7+ Most Popular WhatsApp Monitoring Apps You Should Not Miss

Mobile •  Sept.16, 2022

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WhatsApp is the one app that has successfully replaced SMS and MMS in many parts of the world. As a result, it has become the go-to tool for all our communications and interactions.

Not only at a personal level, but WhatsApp has also swept over the business world with its sleek and minimal interface. On top of it, WhatsApp is also end-to-end encrypted, meaning that no one other than the sender and receiver will be able to read the messages. The messages are encrypted when sent and decrypted when the app receives them. It is secure, easy, and, yeah, it is free. What more could you need?

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WhatsApp monitoring app: why do you need one?

Many solutions have been proposed for safeguarding and monitoring WhatsApp activities. However, most reasons why a WhatsApp monitoring and tracking tool is needed can be summed up into three categories.

  • Business

If you run a business and use WhatsApp as the default means of communication on the work phone numbers, you need to monitor it for various reasons. To safeguard employees from scams, ensuring they are not misusing their work phones, and keeping an eye on potential business malpractices are some common reasons.

  • Parental Control

Being a parent is hard. Even harder to safeguard your kids from the potential dangers of the internet, WhatsApp tracker apps can help you greatly in that situation. You can use these apps to watch your kids and intervene when necessary.

  • Personal Use

Besides business and parental control, there can also be various situations you may want to track someone’s WhatsApp. For example, maybe you work for a spy agency and want to track your targets, or on the darker side, you suspect your partner is cheating on you and want to track their WhatsApp conversation. Whatever the situation can be, WhatsApp tracker apps are there for you.

But which one will you use? If you go on the internet, it will serve you with an enormous list of tracker apps that claim to give you complete access to WhatsApp on the target device. So how would you choose the right one among them?

Do not worry. We have you covered. Here is a list of the top WhatsApp spy apps to try out.

Top 7 WhatsApp spy apps to try out

KidsGuard for WhatsApp

kidsguard 1

If you are a parent and want to safeguard your kids from the danger of the Internet, you have platforms such as KidsGuard that can help you with that. Among the various features offered by KidsGuard, KidsGuard for WhatsApp is a dedicated WhatsApp parental control app available for Android devices. You can track the WhatsApp activities of your kids along with calls and message conversations.

KidsGuard for WhatsApp is extremely easy to use. You can simply install the app on your kid’s device and access the information from your computer or Phone whenever you want. In addition, KidsGuard for WhatsApp lets you operate in stealth mode by hiding the app on the target device so your kids will never know about it.

Once you set up the App, you do not need WhatsApp access or login information. There will also be no alert sent when you access the WhatsApp logs. The App will simply collect the data and upload it onto the server for you to access. You can also set risky keywords alert whenever it is used on WhatsApp.


  • Read WhatsApp Messages
  • Track WhatsApp calls
  • Automatically Record WhatsApp calls
  • View the WhatsApp status of your kids
  • Save WhatsApp media such as photos, videos, voices, and documents
  • Automatically takes screenshots when WhatsApp is in use


  • Easy monitoring
  • No root access needed
  • Automate monitoring processes
  • Stealth mode available
  • Media access and download
  • Location tracking
  • Recover deleted files


  • The user interface can be improved
  • Issues with data sync on old Android phones




EyeZy is another popular WhatsApp Monitoring App that is fairly new in the market. Although it is new, it has become a widely used and well-performing monitoring tool for social media, especially WhatsApp. It is also loaded with various functions such as keylogger, access to emails and messages, call logs, and contacts.

Installing and using EyeZy is very easy. The app is available for both iOS and Android. However, there is a difference in what you can do with the app depending on the root access to your phone. The AI alerts will alert you if certain activities happen on the phone, such as WhatsApp messages received, sent, media received, or sent.

In iOS and Android, you can use EyeZy to monitor iMessage, WhatsApp, SMS, Live location, and call logs without jailbreak or root. Still, you need root access on your phone to monitor other social media apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Messenger.


