6 AI Email Management Tools to Sort Your Inbox Effectively

Utility   •  Aug.10, 2023

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One of the main channels of communication, both personal and professional, is email. Individuals and businesses alike can find themselves overwhelmed with the sheer volume of emails they receive daily. This email overload leads to stress, reduced productivity, and overlooking important messages.

Email overload is not simply a matter of too many emails, but also the time and energy it takes to sort, read, reply to, and organize them. Traditional methods of email management like manual sorting and labeling are time-consuming and can be ineffective. This is especially true when dealing with high email volumes. This problem amplifies for businesses and professionals. For cases like this, email forms a significant part of their communication and operation.

The rise of AI email managers

Email has undeniably made communication a lot quicker and more convenient, but it also comes with a unique set of challenges. With the sheer volume of emails that individuals and businesses receive daily, managing one’s inbox can feel like a task in itself. According to a report by McKinsey, this could constitute as much as 28% of their time, which could be better spent on other more productive tasks. Now bear in mind that this report is over 10 years old, and the fact that email has only gotten more pervasive since then.

Another common issue is distinguishing important emails from the clutter. Promotional emails, social notifications, and spam along with personal or professional communication…it becomes a daunting task to separate the wheat from the chaff. Despite the best efforts of spam filters, some unwanted emails still manage to creep into the inbox. The process of manually sorting these out can prove to be both time-consuming and irritating.

This is where AI email manager comes in. These applications are designed to help you manage your inboxes more effectively by automating tasks.AI email manager apps often leverage machine learning and natural language processing. This helps them understand the content and context of your emails. The tools can then sort them, prioritize important messages, filter out spam, and even suggest possible responses.a

AI email managers:

  • Time-saving: By automating the sorting and categorizing of emails, these apps save users time that they would otherwise spend managing their inboxes.
  • Prioritization: AI email managers can identify important emails and rank them, ensuring you don’t miss any critical communication.
  • Reduced stress: A clutter-free and organized inbox reduces stress and enhances productivity.
  • Effective spam filtering: These apps can effectively filter out spam or unwanted emails, helping you focus on important ones.
  • Team collaboration: Whether working inside of a single inbox, generating responses, or telling you when it’s time to get in contact, AI tools can help teams work better.

6 best AI email manager tools/services

Here are six of our favorite AI email manager apps. Some of them have overlapping features, but some of them stand entirely on their own. So without further adieu, let’s get into it.

#1 SaneBox

SaneBox is an AI-powered email management tool designed to bring order to the chaos of a messy inbox. SaneBox understands your inbox habits and uses this information to filter your emails. It moves non-essential messages into a separate folder, allowing you to focus on what’s important. The SaneLater feature learns which emails are important to you and which are not based on your behavior. The unimportant ones are moved to a SaneLater folder for you to review at your convenience. Other features such as SaneBlackHole let you direct unwanted emails into a virtual black hole, meaning they will never disturb you again.

SaneBox is a highly efficient tool that significantly eases the burden of email management. Its AI capabilities, intuitive design, and range of features all work to transform your inbox into an organized, manageable space. If you are struggling with email overload, SaneBox could be the ideal solution to restore your email sanity and regain control over your digital communication. It effectively declutters your inbox, prioritizes important emails, and saves you time, enhancing your productivity.

Read our full SaneBox review for more.

#2 Front


Unlike traditional email clients, Front transforms your inbox into a collaborative workspace. It allows teams to work together, enabling users to share inboxes, assign emails to team members, and have internal discussions within the context of email threads. This approach makes team collaborations transparent and efficient.

Alongside its team-oriented features, Front also integrates with other work tools and services, meaning that your CRM, project management, and communication tools can all be accessed from your inbox. This reduces the need to switch between different apps, saving time and improving productivity.

Front is a valuable tool for not only managing your individual inbox but also enhancing team collaboration. Its approach of turning your email into a collaborative workspace breaks down communication silos. The ease of integration with other work tools consolidates your workflow into one place, simplifying the process and saving valuable time. If you’re seeking an email management tool that can handle the demands of team collaboration while keeping your personal email organized, Front stands as a strong candidate worth considering

#3 Email Analytics


Email Analytics serves as a robust solution to the problem of email productivity. This software is designed to help you see your email activity, offering insightful metrics that can aid in improving productivity and email management. The tool provides a comprehensive analysis of your inbox, showing metrics like email traffic by day or hour, average response times, and top senders and recipients. This granular level of insight allows managers to understand team workflows better and identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies. EmailAnalytics also aids in balancing workloads by showing who might be overloaded and who has capacity, promoting better team management.

