An Interview With ClearVPN Product Manager – Dmytro Yakovliev

Interviews • May 14, 2024

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Dmytro Yakovliev, Product Manager at ClearVPN by MacPaw, joins us today to discuss ClearVPN’s innovative approach to virtual private networks (VPNs). This interview explores ClearVPN’s focus on user-friendliness, achieved through a one-tap optimal location option, clear category organization, and continued manual control. We’ll also delve into how ClearVPN ensures compatibility across devices and operating systems, and exciting future plans that include leveraging AI.

Only have 1 minute? Here are 3 key takeaways from this interview:

  • Dmytro Yakovliev discusses the importance of user-centric design in building a secure and user-friendly VPN service.
  • The interview explores the growing demand for robust cybersecurity solutions as internet usage continues to soar.
  • Yakovliev sheds light on ClearVPN’s approach to balancing user experience with advanced security features.

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TheSweetBits: ClearVPN’s focus on user-friendliness is refreshing. Can you elaborate on the design philosophy behind the intuitive user interface and the decision to automate server selection features?

Dmytro Yakovliev: ClearVPN’s design philosophy is centered around providing a seamless and effortless user experience. The MacPaw team recognized that traditional VPN interfaces with long lists of server locations can be confusing for some users who often may not know which exact server to choose to satisfy their needs. In the first version of ClearVPN, we experimented with a use-case driven approach, offering shortcuts tailored to specific needs like streaming or privacy. However, we found that while some users appreciated the guidance, others preferred the flexibility to customize their own settings.

In ClearVPN 2, we tried to strike a balance by grouping the shortcuts into categories like Secure Browsing, Location Changer, and Streaming Access. This approach worked better by catering to both cohorts — those who wanted full control and those who needed recommendations.

With this latest redesign, we aimed to strike a balance. The one-tap interface with the Optimal Location feature allows users to connect to the best available server for their needs with minimal effort. Our algorithm analyzes factors like the user’s location, server proximity, service availability, server load, and latency to determine the optimal server. This automation simplifies the experience while still delivering top performance.

Simultaneously, we introduced hashtags to provide high-level segmentation of servers based on common use cases. For instance, the #TopPrivacy hashtag connects users to servers in countries with robust data privacy laws, ensuring maximum privacy protection. For users who prefer more granular control, they can still manually select specific server locations. Additionally, the integration with Siri Shortcuts enables users to automate VPN connection scenarios based on their preferences, further enhancing the personalized experience.

Our goal is to provide an essential VPN solution tailored to each user’s digital lifestyle, balancing simplicity and personalization. The intuitive design allows users to secure their online journeys effortlessly while still offering control and transparency.

How does ClearVPN ensure compatibility with various devices and operating systems?

Ensuring compatibility across multiple devices and operating systems is a key priority for ClearVPN. While we leverage a shared server infrastructure and underlying connection mechanics across platforms, delivering a seamless experience on each platform requires dedicated research and development efforts.

On one hand, this introduces complexities when rolling out new features simultaneously across iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows. Even fundamental aspects like VPN protocol implementation can differ between platforms. However, this also presents opportunities for innovation.

The MacPaw team often researches and tests new capabilities on specific platforms first before extending them to others. This parallel development process allows us to validate different approaches and reuse proven solutions efficiently.

Similarly, we can pilot various improvements on a single platform, gather feedback, and then adapt the successful concepts for other operating systems. This iterative process ensures that we deliver a polished experience tailored to each platform’s unique strengths.

ClearVPN offers dedicated servers for streaming services. How does the company stay ahead of the curve in the ongoing battle against geo-restrictions imposed by streaming platforms?

The ongoing battle against geo-restrictions imposed by streaming platforms is indeed a cat-and-mouse game. While VPN technology is one tool users can leverage to bypass these restrictions, streaming services employ various mechanisms to detect and block VPN usage.

Our goal with ClearVPN is not explicitly to circumvent these measures but rather to provide users with a secure and private online experience. We strive to anonymize our users’ connections and sessions as much as possible, making it difficult for streaming platforms or other entities to identify VPN usage definitively.

This also helps protect user privacy against surveillance. By obscuring user activity and location, ClearVPN makes it difficult for bad actors to track and monitor online activities. This is especially crucial in regions where internet censorship and surveillance are prevalent, as ClearVPN provides a secure and private way to access information and communicate without fear of reprisal.

Ultimately, MacPaw’s mission is to empower users with online privacy and freedom while respecting the terms of service of content providers.

ClearVPN is from MacPaw, a respected developer of Mac software. How does this heritage influence the development and direction of ClearVPN?

As the developer behind ClearVPN, MacPaw‘s long-standing experience and expertise in crafting software for the Apple ecosystem directly shaped the development direction and priorities of ClearVPN. As a company with over 30 million users worldwide and a strong reputation, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of privacy, security, and user experience across all our products, including ClearVPN.

