What Is the Best Password Manager for Android in 2024

Utility   • Oct. 10, 2023

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In the face of unpredictable internet dangers, safeguarding your credentials has become paramount. If you’ve been an active web user, chances are you’ve accumulated various accounts and subscriptions, making credential management a potential headache.

That’s why, after conducting a comprehensive test of password managers for iPhone and iPad last week, we’ve turned our focus to Android users. In this guide, we present what we believe are the best options available, ones that will not only keep your passwords organized but also protect them from potential data breaches.

Best Premium Password Managers

1Password – Best Allrounder Password Manager


1Password for Android offers a comprehensive solution to password management. We found its features tailored to enhance security, and with the ability to add favorites to your home screen, you can pin individual fields for quick access.

Also, the new Watchtower experience is impressive, and the best part is you can manage robust security health. Apart from these features, the 1Password version of the app also supports unique vault collections, autofill capabilities, and seamless syncing across devices.

The newer version of 1Password for Android is now capable of detecting authenticated HTTP proxies more reliably, along with the ability to save and use passkeys in 1Password on Android 14 or later.

Aadditional features like setup resume, the ability to invite and confirm family members directly in the app, and minor UI tweaks further enhance its usability.

While the customization options are great and adaptable for every user, the interface is equally impressive and doesn’t require any learning. The integration of Watchtower alerts for potential security risks makes it one of the best in the segment.


Individual: $2.99 per month

Families: $4.99 per month

Teams Starter Pack: $19.95 per month

Business: $7.99 per user per month

Enterprise: Custom pricing

Dashlane – Best with Exclusive Security Features


Dashlane stands out as one of the best password managers for its security features and ensures the data remains private and secure.

From all the features, during our testing, we were impressed by its zero-knowledge patented encryption, which means passwords and passkeys are always hidden, and even Dashlane cannot access them.

Also, features that caught our eye include unlimited password storage across devices, secure sharing, Dark Web Monitoring, and a built-in VPN for WiFi protection.

Alongside these impressive features, you also get real-time phishing alerts while browsing for potential threats. The exciting part of the new release is the support for Passkeys. While it is for Android 14 and its beta versions, you can now save, store, view, delete, edit, and log in to your accounts with Passkeys.

With a user-friendly interface, exciting feature updates, and robust components that don’t require learning, Dashlane is a top choice for both individuals and businesses.


Premium: $3.33/month

Friends & Family: $4.99/month for 10 members

Starter (Small Teams): $20/month for 10 seats

Business: $6/seat/month

NordPass – Best Alternative to Dashlane


NordPass, developed by the prominent NordVPN, is one of the best password managers designed to simplify your online security and manage credentials. With NordPass, you can generate strong passwords, securely share them, and even check if your data has been compromised.

One of the main reasons why many choose NordPass is because of its advanced security features, including the use of the XChaCha20 encryption algorithm and a zero-knowledge architecture, ensuring only you have access to your encrypted vault.

Apart from the impressive encryption, you also get Multi-factor authentication, which adds an extra layer of protection, and the data breach monitor always keeps you informed about the state of the passwords.

While there aren’t very exciting features in the new version, the enhanced autosave, autofill, and file attachment preview further improve usability. However, the app’s compatibility is updated to Android 9, or a later version might leave a few disappointed, but considering the security concerns, we believe it is the right action.

Like Dashlane, NordPass has also announced its support for Passkeys on the newly released Android 14. Considering the extensive compatibility and big tech companies that have been supporting passkeys, it’s safe to say that Passkeys would be the next big thing.

Alongside the exclusive features, during our testing, the miscellaneous features like saving unlimited passwords, importing and exporting passwords, and password strength detection make NordPass a reliable choice for password management.


Free Plan: Offers essential features like unlimited password storage, automatic sync across devices, and multi-factor authentication.

Premium Plan: $1.79/$2.39 per month for 2/1 year subscriptions respectively

Family: $2.79/$3.69 month for 2/1 year subscriptions respectively

Enpass – Best Offline Option


At Enpass, the main focus is on user security and automation. The best part of this app is the ability to store passwords offline on the password manager, ensuring your data remains in your control.

Besides the offline password storage, you also can store and sync your passwords, be it iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, or even completely offline.

