How to Develop the Perfect Name for Your App or Software Company

Tips • Nov 9, 2022

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Software innovation is quickly becoming the backbone of the global economy. Almost every facet of business, from marketing to sales, supply chain, and accounting, has leveraged technology to boost its performance and productivity.

And because there’s so much focus and demand for more powerful and efficient apps and software, competition in this niche has grown incredibly fierce.

We’ve seen apps like TikTok become not only the most popular app of 2021 but also the most downloaded app, and, of course, the app with the highest watch time in the US and UK by completely overtaking other large platforms like Google, Facebook, and YouTube respectively.

Now, one thing that helped TikTok stand out in its crowded niche is that it has a simple, catchy, familiar, and exciting brand name. Your app or software company needs a compelling name, and that’s precisely what we’d be showing you how to discover.

Come along.

Why your app or software company needs a captivating brand name

Just as in any crowded industry, standing out will save your software business from drowning in competition and not getting noticed by customers. And take it from us, generic brands suffer from stifled growth and reduced chance of success.

Getting the perfect name will not only make your business memorable, but it can lead you to the right premium domains for sale and also give your software brand a fighting chance online. That said, here’s how you can find the most compelling name for your app business.

3 easy steps to choosing the best software business name

1. Keep your brand in mind

Although the kinds of services your software company provides are critical, customers will only choose your business if your brand identity appeals to their needs and wants. That explains why companies in need of a well-integrated chatting platform turn to Slack, while those in need of superior audio and video features turn to discord.

Yes, your company’s brand is the pillar that holds your business’s personality and identity, but for your branding to be successful, it needs to build on a solid brand name.

And when choosing a name for your business, consider aspects like how it should sound, its core values, tone, and the emotions it should evoke in potential customers.

Let’s take a moment to consider Twitter. Anyone hearing the name can instantly spot the name’s fun and friendly tone. And picking such a compelling name that perfectly fit the company’s core values contributed to the platform’s rise into becoming the global town square.

2. Start finding possible brand names

It’s time to start compiling a list of names that fit the tone, purpose, and values of your brand. Search through dictionaries and thesaurus, and any online material that can help you find a name that aligns with your business’s needs.

Getting a naming crew would make the process less strenuous, but if you don’t have the staffing or resources to set it up, you can still do the task yourself.

Put your focus on coming up with as many short, memorable company names that accurately describe your business as you can. But be aware that evaluating the ideas you generate during a brainstorming session could break your creative flow. Therefore, postpone the analysis until the last stage.

To assist with streamlining the procedure, use either of the naming tools listed below:

  • Thesaurus
  • Color-related visual words
  • Industry jargon
  • Rhyme

Make an effort to come up with 200 short, memorable short names. It doesn’t matter if the concepts appear unusual or abstract because you’re yet to assess them, and you won’t be able to appreciate them fully unless you do.

We know that this could sound challenging, but remember that having a high number of names will provide you with a greater range of options to choose from when we go on to the next stage.

3. Validate all of your options

To decide which name would be ideal for your business, you must take out those that don’t align with your businesss brand, principles, and goals. Any company name should be exciting enough to arouse customers’ interest rather than be disregarded for not being unique.

You can inspect the remaining ones and then evaluate them to see which is ideal for your business. This is the very last phase of the process, and it includes putting the names through the following validation criteria:

  • Getting Feedback From Customers: Take the list of the names you’ve highlighted and ask the audience to vote for their favorite. You can also take a poll from your close friends, family, and acquaintances to get their preferred names.
  • Checking for an Equivalent ‘.com’ Domain: Businesses cannot compete in a competitive market without a matching domain name and an excellent website to go with it. Make sure any name you are considering has a searchable and available-for-purchase ‘.com’ domain name and social media handles that you can easily acquire.
  • Trademarking: Check to determine if a trademark protects the name you intend to use, and if it doesn’t, register it as a trademark with the USPTO because it’ll help you avoid several possible legal issues for your firm and secure your name from being hijacked by others.


The name of your enterprise will set it apart from its competition in terms of productivity, appeal, and brand awareness. Therefore, make an effort to select one that best fits your app and software company.

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