Our deep understanding of Apple’s platforms and technologies allows us to optimize ClearVPN’s performance and leverage platform-specific capabilities more effectively. We can draw upon the collective knowledge and best practices from our experienced teams working on other successful Mac and iOS applications.

Additionally, our established design philosophy emphasizes crafting intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces. We strive to bring this aesthetic to ClearVPN, ensuring a cohesive and delightful experience that aligns with the expectations of Apple’s discerning user base.

At the same time, our heritage is not a limitation. While our roots are in the Apple ecosystem, we recognize the importance of providing a seamless VPN solution across all major platforms, including Windows and Android. Our dedicated teams for these operating systems bring fresh perspectives and platform-specific expertise, enabling us to innovate and tailor the experience accordingly.

Moreover, as a Ukrainian-born company, we deeply understand the significance of online privacy and freedom, especially in light of the ongoing invasion of our home country by russia. Our expertise in safeguarding online communications has proven invaluable during this challenging time, further fueling our commitment to delivering a secure and trustworthy VPN solution.

What are some of the biggest challenges ClearVPN faces in the competitive VPN market?

One of the biggest challenges ClearVPN faces in the highly competitive VPN market is standing out and bringing true innovation. The VPN industry is mature, with many well-established players and corporations vying for market share. There is also an abundance of less scrupulous providers that employ unethical practices like traffic manipulation, advertisement injection, or selling user data to generate revenue.

In such an oversaturated market, simply offering fast servers or a large country selection is no longer sufficient differentiation. The key challenge lies in introducing genuine innovation that changes user behavior and redefines the VPN experience.

For a long time, the VPN industry has seen little in terms of groundbreaking advancements that revolutionize how users interact with and benefit from VPN technology. While incremental improvements in encryption protocols, server infrastructure, or specific features like split-tunneling have occurred, these do not fundamentally alter the core user experience.

At MacPaw, we recognize that true innovation goes beyond technological advancements. It lies in reimagining the product and delivering new ways for users to extract value from a VPN solution seamlessly. Our focus is on understanding evolving user needs and crafting experiences that integrate VPN functionality into their digital lifestyles intuitively.

By continuously exploring novel approaches, whether through intuitive interfaces, intelligent automation, or introducing complementary services, we aim to carve out a niche that resonates with a distinct user segment. This innovative mindset, combined with our commitment to user privacy and ethical business practices, is what we believe will set ClearVPN apart in an increasingly crowded market.

Is there a possibility of ClearVPN integrating AI-powered features?

Yes, we are actively exploring the integration of AI-powered features into ClearVPN. In fact, this is an area of significant focus and investment for us this year.

Our approach is two-pronged. Firstly, we are leveraging AI technologies internally to optimize our development processes, enhance decision-making, and improve the overall efficiency of our team. By harnessing the power of AI, we can streamline tasks, gain valuable insights, and make more informed choices throughout the product lifecycle.

Secondly, and perhaps more excitingly, we are investigating ways to use AI to enhance the user experience within ClearVPN itself directly. While we cannot disclose specific features yet, we are exploring multiple proofs of concept that touch various aspects of our product and service.

One area of exploration is using AI to optimize our server infrastructure and load balancing, ensuring users are always connected to the best available node based on their location, network conditions, and usage patterns. We believe AI could play a pivotal role in dynamically managing our global server network for optimal performance.

Additionally, we are considering how AI could provide users with personalized insights and recommendations, tailoring the VPN experience to their specific needs and usage scenarios. The goal is to make the benefits of using a VPN more apparent and accessible, without requiring manual configuration or in-depth technical knowledge.

What are your closing thoughts on why users should choose ClearVPN over other VPN providers?

While the VPN market is highly competitive, ClearVPN stands out by truly prioritizing user experience and privacy at its core. Our mission goes beyond simply providing a utility – we aim to craft a holistic, elegant solution that seamlessly expands and safeguards each user’s online journey.

At MacPaw, transparency and trust are paramount. As a company with a longstanding reputation and millions of users worldwide, we would never compromise our values or jeopardize our credibility for short-term gains. We are committed to upholding a strict no-logging policy and employing industry-leading encryption protocols to ensure our users’ data remains private and secure at all times.

Moreover, our Ukrainian roots have helped us gain a deep understanding of the importance of online freedom and privacy, especially in times of adversity. We have witnessed firsthand the vital role VPNs play in safeguarding access to reliable information and enabling secure communication.

What truly sets ClearVPN apart, however, is our unwavering dedication to user-friendly design and intuitive experiences. We constantly strive to demystify VPN technology, making it accessible to all through elegant, effortless interfaces that put privacy and access at users’ fingertips.

Ultimately, choosing ClearVPN means opting for a VPN solution that values transparency, prioritizes user experience, and is driven by a genuine commitment to online privacy and freedom.

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