Grammarly 2019: More Than Just a Grammar Checker Tool

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At one point or another, every professional need the help of a grammar checker. You may already be a Pro when it comes to English grammar, but it makes sense to have a tool that can point out errors quite instantly.

The last time we checked, even academicians and research students seek the help of grammar checker tools once in a while.

Not only that, Grammarly has become the status quo when it comes to this matter. And, it is currently one of the most popular grammar checkers as well.

In light of that fact, we wanted to give you a comprehensive review of Grammarly and features it offers as a grammar checker tool. In this review, we will check out the good, the bad and the worse parts of Grammarly, if any.

What is Grammarly?

In the simplest words, Grammarly is a tool that automatically detects grammar and spelling errors in a given text.

Grammarly started as a simple grammar checker tool but now have grown to a complete assistant for your writing needs. It can point out the mistakes and other issues in your writing almost instantly. It’s considered one of those digital alternatives — this time, for proofreaders.

Grammarly is available through four methods — the Web Interface, Dedicated Apps and Browser Plug-Ins and as an add-in for Microsoft Office (Premium).

During the review, we have checked out everything, but in-depth analysis was based on the web interface of the service. We hope that makes more sense, since most people use it and browser extensions.

What’s new in the latest Grammarly update?

The company behind Grammarly is headquartered in San Francisco and has been adding so many features to the package recently.

For instance, the service now allows you to check your text for plagiarism and offers vocabulary enhancements to improve your writing further.

Mobile keyboard for Grammarly Android and iOS now suggests synonyms while you’re typing, giving you a handful of new words or complex synonyms that might be appropriate — or apt, or fitting, or suitable.

Misinformed word choice, advanced word choice and optimized writing tone are just a few things in the list.

We will keep an eye out for more updates.

How to use Grammarly to check grammar?

As we said, there are a few ways to access Grammarly grammar checker. We will talk about two of the most popular one — Web Interface.

Using the web interface to check grammar

The Web Interface is the quickest and universal way to access Grammarly grammar correction services. You have two ways to approach this. Either copy-and-paste the content you want to edit or upload a document, such as DOCX. In any instance, Grammarly would open up the editing interface in just a second.

First of all, Grammarly asks you to set some writing goals. This is where you decide what you want the article to be — informative, persuasive, storytelling or something so technical. You can also decide factors such as the level of formality, domain, tone and the audience. These elements would have an impact on the grammar and word-choice selections you get while editing the document. Once you do this, hit Done.

As you can see, using Grammarly is so real-time. On the left side of the screen, you have the text you pasted or uploaded. On the right side, there are potential suggestions. The best part about Grammarly is that it tells you why a particular word is grammatically incorrect. For instance, in the given sentence, we had provided the wrong verb for the subject. So, Grammarly says that we should change have to has.

If you think Grammarly is correct about the error — which is 99% of the time —, you can click on the button. Grammarly would change the text and save it instantly. As you can see, there is a wide variety of errors that the tool can point out. Articles, punctuation and word-choice are some of the valuable options. Of course, to access Word Choice-related options, you need a premium subscription.

Once you are done with editing, you can save the document, download it or even Print it directly. In all the cases, everything works so flawlessly. So, this is how you check a document for grammar using Grammarly.

Using the apps and extensions

As we said earlier, Grammarly offers the service through dedicated apps and browser extensions. Dedicated apps are almost like the web interface. However, instead of opening a browser all the time, you can get the same experience through a desktop-grade app. If you want to check grammar as you write, this is the best option. One thing we should say is that the Grammarly interface is pretty distraction-free.

Coming to the case of browser extensions, we should talk about real-time grammar correction. That is, the extension would be checking your sentences as you type them. Grammarly would point out both grammar and syntax errors once you complete a sentence. If you are not in a position to upload the document every time, this makes more sense. And, yes, this method works great if you want to write error-free emails.

We also think the Grammarly Keyboard for Android deserves a special mention here. If you want to be sure of grammar-correct English while messaging people from your Android, you can count on this keyboard app. Not only is it easy to use, but it improves your overall typing experiences in an unprecedented manner.

All things considered, the apps and extensions are really a boost for your productivity.

How accurate is the Grammarly tool?

Ok, let’s get into more detail on the question: Is Grammarly 100% accurate? Can it replace manual proofreading/Human Proofreader?

The answer is NO!!

Grammarly is a handy Grammar Checking tool and it automatically inspects your content as you write.

For instance, when you misuse an adverb, Grammarly will then suggest you to correct it so your writing looks more appealing and error free.

But we should remember that it’s a tool, the whole software is based on machine learning. All it can do is to become better, better at detecting and correcting mistakes and enhancing vocabulary.

When it comes to more advanced issues like paragraph length, the tone of voice and the meaning of phrases and sentences, a human proofreader is often necessary.

That being said, no grammar checker software will be completely accurate to which Grammarly is no exception.

