Wondershare PDFelement Review – An AI PDF Companion

Reviews • June. 30, 2023

You might have come across many PDF editors that are extremely efficient and capable. However, have you ever felt that it could be more than just useful for editing and managing PDFs?

PDFelement from Wondershare, now available in an updated version 9, is a professional PDF editor that is an affordable alternative to Adobe.

The new version is now Al-powered, and if you’re looking for a PDF companion that makes editing and managing PDFs easy and time-saving, you should consider checking it out. Keep reading our review to know you can make the best use of it and learn the unique AI features it offers.

What is PDFelement?

Considering the enhancements in AI and how they could affect usability and productivity, Wondershare has upgraded its game by upscaling the PDFelement lineup by collaborating with AI tools.

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For those unaware, PDFelement, a comprehensive PDF editing tool developed by Wondershare, is an upgrade to PDFelement 8. While it can perform similarly to all conventional PDF Editors, the collaboration with ChatGPT and GPTzero makes it significantly reliable and arguably the best AI PDF companion available.

PDFelement’s AI Magic – LUMI

Artificial Intelligence is being accessible to everyone in one way or another through AI tools. Considering the ease of collaboration, many software companies have taken a step ahead to include their software with AI through AI tools.

Wondershare has done the same with their newer version of PDFelement by implementing AI tools under the name LUMI. All AI tools part of LUMI serve their purpose by helping users create, edit, and manage PDFs easily and effectively.

We have tested PDFelement’s every AI tool to check its potential, and here is what we felt about each.

1. AI-Written Detect

With the rise in AI tools, everyone has tended to use AI to generate content. For this purpose, LUMI’s AI-Written Detect, powered by GPTZero, can detect if AI has generated the content.

AI Detect

Whether you want to analyze an existing PDF or browse a new one to detect AI, Lumi’s AI-Written Detect got you covered. When you use the AI-Written Detect feature, PDFelement swiftly processes the document using GPTZero and presents you with a comprehensive preview.

After the PDF is scanned and analyzed, if AI-generated content is detected, it will be highlighted in yellow. The best part of this tool is that you can change it immediately. While we tested, our document had no AI-generated content, so nothing was highlighted, and the result is displayed as “#Human Written.”

This tool is simple, and with the right PDF file uploaded, it can detect AI-generated content immediately. Also, you can effortlessly identify the content’s authenticity and origin, through which you make necessary edits.

2. Summarize

Through the “Summarize” feature of LUMI, powered by ChatGPT, you can quickly and effortlessly analyze any PDF document and understand the essence of any PDF without having to read it from cover to cover. In simpler words, it’s like having a personal assistant who extracts the most crucial details for you.

You can use this tool on the current PDF you’re working on or browse and upload one. Once the AI tool analyzes the content inside the PDF, you’ll find various sections neatly organized, such as “Abstract, Key Points, and Keywords.”

Through the preview provided, you easily grasp the main information from the document, saving you valuable time and effort. During our testing, we used the demo PDF provided by PDFelement and noticed it did a great job accurately breaking the information according to the sections.

However, if the PDFs are filled with images or contain commands, it does struggle to generate and divide the content according to the sections. So make sure to use it on the PDFs that are mostly filled with plain text for accurate results.

3. Chat with PDF

Once you’ve utilized the “Summarize” AI tool to analyze your PDF, you can access the “Chat with PDF” option. The “Chat with PDF” is also an AI tool but is a sub-feature of the “Summarize” AI tool, so you cannot access it directly.


This AI tool works by considering the output generated “Summarize” AI tool, and instead of tediously scrolling through countless pages, you can now ask your questions directly to the tool, and it promptly provides you with the right answers.

In simpler words, it acts as a virtual assistant that can extract relevant information from a complex PDF based on your queries. If this tool is used perfectly, time-saving benefits are remarkable, and you can enhance your productivity and achieve more in less time.

We felt Wondershare didn’t put much effort into this tool as it isn’t a core AI tool. This is because during our testing, it failed to answer the tricky questions, and unless the query was straightforward, it failed to generate the right answer.

4. Explain

The Explain AI tool of PDFelement is very simple, and all you need to do is enter text and wait for it to process and analyze. Once done with analyzing, the tool explains the content more simply, so you can understand it immediately.

This tool comes in handy in multiple situations. For instance, imagine encountering a complex passage filled with challenging vocabulary. You would struggle to understand it, and you have to refer dictionary, or if they are phrases, you might have to search for their meaning online.

