Tenorshare 4uKey Review: How Does It Work

Reviews • Updated on Jan.1, 2024

4ukey review

Ever since Apple took to iCloud for data storage, Apple ID has become critical to accessing the iDevices for me. Since I’ve been an iPhone or iPad user for some time, forgetting my Apple ID and password is one of the biggest hassles I’ve faced, and it happens more often than I’d like to accept. Apple sure does not make it easy for you to get into the iDevice either, and that’s probably for the best.

With Touch ID, Face ID, two-factor authentication and device-bound unlocking, the Apple ecosystem is well-guarded against any and all intrusions. Tensoshare makes a bold claim, that if you’ve forgotten your Apple ID, or have a friend or family member that’s facing this problem, they have just the solution you need. In this post, I’ll be taking a look at Tenorshare 4uKey, one of the sweet tools in this category.

What is Tenorshare 4uKey?

Tenorshare 4uKey is a third-party software that allows you to remove the passcode/lock screen and bypass the Apple ID and MDM on your mobile devices. If you’ve got an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch whose Apple ID you’ve forgotten, you don’t need to jump through any hoops to unlock your device. Just download the 4uKey on your laptop or desktop, and you can get unlock your device in a matter of minutes.

What does 4uKey do?

Since I’ve gotten introduced to 4uKey and its workings, let’s see what this software can do for you.

  1. iPhone unlocker

It has been a ritual for me to forget the screen lock password and being unable to unlock my iPhone. Losing the password to my phone is a really messy situation, especially in this age when we use our cell phones for everything from business to social life.

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Surely, I’m not the only one out there facing such a situation, for all of you others, there’s no need to worry. I was easily able use the 4uKey to unlock my iPhone, iPad or even an old iPod Touch that I had not accessed in over a year. This functionality of the 4uKey software did come in handy for forgotten iPhone password, especially when I ‘accidentally’ entered the wrong password too many times and disabled my iPhone.

Additionally, it is super helpful in case your Apple ID has been disabled. If I ever ended up breaking my iDevice screen to pieces, 4uKey is expected to help me unlock the phone and recover my data to an external drive. I could also use it to turn off the Find My iPhone without the password, all with the click of a button.

  1. Passcode Remover

There are tools available that allow me to bypass the numeric 4-digit or 6-digit passcodes, but none had been able to help me gain access if my iPhone was locked using Touch ID or Face ID. That is where the 4uKey came in to save my day.

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I locked the iPad using fingerprint or Face ID and, since the device wasn’t recognizing the correct input. 4uKey came in really handy, helping me remove any sort of lock screen in a matter of minutes.

4-digit or 6-digit passcodes, alphanumeric passwords, custom codes, Touch ID or Face ID; it doesn’t matter what type of encryption I put up on the lock screen. Using the 4uKey, my iPad could be unlocked in a matter of minutes. That means no more taking such a device to a technician and having to pay hefty fees to get the iPhone or iPad unlocked.

  1. Factory Reset

When I wanted perform a wipe on my iPhone, I was obviously asked for the Apple ID and password. But what about the fact that forgetting my password was the whole reason I was doing a factory reset in the first place? In such a case, not having my password meant a dead end, but that’s what the 4uKey is here to solve.

To factory reset my iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch when I’ve forgotten the password to that device, 4uKey was my loophole. With this software installed, I could just connect my device to the computer and voila! I was able reset the device without needing the password.

  1. MDM Bypass

MDM stands for Mobile Device Management, a feature offered in most iPhones, iPads and Macs. This feature allows the owners of a device, whether they be individuals or corporate entities, to control a device remotely and keep track of what the device is being used for.


Since my iPhone has an MDM lock on it, I was stuck on the Remote Management login screen and couldn’t seem to be able to proceed any further. I was simply too tired of my corporate boss knowing every little thing that I do on my iPad, which is where 4uKey was my best friend.

Using the 4uKey software, I could bypass the dreaded MDM lock on my device with just a click. I didn’t even need a username or a password to remove this lock by using this method. Bypassing the MDM lock allowed me to remove MDM profiles on locked devices issued by the company, and I was able to freely use all of the features of the iPad with no overwatch.

  1. Screen Time Passcode Remover

Another feature that is quite commonly a reason behind using programs like the uKey is forgetting the Screen Time Limit Passcode. This feature is really popular with me as a parent who wanted to limit the time my kids spend in front of a screen, particularly the younger one. Even though the Screen Time Limit is a great feature, it’s a common occurrence for my forgetful self to set up time limits but forget the passcode that I chose.


In these cases, the phone keeps showing a Time Limit screen unless I enter the correct passcode–yes, the one that I forgot. Using the 4uKey, I was able to remove the Screen Time Limit Passcode in three simple steps without needing to reset my device and lose any important data.

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How do you use 4uKey?

Although this was my first time using the 4uKey to unlock your phone, I did not feel intimidated by this software and its interface. I’ve included below, a step-by-step guide on how to use 4uKey to remove Screen Time Passcode on your iPad or iPhone. Let’s jump right in.

