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Mobile • July 13, 2021

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People often ask us about Android Data Recovery Software and whether they are useful or not. And, we tell them the story about two friends – Karen and Alex. Both of them lost some vital data on their Android phone.

Karen used a suggested data recovery service she found online

The best part about this is that she didn’t have to do any research. However, she didn’t know that her data was stolen and put on the internet for use by anyone. This is a high-risk data breach and should always be avoided.

Alex, however, tried researching for data recovery tools

This research helped him get all his data back safely and securely. He came across tried and trusted apps that he can rely upon and also learned about some great tips and tricks about his device. So, what did he learn about, you ask?

Losing your data is genuinely a heart-sinking moment and can leave you devasted depending on the file you lost. You shouldn’t be a Karen, and you should follow in Alex’s footsteps.

Maybe you lost a precious memory of happy moments you can’t relive, or you may lose a document you need at work. Whatever the case is, accidental deletion, issues while backups, Android rooting errors or updating issues. Getting your data back becomes essential. So, is there a way to get it back? Well, this is where our recommendations for Android Data Recovery tools come in. They help you get your data back and help make your life a little easier. However, there are some crucial factors that you should know about so you expect only what is possible.

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Before Recovering: Do’s and Don’ts

Android data recovery has many myths, and various companies put out outrageous marketing claims that get your hopes up and then crash your expectations. Hence, the following cases will help you decide whether your device can recover data and whether you should prefer a software data recovery tool for your phone or tablet. So, let us dive straight into it and get an understanding of all your expectations and reality.

“Water damaged” and “broken” Android devices:

Assuming you dropped your device in water or either spilt some beverage onto it and now your device is not functioning properly and loses some data. Broken Android devices are a real pain to recover any data from. You can accidentally get the memory chip damaged, which unfortunately means that you’ve lost all your data. So, if you have a broken device that doesn’t boot at all, then no software data recovery tool will be able to help you out. Hopefully, you can try to recover some data from a device that can turn on and boot into the OS, but if that’s not the case, you should not push your luck with a dead device and get it to a hardware recovery centre.

The Reality: You should only try to recover some data from a functional device and not from a phone or tablet that is not at all functioning. Most software data recovery tools will just downright not work with any device that isn’t turning on. Bootable devices with some damaged screens may get you some results, but if you have a device that isn’t booting or broken, you should get it repaired with hardware recovery services.

“Accidental deleted data” scenario:

This is the primary case that is most suited to software data recovery tools. If you have lost some data recently and either through some crashes or through the updating process, then you can use the software recovery tools listed below to get your precious data back. Users expect to get deleted data back from months ago but are that possible? Let’s look at the reality, and what methods of recovery are actually achievable.

Method 1: Look at the Trash Bin or the Recycle Bin

Most new smartphones have a built-in trash bin or recycle bin that can help you get your photos and videos back in an instant. They generally store the deleted data for a month. So, check if you have your deleted file in the recycle bin and restore it for a more straightforward restoring process.

Method 2: Use Whatsapp Backups

WhatsApp backups are automatic and fast. Hence, you don’t even notice them and think that all your data has been deleted. However, if you have recently shifted to a new device or just accidentally deleted something important, you can go into your WhatsApp settings and restore all the missing information.

Method 3: Browse through Cloud Backups – Google Drive 

Google Drive is probably the best way to backup important data that you need to have at all times. You can enable auto-sync for files such as messages, photos and contacts, and if you ever lose any critical data, you can just look for it in the app. Oh, and did we mention it is all entirely free and automatic for Android devices.

Method 4: Use Android Data Recovery Apps

You can use the tools listed below to get most of your data back, but you might have some trouble with some corrupted data. Also, the entire scanning process can only get recently deleted data back, so if you’re expecting to get some data back that you deleted a month ago, then you’re out of luck.

Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR) – You need a functional device that has recently lost some data to get most of the data back, and there are a lot of ways to get your data back, either through cloud backups or through the trash bin. However, with everything said, if you still don’t have your data back, you can use the data recovery tools below, and you should also be expecting a little less so that you end up with fulfilled expectations.

Tenorshare UltData:  most popular choice

ultdata homescr

Tenorshare’s UltData is considered one of the best Android data recovery software you can find on the internet. It has probably the highest success rate for recovering data and is compatible with devices, including Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc. This software tool helps you recover data such as lost contacts, messages and other app data. Our testing resulted in a lot of positive results, and it delivered on most of the lost data. However, it will sometimes recover some corrupted data that can be a little frustrating. But with everything considered, overall, the tool functions impressively and delivers a quick and fast recovery service. UltData has the following features:

  • A quick scan and fast recovery rate
  • It is compatible with most older Android devices
  • Works fantastically with recovering photos and app data

How does the UltData Recovery work?

UltData has two specific recovery methods. One is a classic standard backup and restore process that requires you to have a backup of the data, and the second method is to use a quick data scan method that can scan for lost data and recover most of the information. So, follow the process below to get your data recovered.

ultdata download

Download and install the app from the link here and run it.

connect device

Connect your Android phone or tablet and let the app run a scan.

ultdata restore

After the scanning process is completed, select the data that you want to recover and click on “Recover Lost Data”.

install connector

Let the app install the connector app on your Android device.


Finally, let the restoration process start by selecting all the files you want to be restored, clicking on the “Start” button and let the restoration process complete and check to see if all the data has been recovered or not.