However, you can quickly grasp the meaning of this tool and its intelligent explanations. In addition, you can generate concise summaries for complex content and seamlessly integrate them into your PDF documents.

To test its potential, we have provided content varying from easy to hard vocabulary, and as expected, it performed well, and we have extracted key information and presented it clearly and concisely.

5. Proofread

Proofread AI tool is a great tool option if you want to create or edit PDFs. As it is powered by ChatGPT, this cutting-edge tool ensures that your content is polished and flawless, delivering a seamless proofreading experience.


In this tool, all you have to do is provide your text, and ChatGPT takes care of anything by analyzing every sentence and offering invaluable suggestions for improvement.

Once the AI tool generates the output, it is free of embarrassing typos, grammar errors, and awkward phrasing. In addition, you can use this tool to encounter challenging vocabulary or struggle with complex sentence structures.

We are happy with the output, and if you’re looking for an efficient way to review and revise your text effortlessly, this AI tool can be a great asset. Also, you can easily integrate the proofread content into your PDF documents.

6. Rewrite

Those who have used ChatGPT must have rewritten the context using it. The “Rewrite” tool of PDFelement is an AI-driven tool that offers a straightforward and efficient solution for rewriting text.

In this tool, you can provide the text as input, let the tool analyze the content, and rewrite clear, concise versions tailored to your needs. Also, if you’re dealing with poorly written text or struggling with complex vocabulary, we suggest using it.

This feature is particularly beneficial when you want to include revised, polished text in your PDF or utilize it for general purposes. Additionally, it allows adding the text directly to the PDF without using other sources to copy and paste the content.

During the testing, we realized rewriting becomes a simple and effective process with this tool. As this tool is generic, accuracy isn’t the best in all situations, we suggest using the conventional ChatGPT, and we are against downloading this software if you’re solely downloading it for rewriting.

PDFElement’s Non-AI Notable Features

1. PDF Editing Tools

The main reason for many considering PDFelement is it encapsulates all the essential tools required for efficient and effortless PDF editing. For instance, you can add text, insert images, and draft shapes.


Also modifying text or shapes, you can easily change sizes, colors, and font styles are convenient with the tools offered. Additionally, if you’re from an organization or a content creator, you can append a watermark for an extra layer of protection or personalization.

We have edited many PDFs and enjoyed the flexibility throughout this process. It was like working on a Word document, no tools are complex, and a beginner would find it extremely useful.

2. Multiple File Conversion Support

With the great range of file conversion options provided by PDFelement, you can easily convert your PDF documents to different formats. Using this software, you may easily convert your files to various formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, pictures, text, and PDF/A.


The capability of batch processing, which lets you convert multiple files at once, is one noteworthy feature. As a result, you will save a lot of time and work by not having to convert each file separately.

Whether you need to extract data from numerous PDF tables into Excel spreadsheets or convert a sizable collection of PDFs to Word documents, PDFelement has you covered.

3. Organize PDFs

Consider PDFelement if you’re seeking an application to manage your PDF files. It may help you effectively manage your PDFs by removing, splitting, inserting, replacing, cropping, rotating, and resizing pages, among other actions.


Additionally, PDFelement provides extra features like the ability to make Page Labels and Page Boxes. It can easily execute these tasks with just a few clicks, making it usable even if you’re not tech-aware.

With the help of the tools in the “Pages” section, we could easily remove individual pages, change the layout, and structure our documents.

4. OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

If you have used premium PDF editors, OCR must have been utilized for altering and managing PDFs.

With OCR technology, you can scan to searchable text within an image or scan to editable text. PDFelement can transform your scanned document into an editable version if you choose to scan it to editable text.


Contrarily, if you select to scan to searchable text within an image, you may search within the scanned document for certain words or phrases, which is immensely useful when working with vast amounts of text.

Additionally, PDFelement’s OCR function is made to recognize and extract text from a variety of languages accurately. The OCR performed as expected during our tests, but we later realized that the font size impacts output.

5. Translate and Screenshot

PDFelement offers more than just OCR and Crop tools. We’ve added advanced Translate and Screenshot features to enhance your experience. The Translate tool is particularly handy, as it supports multiple languages.


Now, you can easily translate PDF content without any hassle. Moreover, the Screenshot tool goes beyond the basic functions. Alongside capturing regular screenshots, you can also take scrolling screenshots and even record your screen.