So after analyzing your article with Grammarly, you must manually proofread your article at once.

How does Grammarly compare with competitors? The best part?

As you should know, Grammarly is not the only grammar checker in town. There are indeed some worthier competitors in the market, such as WhiteSmoke, Ginger and ProWritingAid. However, only Ginger can be called as a direct competitor to what Grammarly represents. And, we can talk about it from a number of perspectives.

  • Grammar Correction: Grammarly is probably the best when it comes to grammar correction. It takes care of almost every mistake that you can ever make in English language. Of course, to get the power of the program, you may need the premium subscription, but that’s another story. So, if we compare the premium version of Grammarly with those of competitors, Grammarly is clearly the winner.
  • Writing Analysis: This is also one of the areas where Grammarly excels than others do. Grammarly is capable of not only analyzing your text but also offering a performance score. This score would help you in analyzing how your writing has improved over time. In addition to this, Grammarly offers some insights on aspects like Delivery and Clarity.
  • Compatibility: Grammarly is pretty good in terms of compatibility, but it may not be the best in the town. See, there are competitors whose apps/extensions are available for other platforms. To take the example of Ginger, you can enjoy the grammar checker services within MS Office packages also. This is something you may find lacking in Grammarly.
  • User Interface: The UI of Grammarly is just great even if you look at it from various perspectives. The idea is to have a grammar checker that does not cause hassle while you are editing a document. As it happens, Grammarly does just that thing. At the end of the day, you won’t be surprised if you do not even notice that you’re typing in a grammar checker tool.

Long story short, Grammarly compares very well with its competitors. In several instances, it performs as a more comprehensive, powerful and easy-to-use tools than other players in the market.

How can Grammarly help you more

Now that you have seen how Grammarly performs as a grammar checker, we shall go ahead and check out its other benefits.

  • Plagiarism Checker: The premium version of Grammarly consists of a plagiarism checker. The tool can check your article or the academic dissertation for potential plagiarism issues, by comparing it to a huge-enough database of content. The best part is that the checking would happen in the background. By the time you complete writing the article, Grammarly would tell you if you’re plagiarizing something or not.
  • Advanced Suggestions: Good writing is also about ensuring the right amount of variety. Advanced Suggestions tab in Grammarly will make sure that your articles/dissertations are good enough. The program can go to the extent of analyzing your sentences and suggesting if the text becomes monotonous. When you write a piece that wants to keep the customer glued to the screen, Grammarly helps a lot.

In addition to these, Grammarly also lets you send a document to professional proofreaders. This is helpful if you want to add some creative modifications as far as readability and correctness are concerned.

What is price and availability?

Grammarly is available for almost every device you have. The dedicated apps are available for Windows and macOS, while the Web Interface is universally accessible.

If you want real-time grammar checking, though, you have to go for Grammarly browser extensions. These extensions work while you compose an email or posting a Facebook update. In addition to these, Grammarly also offers an official MS Office extension and Grammarly Keyboard apps.

In short, Grammarly is pretty compatible.

As far as the pricing goes, Grammarly offers two versions in general:

  • Free version: This version of Grammarly is completely free to use. You can access this through web, apps, extensions or the Android keyboard. In this version, Grammarly can point out all major errors you commit in the domain of grammar, syntax and spelling. You may also get suggestions regarding the use of punctuations.
  • Premium version: This is the more advanced version of Grammarly, offering so many additional features. At one point or another, Grammarly Premium becomes a writing assistant. It would make not only grammar error corrections but also suggestions regarding word choice, tone and writing style. Most importantly, this version shows advanced grammar errors in your text.

So if you want the full feature set, you can subscribe to the premium version, which is priced at $11.66 per month. There is also a Team version that you may be interested in getting if you want to use it for your company.

Is Grammarly Premium worth it?

Short Answer: Yes, it is.

Long Answer: Yes, it is if you write a lot and if you write professionally.

The last time we checked, most of your official emails would be good with the help of Grammarly Free. That, however, is not the case when you are writing an academic paper or a whitepaper. Here, you are writing to prove your point, convince the reader or illustrate important information. In these instances, factors such as the word selection and your tone of writing matter a lot.

At the end of the day, it makes sense to have a grammar checker that can give you intelligent suggestions. So, we’d say Grammarly Premium is worth it.

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The conclusion

Now matter what you are writing, Grammarly will make writing lot easier. It is much more than just a grammar checker tool.  It packs a number of features that can help both regular users and professionals. It does not matter if you are a student or one communication expert, there are multiple times when Grammarly comes in handy.


  • Simple and Intuitive User Interface
  • It provides a comprehensive report on writing
  • Intelligent corrections and suggestions
  • Integrates well with other applications


  • There could have been more advanced features
  • Compatibility could be slightly better

Well, give Grammarly a try. We’re sure you’ll love the app, and your writing style and accuracy will definitely impact your success.

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