9 Best Driver Updater Software Tools for Windows

Utilities   •  Updated on Sept.22, 2023

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Device drivers are essential pieces of software that tell your computer’s operating system how to talk to its hardware. Without device drivers, your Windows PC or laptop won’t work.

Just like how different applications or computer programs are updated regularly, drivers, too, need to be updated. Updating your graphics driver – and updating your other Windows drivers as well – can give you a speed boost, fix any bug problems, security issues, improve the device’s performance, and sometimes even provide you with completely new features.

Today, we’ll be looking at the best driver updater tools for Windows so you can have an easy time using your PC and getting better performance.

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First, can I rely on Windows device manager?

Windows Device Manager is a feature of Windows OS to manage your hardware devices. The different hardware components connected to your computer are listed on Device Manager, where you can configure them, enable or disable them, or resolve any hardware-related issues.

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You can update drivers using Device Manager and then clicking “Update driver”.

Updating drivers is straightforward on Windows. In fact, in Windows 10/11, the drivers are usually automatically updated along with Windows Updates, which eliminates the need to update them manually.

However, Windows doesn’t always download the best version of the drivers, and it may also miss out on some driver updates. Moreover, sometimes you wouldn’t want new driver updates to be downloaded automatically, as you might have found out that there are security or performance issues in the update.

In this case, you would want to update drivers manually. So, I wouldn’t rely on Windows Device Manager and use other driver updater tools to get the job done.

But, is it safe to use 3rd-party tools?

Manually updating drivers, whether using Device Manager or directly from the hardware manufacturer, can be time-consuming and confusing. Instead, automatically updating them using up-to-date third-party driver updater tools may be a good idea.

Driver updater tools make up for the shortfalls in Windows updates, as they are designed to scan and download the latest driver version from an extensive database of driver versions and hardware devices.

While messing with your drivers can be dangerous, the apps I have shortlisted below are safe and won’t cause any issues. They only check for official driver sources and download the stable updates.

Driver updater tools can help save the time and energy required to update drivers. They are especially beneficial to those who are not very well-versed with the intricate details of hardware and software components but want their PC to function optimally.

There are numerous driver updater tools in the market. In order to prevent you from downloading ineffective or unsafe tools, we have selected the best driver updater tools available for Windows.

What are the top driver updater tools for Windows?

1. Ashampoo Driver Updater

Ashampoo’s driver utility is one of the best third-party driver updater tools for automatically updating the drivers on your computer. Any driver that is not already in the Ashampoo Driver Updater’s database is instantly added. With an ever-increasing database of more than 4 million drivers and supporting 1.5 million-plus devices, Ashampoo Driver Updater is a trusted driver updater and management tool.



  • Rapid scan: Once installed, the Ashampoo Driver Updater conducts a quick and effective scan of all the drivers on your device.
  • Single-click updates: You have the option to install all the updates in a single click or individually select each driver.
  • Straightforward and effective UI: The interface of the Ashampoo Driver Updater is simple and has clear instructions, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


  • It is compatible with all Windows versions and is closely integrated with Windows 10
  • Driver downloads and updates are quick and smooth
  • It supports over a dozen languages and is versatile


  • The subscription pricing is expensive
  • Free trial version is not very effective

2. IObit Driver Booster

An always up-to-date driver updater tool from IObit. Driver Booster conducts an in-depth scan of your computer, detects out-of-date drivers, and automatically updates them. By doing so, the Driver Booster optimizes the overall performance of your computer.

driver booster


  • Large database: IObit’s Driver Booster is programmed to identify drivers from a massive database of over 4.5 million drivers.
  • Optimal gaming experience: Driver Booster automatically updates graphics drivers and gives gamers the option to shut unnecessary Windows features in the background.
  • Special exclusion: One of Driver Booster’s key features is that you can choose which drivers you want to update regularly and pay special attention to specifically.
  • Driver Booster Pro (paid): The Pro version is the Editor’s Choice award for best driver updater tool in the market, with faster download speed, premium support, etc., for optimal performance.


  • Supports all Windows versions (up to Windows 10)
  • Backs up all updates and ensures quick recovery in case there is any problem during the update
  • Downloads and installs updates in just one-click
  • Permits offline driver updates


  • Warnings about old drivers are unnecessarily dramatic and annoying
  • Occupies too much space in the hard drive

3. Driver Genius

Driver Genius is a driver updater tool that is easy to install and use. Driver Genius was designed keeping in mind users who may not be aware of their software version or hardware manufacturers but are nevertheless able to update their drivers smoothly.



  • Quick installation: Users have reported that it hardly takes just 2 minutes to install Driver Genius on your computer.
  • Wide range of options: Apart from just updating your drivers or removing faulty drivers, the user can perform other tasks like configuring proxy servers, scheduling scans, installing updates silently, and monitoring hardware.
  • Driver Genius Platinum version: Compared to the Driver Genius Professional version, the Platinum version takes driver management one level higher by offering advanced features like system optimization.


  • Has an effective backup and restoration function
  • It has a good variety of additional features
  • A single license can be used on 3 computers


  • Their database is moderate in size, thus cannot detect many drivers
  • There is no option to update drivers manually, and everything is automatic

4. CCleaner‘s New Driver Updater

CCleaner has been a popular utility in Windows computers for more than a decade now. It is a tool used to clean your hard drive of unwanted files and erase corrupted or unwanted entries in the Windows Registry. Recently, CCleaner 5.82 version (Windows 10 edition) added a new driver updater to its list of maintenance tools.