This lets you capture long documents or entire web pages in a single image or record important video demonstrations effortlessly. With PDFelement, organizing and managing your PDFs has never been easier. Try it out and see how it simplifies your workflow and boosts productivity.

6. Template Mall

A great tool that gives you access to a large selection of templates to improve your document editing experience is PDFelement’s Template Mall. This collection offers what you need, whether working on a personal or professional project.


Its extensive collection makes it simple to locate templates suited to your requirements. The best aspect is that you may make the most of these templates without being an expert editor.

You can get templates that support your objectives regardless of the purpose. Therefore, the Template Mall has the ideal solutions for you whether you need a resume, a business proposal, or a presentation.

7. Password Protection

Using the PDFelement password is straightforward but effective, and you can immediately password-protect your PDFs. It completes the task swiftly without complicated modifications or time-consuming procedures, and your important documents may be protected quickly and easily.

PDFelement provides a seamless solution for protecting both private and sensitive corporate information. Through this tool, you can prevent unauthorized access to your PDFs by simply using a strong password.

With its password protection feature, we have protected our PDFs featuring sensitive information, and the entire process took no time.

8. Digital Signature and E-Sign

A practical option for electronic signatures and digital signatures is PDFelement. You can decide where to place your signature within the document using a digital signature.

You may effortlessly add your digital signature anywhere and alter your signature’s look, allowing you to choose its size, style, and other visual components.


PDFelement provides an e-signing service equivalent to many other e-sign products. The integration with Wondershare’s online signature service, however, is what distinguishes it. This implies that you can easily use this reputable e-signing solution within PDFelement.

Whether you need to utilize an e-signature or digitally sign a document, PDFelement offers you options and capabilities that are simple to use. It lets you quickly and securely sign PDF files, providing peace of mind when handling your electronic signatures.

In our take, some tools like E-sign needs to be performed on the Wondershare cloud platform, which isn’t convenient.

Plans and Pricing

Wondershare provides a variety of pricing options and plans. If you’re an individual, you have the freedom to select from Quarterly ($79.99), Annual ($109.99), or Perpetual plan ($129.99). With this level of flexibility, you can choose a plan based on your usage preferences and financial constraints.

Also, Wondershare offers a perpetual plan for teams, with different prices depending on how many users are in your group. This enables you to grow your membership in accordance with the size of your team, guaranteeing that everyone has access to PDFelement’s robust capabilities.

In addition to the individual and team plans, Wondershare offers bundles to help you save money. These bundles come in Yearly and Perpetual plans, allowing you to select the time frame and operating systems that best suit your needs.

Whether you work alone or in a group, Wondershare provides pricing and plans tailored to your needs. As a result, you can pick the best plan and continue with its seamless PDF editing experience.

The Good and Bad

From its basic to sophisticated AI PDF tools, we have tried and evaluated every tool in PDFelement. No software is made perfect, but on the bright side, PDFelement is a balanced one.


  1. Theinterface is designed with simplicity, making it easy to navigate.
  2. The integration of LUMI, an AI assistant that harnesses the power of ChatGPT and GPTzero, proves to be a reliable companion that simplifies tasks.
  3. It offers a collection of unique tools that enhance the software’s versatility.
  4. Support is readily available through step-by-step tutorials for every tool, and a dedicated user community is there for additional help.
  5. The pricing structure is reasonable, and the bundles available are well-curated, giving value to the investment.


  1. Although helpful, LUMI’s performance can sometimes be inconsistent, leading to occasional inaccuracies.
  2. Certain functionalities rely on the Wondershare cloud, and lack of in-software operation may disrupt a seamless work experience.

The Truth

The competitive advantage of PDFelement is its user-friendly UI and powerful AI capabilities. With its AI Assistant – LUMI and OCR technology, you can quickly create, edit, and manage PDFs.

On the other hand, the security and effectiveness of your PDF workflows are further ensured by its additional noteworthy features, which include support for digital signatures, form generation and filling, and document encryption.

Experience the ease of use and adaptability that PDFelement delivers to your PDF workflows by embracing the power of AI. Still, the downside is that accuracy varies according to the input and its complexity. Hence these tools cannot be completely relied on.

For all of your PDF editing requirements, whether you’re a student, professional, or team member, PDFelement is a dependable AI-powered PDF companion with well-structured and reasonable plans.

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