all of the possibilities.

Whether you know a programmer or a techie who loves coming up with ideas or whether he loves to follow structured plans, this electronics kit can bring hours of educational fun.

8. Laptop Backpack

Laptop backpacks are a great choice for a gift for people who use a laptop to get the work done and are on the move a lot. What’s great about laptop backpacks is that they can pack much more than just the laptop. Techies and programmers often have a lot of gadgets, cables, and devices, so a quality laptop backpack such as this one can serve a great purpose.

Laptop Backpack

Increased mobility and better protection of the laptop and other devices are guaranteed, and yet this gift is worth the price since it offers a lot of value without breaking the bank. With the ability to pack a 17′ laptop, easily speed through airport security, and securely store all other accessories in well-designed pockets, a user-friendly experience is guaranteed. There is a specific file holder compartment that is RFID-protected so you won’t ever have your details and important information stolen in public. With user experience in mind, this SwissGear 1900 laptop backpack is also super comfortable thanks to the ergonomically contoured straps, compression straps, and airflow padding. There are 9 different colors of this backpack so it can be a good fit for both men and women.

The interior organization allows people to carry a laptop, a tablet, media, and smaller accessories in a zipped mesh pocket, and the best thing is you won’t even have to take electronics out without the need of removing the electronics. While this is a general gift, it’s ideal for anyone who uses a laptop or plenty of tech devices and is often on the go. Lastly, this backpack is from the SwissGear brand which is well-known for quality products, especially backpacks. With that being said, you will get high-quality without breaking the budget, since the price tag is still pretty affordable.

9. Makeblock CyberPi Coding Kit

This Makeblock CyberPi coding kit is a great gift for programmers who want to learn Python and it’s ideal for beginners and everyone from the age of 8 and above. It’s an all-in-one kit that helps you visualize the code you’re writing for an easier learning experience.

Since it’s compact and it fits in the pocket, it’s great for practicing and learning on the go. There’s a single board that features multiple functions and integrates functionality such as a gyroscope, accelerometer, speaker, microphone, Wi-Fi, and other features. With a small LED, you can create and play video games, check the weather, connect smart home features, or even do robotics and create innovative assistants.

Along with the Makeblock CyberPi, there’s also an expansion board that expands the capabilities so you can create gesture recognition, voice controls, and many other advanced projects. With the purchase of the Makeblock CyberPi, there are also 37 lessons, which are user-friendly and there are lessons ideal for beginners to advanced users. Since this is a little gadget with large capabilities, it’s an ideal gift to help someone learn programming and visualize what they’ve been working on.

10. Noise Canceling Headphones

One thing that every techie or programmer need is a quality pair of Bluetooth headphones that can block out the surroundings. Whether they’re working from home, a co-working space, or a next-door coffee shop, keeping focus throughout the day is important.


With a pair of noise canceling headphones such as the Sennheiser Accentum headphones, they can get a battery life of about 50 hours on a single charge, hybrid noise canceling, and a comfortable design for an all-day usage. Quality listening experience is guaranteed thanks to the 5-band EQ, and techies interested in creating a custom sound can further customize the audio experience via equalizer.

With a quality microphone integration (2-beamforming technology), having important calls in the office or on the go isn’t ever going to be a problem. Also, with a foldable and ergonomic design, it’s easy to take Sennheiser Accentum headphones on the go. Sleek and stylish black design is most likely a good fit for everyone’s taste and it’s an affordable but a must-have item that will make everyone’s gift shopping much easier. One thing we like the most is the silicon headband that ensures the headphones sit tight but not too tight for comfort. Robust design and exceptional build quality coming from a reputable brand such as Sennheiser ensure top-notch quality, while the price point won’t break the bank.


With a wide range of available gifts, sometimes it can be tricky to choose the best one. Therefore, this list of gifts ideal for programmers and techies will most likely be ideal for many people.

With unique aspects of these gifts and the mindfulness behind each gift, they’ll include everything a thoughtful and meaningful gift should include. However, if none of these gifts are ideal for your favorite person who’s into programming or tech, you can still use our guide to help you find and choose a gift on your own.

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