  1. Download and install the program on your computer. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can download it here.
  1. Launch 4uKey, and click ‘Start‘ to begin the process.
  2. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to the computer via Lightning cable. 4uKey will detect the device automatically.
  3. You might be asked to ‘Trust‘ the computer if this is the first time you are connecting the iDevice to this computer. From the program window, click ‘Next‘.
  1. After a few minutes, you will get the option to start removing the lock on your device. Click ‘Start Remove‘ to proceed.
  2. 4uKey will take a few minutes to remove the Screen Time Passcode on your device. During this process, you’ll need to keep it connected to your computer.
  1. You will also be asked to switch off the ‘Find My iPhone‘ feature, so go ahead and toggle it off, if it is enabled and press OK.
  2. After the lock has been removed, the iDevice will reboot and give you the Hello.
  3. Make sure you select Don’t Transfer Apps & Data on the setup screen, and then choose Set Up Later for Screen Time
  1. And there you have it! Your device is now unlocked for you to start using again.

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What I liked

Now that I’ve gotten over the basics of the 4uKey and how it works, let’s take a look at the points I liked about this software.

  • I could remove any type of passcode or Touch ID/Face ID from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  • I was able to remove the Apple ID logged in to your device without knowing the password to the ID.
  • The ability to bypass the Screen Time Limit function was my favorite.
  • I could remove the MDM screen, along with the associated MDM accounts.

What could be better

Since I’ve talked about the positive aspects already, let’s see what features could be better.

  • There’s a great potential for abuse of this tool without more oversight in its usage.
  • Upon using this tool, my iPhone was automatically updated to iOS 15, so I advise others to secure backups whenever possible before using the tool.
  • The software is paid, and the trial version didn’t allow me to use all of the features until I purchased it.

Does 4uKey work for Android?

Yes, the Android version of 4uKey is straightforward with two tools on offer and is less compared to the ones offered in the Apple version above. However, rest assured, as it features everything needed for using the Android device without any lock screen/Google FRP lock restrictions.

4uKey android1

  • Remove Screen Lock

The Remove Screen Lock tool/feature of 4uKey removes the lock screen (PIN and pattern), including unlocking the fingerprint and face. We have used both the trial and paid versions to test the potential of 4uKey in removing the lock screen.

While using the free version of 4uKey for Android, we realized several restrictions and were forced to use the paid version.

In the paid version, we could connect our device and proceed to the next steps. However, we have noticed that data removal is inevitable on all new Android devices except for a few older Samsung smartphones, which felt like a letdown.

Irrespective of all factors, we proceeded with our test device – Google Pixel 6, and successfully removed the lock. However, the only noticeable issue was getting into recovery mode, which we had to do manually. While the on-screen instructions were helpful to an extent, we wished it automated booting to different modes as well.

  • Google FRP Unlock  

Like the Remove Screen Lock tool/feature, the Google (FRP) lock does involve manual intervention. The on-screen instructions for connecting the device through USB debugging are easy, but if you’re using a newer smartphone running the latest operating system, you might have to put some effort into it.

The Google (FRP) lock removal is done differently according to the brand. We were confused about which option to choose in this scenario as we were presented with multiple without context. In this scenario, we suggest you work with the option tagged with the New label.

4uKey android2

While we were able to remove the Google (FRP) lock on another test device, the Mi Note 10 Pro, we noticed a downside with 4uKey, which doesn’t support FRP lock removal for specific brands, and Google is one of them.

Besides the only drawback, which was the lack of support for specific Android models and manual mode changes, 4uKey’s Google (FRP) lock worked as advertised. Hence, you can try it with an Android smartphone with a Google FRP lock.

How it felt to use the 4uKey for Android?

To be honest, the Android version is tested by TheSweetBits team. Here is everything we have liked about it:

  • 4uKey for Android offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for removing the lock screen/Google FRP lock.
  • With the lock screen removal tool, you’re not limited to removing PIN and pattern but also fingerprint and face recognition.
  • The Google FRP lock removal tool offers removal options according to the smartphone.

Even though 4uKey for Android works well, it does come with limitations, and here are the big ones:

  • The trial version feels like a lure to install the software, as you are asked to register at the last step.
  • The screen unlock without data loss is limited to older Samsung smartphones.
  • While 4uKey offers Google FRP lock removal for various brands, I noticed a few prominent brands, like Google, are missing.

In short: On proper testing by using the tools with our test devices, we felt that 4uKey for Android had done a good job enough to rely on. While it did lack in some scenarios, if you’re using a smartphone from a prominent brand, rest assured as you’re covered.

The verdict

In our verdict, the 4uKey is an amazing tool that can be of great help. This tool allowed me to remove any sort of lock on iOS (as well as Android devices) in a few simple steps. Some of the other screen locking removing tools came with one feature or the other, but 4uKey was among the select few that offered it all in a single package.

The user interface did not take too long to get used to, and my favorite bit was being able to find tons of tutorials and video guides from Tensorshare to get my going. However, this tool also has a huge potential to be used in a not-so-kosher method. Hence, I’d suggest you be extra vigilant so that no one uses it with malicious intent.

But don’t take my word for it, download the 4uKey tool right now with the free trial. Once you’re happy with the tool, you can purchase the full version (price starts at $35.95) to unlock all the functions.

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