  • Read WhatsApp messages
  • Monitor conversations
  • Access to WhatsApp media
  • The app is invisible on the phone


  • Great User Interface
  • Easy to install and Use
  • Can monitor WhatsApp without root access
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Screen recorder included
  • Recovers deleted messages and media


  • Needs root access or jailbreak for social media apps monitoring
  • No free trials, only demo available


  • Monthly: 57€
  • Quarterly: 34€
  • Yearly: 13€

Highster Mobile


Highster Mobile is a feature-rich monitoring app that is an overall social media tracker. You can use it for parental controls, employee monitoring, or personal uses. This app can track Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Call logs, texts, photos, videos, and more.

As it is an overall tracker, you can use this to monitor WhatsApp messages, calls, media, location along with other social media. This app is also available on various platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. Interestingly enough, you can also use the stealth camera feature to take pictures from the target device.

Installing and using this app is also very easy. Simply download the app from its website and install it on your target device. Once the setup is done, you can start accessing the data from your dashboard remotely.


  • Monitor and access social media apps
  • Media Access
  • Stealth camera
  • Browser history
  • GPS tracker
  • Photo and Video log
  • SMS and iMessage access
  • Emails and installed apps
  • Complete device information


  • Feature-rich
  • Easy to setup and use


  • Not very user friendly
  • Multiple errors and unstable
  • Poor user ratings
  • No trials or demo


  • One-time payment: 84.69 with tax



Hoverwatch is becoming one of the most widely used monitoring apps on the market. It offers users to monitor messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, etc. You can also track text messages and call logs using this app, along with various other functionalities.

However, this app is not available on iOS and only can be used for Android, Windows, and macOS. You can track up to 5 devices with your account. You will still have access to the target device even if the sim card is changed on the device.

Installing and using this app is also extremely easy. Simply signup for your account, install and set up the mobile app on the target device, and you are good to go. You can access the data remotely and can also take pictures from the device’s camera if you want.


  • SMS and call logs access
  • Social media messaging access
  • Completely invisible
  • Location tracking
  • Call recording
  • Browser history
  • Media Access
  • Track installed apps
  • Contacts access
  • Take Screenshots and more


  • Simple to install and use
  • Speed sync and upload
  • No root is needed in Android
  • Able to change android settings from the dashboard


  • Geo-fencing not available
  • Separate keylogger app
  • App navigation can be improved


  • Personal Package for 1 device: $24.95(1 month)/ $59.95(3 months)/ $99.95 (12 months)
  • Professional Package for up to 5 devices: $49.95(1 month)/ $99.95(3 months)/ $199.95 (12 months)
  • Business Package for up to 25 devices: $149.95(1 month)/ $299.95(3 months)/ $499.95 (12 months)

iKey Monitor WhatsApp Spy


iKey Monitor is a widely used monitoring app that is able to monitor WhatsApp along with other social media apps. It is counted as one of the trusted monitoring app. iKey Monitor lets you access to SMS, social media messaging apps, call logs, media, voice messages, email, and web history, among others.

It is regarded as one of the advanced monitoring apps with its ever-updating features, which help it keep up with the changes in the OS, apps, and communication methods. If you want to secure your business or loved ones, this is the app you may want to consider.

With an easy-to-setup process, it is also very user-friendly. Simply signup for the service, set up the target device, and start accessing it from your dashboard. However, to get full access to all the functions and spying ability, you may need to have root access to the device. But even without root access, basic WhatsApp monitoring is possible.


  • Phone call access
  • SMS access
  • Messaging apps monitoring
  • Voice messages access
  • Web history and emails
  • Media Access
  • Complete phone control
  • Location tracking
  • Installed Apps
  • Remote monitoring and more


  • Compatible with various OS
  • No root for basic monitoring
  • Easy and user friendly


  • Cannot block apps
  • Sync issues sometimes


  • Free – Mobile plan



mSpy is the famous and most widely used WhatsApp tracker. It offers various functionalities and capabilities for spying. mSpy has been consistently becoming a user’s favorite with its ability to track all the WhatsApp chats, see conversation date and time, and overall WhatsApp activity.

You can access the data remotely without the target device finding out about it. Also, there is no need to root your Android device or jailbreak your iPhone to monitor WhatsApp with mSpy. You can block certain content and also track the location of the target device. mSpy goes beyond WhatsApp and gives you full control of the target device, its settings, and the media files.

