7 Best AI-Powered Project Management Tools

Business   •  Nov.14, 2023

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It is not even a question whether you need AI to increase the overall productivity. Instead, you simply have to find the places and instances when you can use AI-powered tools. Clearly, project management is one of the areas where AI can make a noticeable difference.

Compared to conventional project management programs, AI-powered alternatives help you save time without compromising productivity. While the exact numbers vary based on the context, we generally see savings of several hours per day. However, it is crucial to pick the best AI-powered project management tool.

We have made sure that you have plenty of options while choosing an AI-powered project management platforms from the list. As much as we would like to do, it is not possible to recommend one single project management tool as the best option for everyone. Even if we could choose one, it might not be the best choice in terms of the monetary budget for most people.

So, we have included fully-fledged PM programs that offer project management as a module. We believe this decision will help you choose the most suitable option depending on your requirements, budget, and the size of the project that you are planning to take control of.

Top AI-Powered PM Programs: At a Glance

Factors we considered for top project management tools

Even though we have selected only the 7 best AI-powered project management tools for this list, the selection process was very complex. We had created a preliminary list of 20 tools, which were based on the reputation and popularity. Then we filtered the list based on the different sets of features that we needed.

Rest assured, we had to make sure that all these project management tools offered some kind of productivity boost thanks to AI. Here are some factors we considered while choosing the best ones.

  • Overall Usability

First, we had to make sure that the project management tool was usable. That is, the tool must offer all the features one company, or a group of employees, would need to take care of a project from start to finish. In doing so, we had given importance to the UI, the set of features, and how analytically strategic the tool was designed.

  • Scalability

We also understand that companies with different size of employees and different magnitude of work are looking for project management tools. In light of this point alone, scalability was a factor that we could not miss. Therefore, we have made sure that the project management platforms on this list are scalable top to bottom, which means you can add variables and make the system complex or simple as the needs be.

  • Use of AI

As the title suggests, we were looking for project management apps that made use of artificial intelligence. Now, we did consider apps from different categories. First, there were project management systems that wholly used AI. Then there were project management programs that offered the AI module as an additional option. In both cases, we checked whether these AI modules or the AI features work flawlessly.

In addition to these, we also checked regular aspects like reliability, pricing, reputation. Therefore, we have full confidence recommending the AI-powered project management suites listed below.

7 best AI-powered project management tools

#1 ClickUp

ClickUp is an all-in-one AI-powered project management tool that claims to replace multiple apps that you normally use for your project management needs. The program positions itself as a complete alternative for platforms such as Asana and Trello and claims that you get to enjoy more features than these platforms can offer. ClickUp is being used by organizations such as Booking.com, IBM and Spotify to name a few.

clickup chat

ClickUp offers many modules, including documents, whiteboards, forms, time tracking, chat, collaboration, and of course, an AI-powered assistant. All these modules are designed to work in such a way that you can save time without compromising the quality of your project. There is also additional focus on effortless collaboration, enhanced visibility and streamlined workflows within the management suite.

Another factor that makes ClickUp one of the best AI powered project management platforms out there is its versatility. Because it’s made for everyone, you can choose between templates designed for teams such as project management, engineering, sales, marketing, product design, finance, HR, and IT. Once you have done this, ClickUp lets you import data from your previous PM tool like Asana, Monday, or even MS Excel.

clickup ai

ClickUp does not disappoint when it comes to AI utilities, either. You can actually check out the different AI tools available depending on the template that you have chosen. For instance, if you are looking at the marketing template, you can find many shortcuts to create an email campaign or plan a marketing event. Because these templates are integrated with the core modules of the system, they work so well.

And, you can make use of the three major modules when you want to involve in native project management. For instance, in the first one, you can visualize and plan the project, while the second module helps you collaborate thanks to live chat and multiple task interaction options. Finally, you can conveniently track the ongoing progress of the project from multiple levels.


  • Rich and optimized templates
  • It comes with better AI prompts
  • Better integration options


  • AI bundle requires a paid plan


Overall, ClickUp has everything to be the next AI-powered project management for your organization or a small team. As far as the pricing is concerned, you can choose between multiple plans and there is a free plan which offers 100 MB of storage. You may need to get the premium plan if you are looking for specific features such as ClickUp AI and unlimited storage.

#2 Notion

Unlike ClickUp, Notion is not a dedicated project management app. Instead, it is a versatile platform you can use to create documents, wiki platforms, and a project management suite. This connected workspace is now powered by AI, which helps you in the creation and maintenance of assets. You also benefit from the built-in collaboration features.

