Notion AI

Make your digital space easier to organize and manage with the help of generative and analytical AI.

notion ai

What does Notion AI do

Notion AI brings the sweetness of generative AI into your Notion workspace. This AI engine helps you create content, organize your digital spaces, and automate many tasks. Tailored specifically for Notion, this AI tool complements the platform’s capabilities, and helps you do many actions.

  • You can interact better with existing data, thanks to the Q&A feature.

  • Effortlessly generate and optimize text content across the Notion pages.

  • Convert data into actionable insights and automate routine tasks.

A quick look at pros and cons


  • It provides contextually relevant and actionable analytics
  • The interface is intuitive if you have used Notion before
  • It is an affordable option compared to standalone AI tools


  • Content generation capabilities are text-based only
  • The Q&A element is in the Beta stage and needs work

A deep dive into Notion AI (TheSweetBits Review)

We believe every Notion AI review should acknowledge something. That you can judge Notion AI only if you find Notion useful. While we believe Notion is an impressive productivity booster, it is not for everyone. So, if you have a less-than-ideal situation with Notion, you may not even understand the point of this AI add-on.

But if you are like us and love Notion to its core, you can read along to find out how Notion AI works in real life.

At its core, Notion AI aims to fulfill three types of tasks: Easy interaction, content generation, and room for automation. We will talk about each of these sections.

Conversational Interaction with Your Data

Like other conversational AI models, Notion AI makes it easy to interact with your data. Though the AI tool comes with conversational capabilities everywhere, you get the best experience while dealing with projects, wikis, and documents.

notion askai

The Q&A features of Notion AI make a huge difference when searching for actionable information from a pile of updates. For instance, if you have a team space for an ongoing project, containing multiple subpages. With Notion AI, you can ask the AI to let you catch up on the recent updates instead of manually doing it.

We also found that Notion AI brings the Search function in an improved manner. Notion Search was already great, but you can get more refined results this time. Overall, the addition of AI makes Notion a more easy-to-interact-with space.

Content Generation across Notion

The content generation capabilities of Notion AI are equally impressive. Once again, unlike a general-purpose AI suite, Notion AI is aware of the context. That is, when you bring in the AI capabilities into a document, the AI tool knows what you have already written. Likewise, the metadata of each Notion document will help.

notion pitches

So, in our experience, the generative content capabilities of Notion AI are useful. In particular, we use these tools to optimize our writing or change the tone. It is great when repurposing content, you have created for some place. Notion AI will assist you in simplifying the language or modifying the tone.

You can also use this feature to brainstorm ideas or suggest the next actions. Over the past few months of active use, Notion AI has improved its content management skills, especially coming up with more contextual recommendations.

For instance, the meeting summarizer options in the package are pretty impressive. If you have the meeting transcripts on a document, Notion AI can easily convert the ideas into actionable information. It also does an impressive job with organizing data through tables.

Automation and Suggestions

Notion AI also helps you discover and execute automations within the data system. For instance, when you create a document to demarcate different responsibilities, Notion AI will help you find the suitable sub-tasks and assigning preferences for you.

notion tasks

This aspect of Notion AI is designed to analyze whatever you throw at it. In the end, you can get a summary, actionable insights, or a better view of things. Either way, Notion AI seems to have minutes, if not hours, of our time in this category.

Notion AI Pricing

You can get the Notion AI add-on for both Free and Paid plans. If you are on a paid plan, you have to pay $10 per month per member. However, if you already have a Notion premium plan, you can pay $8 per month on an annual billing basis.

Notion AI Verdict

Considering that Notion AI delivers on its promises, we found the package amusing enough. We would like to remind you that Notion AI is a good deal only if you use Notion regularly. In that case, paying an extra $10 per month can improve your productivity and save time.

However, you should remind that the generative capabilities of Notion AI are limited to text mostly. And it is not fair to compare Notion AI with a general package like ChatGPT Plus.


Who uses Notion AI?

Notion customers who need the power of AI within their digital workspace use Notion AI. This AI suite has contextual power to help you save time and effort. The various templates on Notion make Notion AI easy to master within the shortest time.

Is Notion AI effective?

Notion AI is effective in that it delivers the promises of a contextually focused AI assistant for your Notion workspace. It can be more efficient if you have already invested in the Notion ecosystem, especially with a number of teams and projects.

Which is the best alternative to Notion AI?

Finding alternatives to Notion AI can be tricky because it’s built exclusively for the platform. If you’re not convinced by Notion AI but still value AI-powered workflow management, explore options like ClickUp AI. A comprehensive comparison of Notion AI vs. ClickUp AI helps you understand their strengths and choose the best fit for your needs. Don’t limit yourself to just one platform – other exciting AI tools are out there waiting to be discovered!