EmailAnalytics is an innovative tool that takes email management to a new level. By transforming raw email data into understandable and actionable insights, it empowers businesses to improve their communication efficiency, balance workloads, and drive productivity. For anyone seeking a clear understanding of their email activity and desiring to optimize their email communication, EmailAnalytics offers a potent combination of analytical power and ease-of-use. It not only simplifies the task of email analysis but also provides the insights necessary to make informed decisions and enhancements to email management strategies.

#4 Superhuman


Superhuman is designed to help users blaze through their inboxes at lightning speed. With an array of powerful features like AI-powered search, keyboard shortcuts, read statuses, and scheduled sending, Superhuman makes email management not just efficient, but enjoyable. The client is crafted to offer a superior user experience with its sleek, clean interface that’s easy on the eyes and a joy to use. Superhuman’s AI capabilities help in sorting and prioritizing emails, ensuring that the most important messages get your attention. The speed of the service allows users to find specific emails or files in no time, saving significant effort.

Superhuman offers a refreshing and powerful solution for email management. By combining a user-centric design with AI-powered features, Superhuman turns the challenging task of email management into a streamlined, enjoyable process. If you’re fighting the battle against email overload and need a tool that can simplify your digital communication while saving you time, Superhuman might just be the one. It not only empowers you to manage your inbox more efficiently, but its attention to detail and speed will make you fall in love with email all over again.

#5 Lavender


Lavender has a simple goal: help you enhance your email writing skills. The app provides real-time suggestions as you write, making sure to keep you on top of clarity, tone, and the emotion that your message conveys. We’re not all master writers, so Lavender helps you prevent misunderstandings. The tool even provides insights on optimal message length, and the best time to send your email.

Lavender is a solid solution for anyone who wants to improve their email communication. I’ve found that it works well for writing more engaging, clear, and well-toned messages. If you’ve found yourself struggling to get your message across, or you just want to make sure that you’re doing a better job of it, it’s worth a shot. The fringe benefit of having a tool to help you write better is that you’ll also work faster. You get to save minutes by knowing that you’re getting real-time checks as you write, instead of having to rework things later.

#6 Clean Email

clean email

If Marie Kondo developed an email client, it would probably look a lot like Clean Email. The app has a single purpose: cleaning your overloaded inbox. But it uses a number of tools to make it happen. The end result is that you get through your inbox faster, see more of what’s important to you, and then keep it organized moving forward.

The app is seriously good at filtering, but where it really shines is in the time that it saves you. You can group emails by subject, sender, labels, and more so that you can manage batches in one action. The Unsubscriber tool helps keep your inbox free from unwanted messages, and it even blocks senders who don’t have an unsubscribe option. Smart Views is probably my favorite feature. It groups emails by type, similar to Gmail’s Priority Inbox. But rather than tying you to one service, Clean Email works with most any address.

#7 EmailTriager

I know that I said six, but consider this a bonus. This is my favorite tool to use in combination with SaneBox. EmailTriager uses natural language processing (NLP) and OpenAI to help you write better email replies. For example, let’s say that I want to “tell anyone asking to grab a beer that I won’t have time until next August.” EmailTriager will look for messages that contain the suggestion of meeting for drinks, and then it generates an automated response. That response will tell the recipient that I’m not available until next August, and suggest that we find a time then.

It’s not always perfect. As you would expect, it sometimes makes mistakes around context. It’s also not fully open to the public yet. Although creator Kevin Yang works heavily with AI, his focus is on other tools at the moment. However, if you can find a spot in the beta, it’s well worth the click.

Final words

These AI-powered tools bring in a wealth of benefits, from saving valuable time by automating sorting and categorizing of emails, to ensuring you don’t miss any important communication, and helping maintain a clutter-free and organized inbox. They filter out spam, help manage teams more effectively, and in some cases, they even enhance your email writing skills. With these capabilities, AI email manager apps are taking the stress out of email management, leaving users with more time to focus on more productive tasks. Tools like SaneBox, Front, EmailAnalytics, Superhuman, and Lavender each offer unique features that cater to different aspects of email management, making them worthy additions to your productivity toolkit.

To sum it up, managing your inbox in today’s world of incessant emails is no small task. But with the right tools at hand, it can be made manageable. Whether it’s prioritizing important emails, collaborating as a team, or crafting more effective emails, these AI email manager apps are transforming the email experience. Adopting these tools not only enhances efficiency but also significantly reduces the stress associated with email overload. As the world continues to lean more towards digital communication, these apps could soon become an essential part of our everyday email experience.

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