For reference, Notion is being used by a number of organizations, including Pixar and Figma. It means, among other many things, that you can use Notion projects to carry out different variety of projects and not worry about the scalability aspect eventually. The diverse options for integration and configuration also make a huge difference.


Starting with the basics, Notion projects let you view the progress of your project from different perspectives including timeline, status, and boards. Similarly, you can add elements such as checklists and deadlines to the calendar as you please. We also love the ability to automate the team workflow thanks to AI and other integrations. You can also create subtasks, set up assigning systems and access the databases easily.

The AI capabilities of Notion are pretty straightforward. For instance, you can use Notion AI to write higher quality project documents without spending a lot of time. Similarly, there are options to come up with automation ideas that you can use in a single click. Ultimately, you can use these designs and project documentations within the collaboration environment.

We should also mention that Notion Projects comes with plenty of templates that you can choose from. Most of these templates are so specific that they are tailored for different uses from different domains. Then again, you can integrate the system with apps like Figma, Slack and GitHub depending on the situation. It is also great that everything keeps in sync.


  • Flexible and configurable
  • Many integration options
  • Less expensive options


  • Some communication features unavailable


Conclusively, we recommend the AI-powered project feature of Notion only if you are looking for some extra freedom and integration options. While you lose out on some features like communication and the hierarchical system of the organization, you benefit from the ability to create flexible documentation and seek the help of AI whenever you need.

#3 Monday.com

Monday.com is a different pick on this list because it does not primarily advertise its AI aspect. However, it is very clear from hands-on experience that Monday.com uses AI in many of its aspects. So, when you need an all-in-one platform for managing your organization—not just projects—, you should check out what the Monday.com package can do for you.

Because Monday.com is a versatile platform, you have some privileges while signing up. For instance, you can decide what would you like to manage using the platform. And when you select project management as the option, you get a very tailored template that contains frequently used options for project management. Thus, the AI-powered suite of monday.com is much recommended for beginners.


Once you get started, there are many features that you can use to improve the overall workflow in your organization. For instance, you can choose between multiple viewing options and create dashboards as you like. There are also options for simultaneous integrations and automations that you can create with supported applications.

Monday.com also offers full support for documents, which is beneficial when you want a streamlined communication system within your organization. Regardless of the template that you have chosen from monday.com, the AI-powered features are available to you, and they are most helpful when you rely on the service for automation and intelligent integration options.

Despite its versatility, we believe that Monday.com has been designed with a business approach in mind. Therefore, when it comes to managing process and sub-tasks, or even streamline your calendar, you get better control. For instance, you can handle business operations and other tasks involved in the project with ease. Once you are done, you can rely on transparent dashboards and reports to understand how far you have come.


  • A complete OS for work
  • Dedicated templates
  • Fully-fledged system


  • Fewer customization options


Altogether, monday.com offers numerous options when you need a very reliable project management suite, which also doubles as a way to manage all aspects of your work. However, we noticed that despite its use of AI in multiple aspects, you don’t get an assistant. Therefore, it may not be an adequate option if you are looking for an AI assistant that can help you with writing, documentation, and organization, etc.

#4 Basecamp

Basecamp is another project management software that uses AI on most of its modules. However, it does not offer an independent module for AI, which means you don’t get many features that you might have seen on other project management programs. But this tool is designed to make sure that you can manage your entire project from a single screen, a single page for each project.

When you get started with Basecamp, the first thing you notice is how simple everything is. Compared to the other tools we have tested, this AI-powered project management suite has taken a refined approach towards user experience and design. Therefore, you can start with any form of organization and stay on track thanks to multiple modules such as To-dos, documents and files, and live chats.


As you move forward, you can also check out other features. For instance, you can automate many of the tasks and create workflows that everyone can access. As you can guess, there is also an option to get a clear bird’s-eye view of the entire project while also checking out all the potential integrations and applications that you can check out. And, collaboration on this project management suite is as easier as it gets.

As you would expect from any other AI powered PM tool, there are options for unified notifications and single-click automations that you can configure. You can also view how different activities within your organization took place using a feature that works like rewind. Finally, there are many ways to control how people can reach you within the organization.

As we said earlier, cloud soil support for platforms like Figma, Dropbox and Notion will be practical when you are handling multiple platforms at the same time. You might have already noticed that Basecamp has integrated Artificial Intelligence into most of its features. For instance, you have options to automate the scheduling process, and you can convert many of the regular tasks into simple buttons that get the job done.