The tool is reliable, and the reason behind this is the flexibility to store logins, credit cards, ID cards, and other vital information. Additional features like password audit, multiple vaults, and compatibility with various cloud storage options make it versatile and stand out from its competitors.

While the features it offers are already reliable, the newer version now has a Template for Cryptocurrency wallets, enhanced encryption using PKBFD2-HMAC-SHA512 hashing, and the ability to peak at master passwords by authenticating with authenticating with biometrics.

Miscellaneous features like 80+ built-in templates for storing various documents, from credit cards to driving licenses, are a value addition. In simpler words, it’s a robust choice for those who prioritize both convenience and privacy.


Individual Plan: $1.99/month

Family Plan: $2.99/month

One-Time Plan: $99.99 (lifetime)

Each plan offers unlimited passwords, items, vaults, and devices, along with security alerts for website breaches and identification of accounts with 2FA support.

Best Free Password Managers

Bitwarden – Best Free Option


Bitwarden stands out as a free password manager and is well-known for being simple, having a strong password, and impressive data security.

The app is dedicated to open-source transparency and zero-knowledge encryption, resulting in well-hidden passwords with user-only access, which we discovered during testing.

It is a top choice because of features like limitless password storage, cross-platform accessibility, and end-to-end encryption. Amongst all features, Bitwarden Send is a feature worth mentioning as it is capable of transmitting data securely. The best part is the app follows important standards like GDPR, SOC 2, and HIPAA, which strengthens its trustworthiness.

Regarding the latest releases, there aren’t many exciting features, but you get many bug fixes and the ability to add SSO with trusted devices and gain access to a new interface for blocked URLs.

Google Password Manager – Easy and Reliable


Google Password Manager aims to simplify this password management by integrating the service into your Google Account at no additional cost. We found that this tool not only helps create and save strong, unique passwords but also ensures you don’t have to remember them all.

Additionally, it further enhances your online security by suggesting powerful passwords, notifying you about unsafe ones, and even assisting if your passwords are leaked online.

While all the passwords are securely stored behind Google’s encryption, the added security with the two-step verification makes it extremely difficult for others to access your credentials except you.

Apart from the features, the feature that we found extremely useful was its ability to automatically fill in passwords from your Google Account, making the login process seamless.

Microsoft Authenticator – Best Password Import Capabilities

The Microsoft Authenticator app is a great way to enhance your account security, especially while handling credentials. Like Google Password Manager, it comes with the two-step verification, ensuring that even if passwords are compromised, there’s an additional layer of security.

While Google Password Manager does the job better at creating and adding new passwords, the Microsoft Authenticator is impressive at importing passwords from various platforms, including Google, Firefox, Apple iCloud, 1Password, Dashlane, NordPass, LastPass, Bitwarden, and RoboForm, which offers a seamless transition for users migrating from other password managers.

Additionally, passwords can be imported into the Microsoft Autofill Google Chrome extension, syncing across devices where you use the Authenticator app.


Are 3rd-party password manager apps safe?

Third-party password manager apps, including 1Password and NordPass, are generally safe due to advanced encryption that secures user data. However, security practices, such as using strong master passwords and enabling two-factor authentication, are crucial for enhanced security.

What Android password managers support passkeys?

Several Android password managers, including well-known ones like Dashlane and NordPass, have embraced passkey technology. These apps not only support passkeys but also integrate biometric authentication, providing a multifaceted approach to secure user data while maintaining ease of access.

With the advent of passkeys, are oasswords becoming obsolete?

The introduction of passkeys is a significant change towards a passwordless future, but it doesn’t necessarily render passwords useless immediately. Passwords are still widely used, but the adoption of passkeys and similar technologies is a clear indication of a shift in digital security norms.

The transition is gradual, but the convenience and enhanced security of passkeys make them a compelling alternative.

Wrapping Up

The above password managers are tried and added to the compilation. To help you with making a choice, we have categorized them according to their features and pricing. While all password managers work great, we suggest you check out the review provided and try the free version before purchasing a plan.

If you ask us for a suggestion and you’re interested in a choice that offers exclusive features and is more than a Password manager, then 1Password amd NordPass are for you.

However, if you’re looking for a reliable and free password manager, Bitwarden might be your best fit.

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