The easy user experience of setting up the tracker and using it also gives it an upper hand over other monitoring apps. You can simply install the mSpy app, set it up and instantly gain access to the device from your dashboard remotely.


  • Call monitoring
  • Text message monitoring
  • Social media apps monitoring
  • Location tracking
  • Geo-fencing alerts
  • Media Access
  • App viewing and blocking
  • Browser history
  • Website blocker and more


  • Diverse functionalities
  • Runs undetected
  • Easy and smooth
  • Demo available


  • Expensive
  • No multi-device subscription
  • No free trial


  • Annual Subscription – $199,99 (1 device)



If you are trying to track WhatsApp on an Android device, Onemonitar is the app you may want to use. It is an extremely popular WhatsApp tracker app for android users and offers features on par with other widely used monitoring apps like mSpy. Onemonitar lets you monitor WhatsApp along with other social media and messaging platforms.

You can use this app to monitor WhatsApp messages, calls, contacts, media, and activities remotely. The great thing about Onemonitar is that you neither need root access on your Android nor jailbreak on your iPhone. It has a simple-to-use interface which is very easy for not-so-tech-savvy parents and other users.

Installing, setting up, and using this app is also very easy. Simply sign up for the service, and you will get instructions in your email. Once the setup is done, you can neither see the app on the phone nor will there be any indication of its existence. But you will instantly be able to access it from your dashboard remotely.


  • WhatsApp call monitoring
  • Other Social media monitoring
  • Call logs access
  • Media Access
  • Location tracking
  • Keylogger
  • Screenshots
  • Camera access for photos
  • Call recording and more


  • Best WhatsApp tracker for Android
  • Good customer support
  • User-friendly interface and navigation


  • Drains battery
  • Sync issues


  • Premium – $22 (1 Month)/ $44 (3 Months)/ $88 (1 Year)
  • All-in-one – $58 (1 Month)/ $115 (3 Months)/ $155 (1 Year)

Bonus: WhatsApp web

While most people may not be aware that there is another official and legitimate way to access and monitor the WhatsApp account of your kids or employees, this method is offered by WhatsApp itself and does not need any subscription. However, you do need access to the device for a moment to set up.

WhatsApp offers a web version of its app called WhatsApp web and WhatsApp desktop. WhatsApp web and WhatsApp desktop both can be set up and accessed remotely without the device anywhere near to you.

whatsapp web

WhatsApp web needs the device to be at least online, even if it is not near to you. But the WhatsApp desktop does not even need that. Once you set up the WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop, you can simply open it, and you will have full access to the WhatsApp account.

Once the connection is done, you will always be able to track WhatsApp messages, calls, and other activities by simply opening WhatsApp on your computer. This is the best and official way to track the WhatsApp accounts of your kids or employees.

But it does not live up to the features and anonymity of the WhatsApp spy apps we’ve mentioned above. First of all, you need physical access to the phone when you want to set up WhatsApp Web, moreover, the phone owner will always be aware due to the “WhatsApp Web is currently active” notification.


Can I watch someone’s WhatsApp without them knowing?

Yes, if you could set up the spying apps successfully, you will be able to watch someone’s WhatsApp without them knowing. Additionally, you can also use WhatsApp web or WhatsApp desktop to completely access their WhatsApp account without them knowing.

How can I know if my WhatsApp is being tracked?

To know if your WhatsApp is being tracked, simply apply the solutions below.

  • Check your WhatsApp active and previous sessions.
  • Check for any changes on your WhatsApp chats or account information.
  • Use anti-spyware apps to check if there is spyware installed on your phone.

Is there a way to check my spouse’s call records?

Yes, you can use spyware such as mSpy or KidsGuard to check your Spouse’s call records along with the call recordings. But for this, you will need to first set up the target device with spyware.

Wrapping up

Well, spying is not a very flattering thing to do. More than peace of mind, it causes anxiety about getting caught. Still, there can be reasons and situations where spying is necessary. The above list of WhatsApp trackers could help you with your spying by helping you find the best tracker for your necessity.

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