Tenorshare’s Ultdata is compatible with most Android devices above Android 4.0 and also has an iOS-compatible version. It works with Windows 10 and macOS and delivers a similar experience on both versions.

Pricing: $55,  free trial version is available.


  • It has a clean and easy to use UI.
  • Can work with older Android 4.0 devices.
  • Most of the data recovered can be accessed quickly and without any issues.


  • Can sometimes recover some corrupted data.

Dr.Fone – Android Recovery: most comprehensive option

DrFone homescr

Dr.Fone has been widely regarded as one of the top tier data recovery tools for iOS and Android devices, and it delivers on the expectations. With hundreds of positive reviews, we started to test out the features that Dr.Fone provided and the Android data recovery tool is immensely helpful in getting a lot of the data back quickly. It has multiple toolkits that enhance your experience and keeps the price down depending on your use case, and we’re going to test out the Android Data Recovery Toolkit from Dr.Fone.

This toolkit is specifically designed to extract data from Android phones and tablets and works quickly by scanning through the storage and getting all the information back with some minor drawbacks. Our experience was mostly positive, but we did find that Dr.Fone had some issues with pictures and videos as some of them turned out corrupt and unusable. With that said, here are all the features that you can expect from Dr.Fone.

  • Easy and quick access to a lot of files
  • Has multiple toolkits for different tasks
  • Can recover data from most Android devices
  • Automatic scanning and speedy data recovery

How does the Dr.Fone Recovery work?

Dr.Fone has a single recovery method being the scan and restores process, and it works with the inbuilt storage space and even MicroSD cards. Let’s look at how you can restore most of your data with a single click.

DrFone download

Firstly download the app and install it from the link here.

connect phone

Then connect your device and let the app scan for missing data. The tool will scan and connect to your phone or tablet.


After the scan is complete, let the tool install the connector app on your Android phone or tablet. As the app is installed, it will scan for all the lost data.

drfone recover

Finally, select the data you want to restore, click on “Next”, and follow the steps to start the recovery process. As the restoration process is completed, you’ll see the original file on your device and would be able to use it as it was before.


Dr. Fone is compatible with most Android phones and tablets starting from Android 4 and above, and it works with Macs and Windows machines. It also has a separate iOS toolkit that makes it compatible with iPhones and iPads.


The full Android toolkit is $79.95, but you can purchase individual modules by paying a lower fee. For instance, if you just need the Android data recovery, you only pay $39.95.  Free Trial of Dr.Fone is available too.


  • Easy to use and has a clean minimal UI
  • Has different toolkits for different use cases
  • Can recover a lot of data quickly from a lot of devices


  • You cannot back up and restore data if you don’t have the specific toolkit for it.

Paid competitions

iMyFone D-Back – Offers an easy way to recover your deleted data from Android smartphones or tablets. This software tool supports multiple Android smartphones from Android 5.0 and above and can recover various file types, including call logs, messages, audio, videos, photos, and many more.

iMobie PhoneRescue – This is probably the only paid app that can recover deleted data lost while you root your device. However, suppose that’s not your issue. In that case, it can still find and recover deleted data normally and includes different types of data from your phone, such as app data like WhatsApp data, attachments, and other photos and videos.

iToolab RecoverGo (Android) – This tool lets you quickly recover your deleted media and texts files from your Android phone or tablet. In fact, it does this at a relatively faster speed than most and while protecting the privacy of your data. This includes all your call logs, messages, photos, videos and other such information.

Free alternatives:

EaseUS MobiSaver For Android Free – This easy-to-use software from EaseUS can efficiently recover most of your deleted files such as contact details, text messages, documents, etc. Still, it only supports devices running Android 5.0 and above, which shouldn’t be a problem, but if you’re looking to get some old data off an ancient device, then you’re out of luck.

MiniTool® Mobile Recovery for Android Free – This “Mini” android recovery tool is a decent alternative for a free to use recovery software that can help you get most of your lost data back. However, the UI feels a little clunky, and the overall experience is just average. So, use it as your last resort.

Gihosoft Free Android Data Recovery – If you have accidentally deleted some valuable data or files from your device either through system update issues, ROM flashing problems or any other accident, this recovery tool can help restore the files like you never lost them. It offers faster data recovery from SD cards and the internal storage and supports most devices on Android 5.0 and above.


Is Android Data Recovery safe?

Yes, Android Data Recovery is safe, secure and should be used by anyone that has lost some data recently. However, if it was a photo or a video, we strongly advise you to check your Recycle Bin as most phones nowadays have a quick backup feature and won’t delete these files right away.

Is Android Data Recovery legit?

Yes, Android Data Recovery is legit, and you can get most of your data back. This is true as most information isn’t deleted and just made available to re-write upon. So, if you use a data recovery software, you can get all that data back and have it working as it was supposed to before.

Can you recover permanently deleted photos?

Yes, it is possible to recover permanently deleted photos either through backups or through a data recovery tool that we have recommended above. However, do note that if you want to recover a photo deleted weeks or months ago, it will be nearly impossible to do, and it would help if you used data recovery tools only for recently deleted data.

How can I recover data from my Google Drive?

If you have auto backups turned on on your Android phone or tablet, you can use Google Drive to get all your deleted data back. All you need to do is use the app or go to the Google Drive webpage and log in to your account to download. You can now download all the data or just turn auto-sync on to let Google automatically retrieve all your data and restore it straight into your device.


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