  • A refined project management tool
  • Strategically designed modules
  • Built-in support for docs and chat


  • Lacks a dedicated AI assistant


Overall, it must be clear to you that Basecamp is not the most feature-rich project management suite out there. But you should also understand that the refined nature of Basecamp is a deliberate attempt to offer a very refined experience to the user. So, when you need an AI-powered project management tool that doesn’t get on your nerves with too many notifications and modules, you should check out Basecamp.

#5 Asana

Asana is one of the most popular and trusted project management tools you can find in the market today. It has been in the industry for decades and is used by Fortune 100 companies like Amazon and P&G. Recently, the company introduced Asana Intelligence, a tailored AI solution that can help users save time and get rid of monotonous tasks. With this Asana Intelligence, the entire PM experience gets better.

Getting started with Asana is like a piece of cake, and there are ways to import your data from other popular project management apps. Once you do it, you can explore different modules on the system, including view modes, consistent tracking, and seamless collaboration. All these features work together to provide a rather automated system.


We believe Asana Intelligence deserves a lot of appreciation while talking about this AI-powered PM tool for multiple organizations. For instance, Asana Intelligence is designed to not only generate intelligent content but also fill the gaps on your strategy and plan. For instance, self-optimizing workflows make sure that you do not have to worry about the effectiveness of your project.

It is also impressive that Asana AI becomes very intelligent over time. It gathers real-time information about projects and can answer the different queries you may have. For instance, you can simply ask Asana for the current status of the project. Similarly, you can get summaries of action items from a meeting or campaign note. But these features need to be added to your organization separately.

In terms of pricing, Asana is not a cheap option, especially when you need the dedicated AI. It also becomes quite different from ClickUp in that the platform itself can work without the power of AI. As a manager, you need to decide whether you want to include the AI module into the system. Regardless, there is a free plan of Asana that you can use without many limits.


  • Comprehensive to the core
  • Endless integrations
  • A tailored AI engine


  • AI features are optional


We recommend you check out Asana if you need a comprehensive platform to manage different projects. It checks all the basic boxes, and you can add features as you please. And, most importantly, you can integrate Asana Intelligence, which is tailored for project management needs. However, you must have the necessary resources for investment.

Other options you could consider

#6 Ayanza

Ayanza is another option you can check when you need a straightforward AI-powered project management tool. It packs AI-powered features in every module, ensuring savings of time at every stage. Therefore, you do not have to worry about deliberately using these features. For instance, Ayanza AI will help you in building strategies, brainstorming, writing, and summarizing.


It also has a pay-as-you-go feature depending on the number of documents you need. On the bright side, it does not restrict the features you get. For instance, even the basic free plan would offer you the basic AI tools for writing and assistance. Similarly, there are features designed to increase the productivity at all levels.

Therefore, if you need an affordable AI-powered project management suite, you should try Ayanza.

#7 Project Insight

Project Insight is another project management software you should check out. Like the other products from this list, Project Insight also uses multiple forms of intelligence to increase productivity. However, its primary objective is to provide actionable insights from the current status of the project. It also comes with features for time-tracking and issue tracking.


When you get started, you can also check out the multiple project templates available on Project Insight. Similarly, there are options to take care of invoices and the ability to integrate with multiple platforms including Outlook, Gmail, MS Teams, and Slack among many others. At the end of the day, you can also get customizable reports and document management so that everything is possible from a single page.

So, if you need a toned-down PM tool with AI, Project Insight is worth checking out.


  • What AI tools are available for project management?

Multiple AI tools are available for project management, and they are not restricted to generative AI, either. As it happens, most project management tools integrate AI at different levels, while some of them use AI to summarize and create content for action items. Some of the tools use AI to automate the process and take intelligent decisions based on the workflow. Either way, these tools increase the overall productivity.

  • Does Asana use AI?

It is clear that Asana uses AI in multiple modules of the project management and work management suite. However, it is also important to mention that there is something called Asana Intelligence. Asana Intelligence has been designed so that AI can be well integrated into the everyday tasks that you have to conduct within an organization.

  • What is the AI tool to create a project plan?

Once again, you can use many AI-based tools to create a project plan. There are independent tools that let you create a project plan based on the information that you give in. Otherwise, you can use a project management tool that comes with a project planner that uses artificial intelligence on its core. The latter option is better when you are creating a project that works great across an organization.

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The bottom line

We believe this coverage of the AI-powered project management tools was very beneficial in creating a workflow that saves not only time, but the effort that you put into it. As we mentioned earlier, our list is very comprehensive in that you can find independent tools as well as comprehensive work management suits at a single glance. And we have gone deep into at least five of these tools so that you know what you’re going to get when you sign up, regardless of whether you go for a paid plan.

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