  • Large database: The driver updater scans over 5 million driver versions and 350,000 hardware devices.
  • Health check: The latest versions of CCleaner come with a Health Check option to evaluate your system and suggest what to remove or update.
  • Reduced number of restarts: By supporting new drivers and applying them together at once, CCleaner avoids the number of times the system has to be restarted whenever a new driver is released.
  • Detailed review: Is CCleaner Safe? A Review of CCleaner 2022


  • Provides free trials on certain products so that you can test them
  • It is regularly updated with new features
  • Interface is user-friendly


  • Drivers can be updated only with the Professional version
  • Has been the victim of cyberattacks

5. Driver Easy

Another popular driver updater tool is Driver Easy. As the name suggests, Driver Easy seeks to make the process of updating drivers easy and hassle-free. Driver Easy has simple features and effective functionalities to ensure an effortless experience for users.



  • Works offline: One of Driver Easy’s key features is scanning for updates or issues without an internet connection.
  • User has more control: Driver Easy allows user to customize their options. For example, users can either have a single-click button for all updates or individual buttons for each driver based on their preference.
  • Certified database: Driver Easy lets you download quality drivers from a large database of over 8 million tested and WHQL certified drivers.


  • Has multiple features like built-in scheduling, automatic backup and restore options
  • Has an advanced driving scanning software
  • It takes up very little system resources
  • Positive customer support reviews


  • Is slightly expensive
  • Have to update the driver in the free version manually

6. Outbyte Driver Updater

An all-in-one driver utility that goes beyond just simply updating drivers is from Outbyte. The tool optimizes performances, declutters your disk space, resolves system issues, and protects your privacy.

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  • Saves battery:  PC gives you the option to minimize your system’s power corruption by enabling energy-saving mode and pausing high power-consuming applications when the system is running on a low battery.
  • Cleans up disk space: Apart from updating drivers, PC Repair also gets rid of junk or unused files and caches which are occupying space on your system.
  • Ensures privacy and safety: PC Repair’s privacy protection functionality is something that not many driver updaters can boast of. It removes any traces of malicious software, avoids collecting personal information, and disables tracking cookies and advertisements.


  • It is an all-in-one troubleshooting software
  • Has good customer service reviews
  • Boosts up the speed of PC


  • It is very expensive compared to other driver updaters in the market

7. DriverFix

DriverFix is an effective driver management tool that improves the overall performance of your computer in record time. DriverFix is efficiently designed to replace corrupt or outdated drivers for multiple hardware components such as controllers, printers, USBs, etc.


  • Rapid hardware scanning: Once the program is launched, DriverFix conducts a quick scan of all hardware drivers in less than a minute.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly UI: All the features on the DriverFix UI are easy to understand, even for those who are not tech-savvy. The interface also has user-friendly features like dark mode, easy-to-navigate panel options, etc.
  • Detects and downloads missing drivers: Sometimes, Windows does not download all the drivers for you, so DriverFix detects the missing or outdated drivers in your hardware components and then downloads them for you.
  • Download Manager: DriverFix comes with an in-built Download Manager where you can manage all your downloaded drivers and see the progress of each download.


  • There is a free manual version which is very effective
  • Repairs damaged drivers and downloads missing drivers
  • One of the easiest driver updaters to use in the market
  • Has good pricing plans


  • The pop-up reminders are annoying
  • It does not have many extra features

8. Bit Driver Updater

Bit Driver Updater is not only free but also boasts a large driver database sourced directly from official manufacturers. A single click is all it takes to scan and update your device drivers effortlessly. Moreover, it offers 24/7 customer support for any issues you may encounter. Notably, before initiating updates, it takes a comprehensive backup of your existing drivers, allowing you to restore them later if needed.



  • Extensive driver database with official updates.
  • One-click scanning and updating of drivers.
  • Round-the-clock customer support.
  • Comprehensive backup of existing drivers.


  • Convenient scheduling for driver scans.
  • Access to a vast driver database.
  • Significant enhancement of Windows performance.


  • Incompatibility with older Windows versions like XP and Vista.

9. DriverMax

DriverMax takes a unique approach, offering automatic driver updates and optimizing various Windows components such as C++ Runtime, DirectX, Oracle, Java, and more. This comprehensive approach enhances both driver and overall system performance. DriverMax stands out by identifying a higher number of outdated drivers compared to other programs in this category.


  • Simultaneous downloads of multiple drivers.
  • Prompt checks and scheduling for updates.
  • User-friendly interface with automated driver updates.
  • Monitoring and notification of driver updates.


  • Automatic driver updates without interruptions.
  • Direct in-program driver downloads.
  • Complete backup of all device drivers.
  • Ability to create offline scan files.
  • Customizable scan schedule.


  • Some advanced features are reserved for pro users.

Keep your drivers up-to-date

There is a common saying – “Don’t fix what isn’t broken when it comes to drivers”. Updating drivers may not be an urgent requirement as long as your PC is working fine. However, it is essential to remember that many performance issues can be resolved with just a simple driver update.

Using a reliable third-party driver updater tool, where you can schedule driver scans and updates, will ensure that your drivers are up-to-date. Drivers determine the overall functioning of a system, so your hardware drivers must be equipped with the best version. We have given you a list of popular and well-known driver updater tools in the market to help you make the right decision.

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