What is Remote Desktop Access and How to Choose the Right Tool

Tips • Nov 4, 2022

remote desktop access

Remote access allows users to access computers and networks from any location. To establish this, you will need to use remote access software. However, not everybody is sure how this tool works and the benefits of using it. Keep reading to find out more about remote access software, why it’s needed, and how it works.

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Why use remote access software?

Remote access software is a tool that allows users to work remotely while still having access to a company’s servers.  The software fully eliminates the need for companies to purchase alternate software options that have remote capabilities as anyone with remote access software can access the same applications from remote as though they were sitting in a company office. Remote access tools allow the user to perform a range of computing tasks as needed from any device, whether that be a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Right now, there are a few good remote access software tools available. Some of these tools are free, while others can be purchased either with a one-off payment or a subscription. Tsplus Remote Access, for example, is available on a subscription basis and provides a range of remote desktop access features as a secure, and scalable remote desktop access solution.

Regardless of the price, all remote software apps have the same aim of providing users with the ability to perform off-site functions using a remote desktop. This allows the user to access the machine from anywhere without the need to be where it is located. This makes it a fantastic choice for remote and hybrid working teams, or companies that have employees on the road.

Benefits of using remote access apps

There are lots of benefits of using a remote access app. One of the main advantages is that it allows you to stay productive all the time. It’s easier to address business emergencies and get work done, even if you are outside of the business premises and away from your work computer in the office.

Because of this, remote desktop access tools allow you to become more efficient. Along with boosting business productivity, it also helps you to cut overhead costs and achieve your long-term goals and success. Remote desktop access software also makes it easier for your business to provide a service around the clock. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can provide the service from anywhere and at any time.

What features are available?

Remote desktop access tools can vary depending on the tools. What kind of features you can expect to get will usually depend on the services and functionalities of the remote access tool. However, there are some specs and features that tend to come as standard with the majority of remote access software programs. These include:

  • The software will be set up to make sure that any sessions conducted between the computer and the remote desktop are tightly encrypted. These encryption technologies are designed to ensure that the sessions are protected from being exposed and leaked.
  • Most software apps for remote desktop access will require users to provide the right login credentials before a remote connection can be established. This improves security by ensuring that no unauthorized users will be able to access the computer or your network.
  • Many remote access software programs offer a range of the latest security features with auto-update technology that ensures it is current and up to date, giving you peace of mind when it comes to ensuring that your network is protected from advanced, modern cyber-attacks.
  • The display screen will usually be customizable from your laptop, allowing the user to get the best visual experience when using the software. If needed, you can change the resolution of the screen and adjust the size to make working on the remote desktop easier.
  • A remote connection will be established between the local and remote machines. Bear in mind that both devices should be switched on first for the remote connection to be established, and the remote access software will need to be installed on both computers.

Choosing the right remote access software

If you need remote access software for doing your job or running your business, then there are several options to choose from. But just like any other kind of software, getting any old option is not advisable and there are a few factors that you should keep in mind before you decide on the right one for you. some of the main things to consider include:


A simple interface is typically an advantage when it comes to choosing the right remote control software. This minimizes the risk of your PC crashing when the program starts and lessens the strain on both computers when you are using the software. Along with this, a simple and fuss-free interface allows you to easily focus on the task that you want to accomplish.


The functionalities are a key consideration to make before you choose any kind of remote access software. This refers to apps that you can use within the software, so they need to be right for you. Make sure that you are getting a reputable remote access software that does what it claims it can do. Otherwise, you could end up spending a huge amount of money on a program that doesn’t work the way that you need it to. Wherever possible, it’s a good idea to sign up to a free trial period first.


Security is one of the key considerations to make when you are choosing the right remote access software for your business. It’s important to ensure that you are choosing a remote access software program that is not going to compromise your files or put you at risk of being hacked. Ensure that when choosing the right software program for you, it has security features that are designed to protect you and your data. This is an especially important concern to have if you are going to be using a free to use remote desktop access tool, as these can sometimes have trackers and malware embedded on them. It’s a good idea to scan the software with a good antivirus tool before you begin using it.


Like all software programs, some remote desktop access tools are more reputable than others. Before you download and start using a tool to access another computer from a remote location, it’s worth doing some research to find out what other users have had to say. While it’s impossible to find any product, tool or company that only has glowing reviews, look out for one that has poor reviews that aren’t about anything too important. For example, a user might have found it tricky to navigate, rather than the software having embedded malware that led to a cyber-attack. It is also worth asking around in your professional circle as chances are, you know people who have used remote access tools in the past and can make recommendations to you.

Final words

A remote desktop access tool allows you to access and use another computer from anywhere and often from any device. This can make working or running a business more convenient along with improving security. Whether you work from home but need to access a computer that is in the office or are running a business offering IT services, having the right remote desktop infrastructure in place is important.

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