17 Best Hidden iOS 17 Features on Your iPhone

Mobile  • Sept. 15, 2023

ios17 features

GGet ready, iOS 17 is scheduled for release on September 18th. While we’re all excited about features like contact posters, live voicemail, and StandBy Mode, there’s a treasure trove of hidden gems waiting to be discovered in the new iPhone OS.

As with every new mobile software release, iOS 17 harbors secret features and settings that are just as valuable as the more well-known ones. These hidden gems could become part of your daily iPhone routine.

If you’re eager to explore the depths of what iOS 17 has to offer, read on to uncover 17 hidden features we stumbled upon while testing the iOS 17 public beta.

Hidden Security Features in iOS

ios17 security

1. Utilize your previous iPhone password

Imagine changing your iPhone’s lock screen password and then promptly forgetting it. It happens to the best of us. In iOS 17, a discreet password feature comes to the rescue. You now have a 48-hour window after changing your password to revert to the old one if needed. Keep in mind, you’ve got just two days to make use of this feature before it expires.

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2. Securely share passwords with family

Sharing account passwords with family members and trusted contacts has never been easier. iOS 17 simplifies the process by introducing Family Passwords. Navigate to the Settings app, access Passwords, and select Family Passwords to specify individuals and websites for password sharing. These shared passwords will automatically sync to their devices, and rest assured, this feature is end-to-end encrypted.

3. Lock Safari private browsing with Face ID

iOS 17 bolsters Safari’s security by allowing you to lock the private browsing mode with Face ID. To access private browsing, users must authenticate with Face ID. This added layer of security prevents unauthorized use of the private browsing feature, ensuring your online activities remain confidential. Note that this feature is exclusive to Safari and does not extend to other browsers on your device.

4. Automatically delete verification codes

Managing online security becomes more seamless with iOS 17’s automatic deletion of one-time codes. Instead of cluttering your Messages app with these codes, you can enable the “Clean Up Automatically” feature within the Passwords section of the Settings app. Let your iPhone handle the cleanup for a tidier inbox.

5. Remove tracking information from links

When sharing a URL via Safari, it often comes laden with tracking data. Fortunately, iOS 17 allows Safari to automatically remove these trackers from shared URLs. This not only enhances your privacy but also benefits the recipients of your shared links.

Hidden Photos Features in iOS

ios17 photo

6. Streamlined photo cropping

Gone are the days of multi-step photo cropping. In iOS 17, simply use a two-finger pinch gesture to zoom in on an image in the Photos app, and a Crop button will appear in the top-right corner. Tap it, and you can crop the image instantly to fit your screen.

7. Decode laundry symbols

The cryptic laundry symbols found on care labels can be perplexing. iOS 17 changes the game by allowing you to snap a photo of these symbols, and the Photos app will use Visual Look Up to identify and explain them, making laundry day a breeze.

8. Recipe suggestions from photos

Visual Look Up in iOS 17 goes beyond laundry symbols; it can now suggest recipes based on the photos in your iPhone. When viewing an image in the Photos app, keep an eye out for the food icon in the bottom bar.

9. Decode car warning lights

Visual Look Up’s improvements extend to deciphering those enigmatic warning lights in your car. No more hunting for the manual—simply take a photo with your iOS 17-equipped iPhone, and it will provide insights into what the warning lights mean and their significance.

10. Create custom stickers from photos

iOS 17 enhances Visual Look Up by enabling the creation of custom stickers from your photos. These stickers can be sent to friends in Messages. Live Photos on your iPhone will even transform into animated GIF-like stickers. To create these stickers, open a Messages conversation, tap the plus (+) icon next to the text field, and select Stickers. Look for the first category icon resembling a blank folded sticker to start crafting your photo stickers.

Hidden iMessage Features in iOS 17

ios17 message

11. Automatic audio message transcriptions

In iOS 17, audio messages sent or received in iMessage will automatically display transcriptions. Give your iPhone a moment after the audio message appears, and the full text will be visible within the same message bubble. This feature provides a convenient way to read audio messages, particularly in situations where listening isn’t feasible.

12. Enhanced message search filters

With text messaging being a primary mode of communication, iOS 17 introduces improved search filters for more efficient message retrieval. You can now add multiple search terms to narrow down your search results. Additionally, returning to an active group chat is made easier with an upward-facing arrow that takes you back to where you left off.

Hidden Productivity Features in iOS 17

ios17 productivity

13. Automated inbox decluttering

Say goodbye to the inundation of one-time passwords (OTPs). iOS 17 acknowledges the ubiquity of OTPs and offers an automated solution within the Passwords section of the Settings app. Let your iPhone tidy up your inbox by enabling the “Clean Up Automatically” feature.

14. Interactive widgets

iOS 17 brings interactivity to widgets, enabling you to perform actions within an app’s widget without launching the app itself. This time-saving feature is sure to benefit users with multiple widgets on their home screens. Third-party developers are expected to integrate interactive widgets into their apps as well.

15. Listen to web pages in Safari

Podcasts have gained popularity for their convenience. In iOS 17’s Safari, you’ll discover a “Listen to Page” feature, allowing you to convert articles or web pages into spoken content. Simply tap the aA button in the address bar, select “Listen to Page,” or enlist Siri to read news articles aloud, enabling an effortless listening experience.

16. Control GIF autoplay in Safari

GIFs can be distracting when browsing on your iPhone. iOS 17 introduces a setting that allows you to prevent GIFs from autoplaying in Safari, providing a distraction-free reading experience.

17. Autofill email verification codes

iOS 17 simplifies the entry of email verification codes by automatically detecting them, similar to SMS codes. This feature extends to the Mail app, allowing you to input email verification codes directly within Safari using AutoFill, eliminating the need to leave your browser.

Final Thoughts

iOS 17 promises an exciting update for the iPhone. While it may not introduce as many major features as iOS 16, it brings a plethora of quality-of-life improvements that enhance your iPhone experience.

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