Passkeys Ahead, But Keep The Password Manager for iPhone/iPad

Utility   • Sept. 29, 2023


We believe that iPhones and iPads offer better security and privacy, but you still need to have some essential security tools on your device. These days, an effective password manager is one of those tools.

When you think about it, it is borderline senseless to use the same password for multiple accounts. A single data leak is all it takes for your privacy to crumble. Therefore, it is imperative that you use one of the best password managers for your iPhone and iPad.

Passkeys ahead, password managers still essential

As we journey towards a passwordless future, a pertinent question arises: What role will password managers play in this evolving landscape?

Passkeys are swiftly emerging as successors to traditional passwords. However, since many apps and websites have yet to fully adopt passkey authentication technology, password managers will continue to serve a critical function, at least during this transitional phase. They offer a means for most individuals to effectively organize and secure their credentials. Their unique ability to seamlessly integrate passkeys allows them to adapt to the ever-changing digital security environment, ultimately enhancing your online experience.

In this hybrid period, password managers bridge the gap between past and future authentication methods by efficiently managing both traditional passwords and passkeys. Furthermore, by substituting the conventional master password with passkeys, they not only align with the industry trend towards passwordless authentication but also enhance their own security measures, ensuring the continued safety of your digital identity.

Selecting the best password managers for iPhone/iPad

Because of the security restrictions of iOS and iPadOS, a random app for password management does not always work. Instead, you need to look for certain qualities and features. Here are the three major aspects we considered while choosing the best password managers for iPhone and iPad.

  • Compatibility

The first thing you have to consider is whether the password management app can work with the iPhone and iPad. As we know, there are multiple apps available for the iPhone/iPad, but not all of them are widely compatible. Here, we have to consider a few factors, including how effective the autofill feature is and how intelligent the app is in detecting password fields and other aspects of online digital privacy.

  • Security

At the end of the day, we use password manager apps for increased security. So, you should ensure that the iPhone/iPad password manager app uses high-quality encryption and secure channels for communication. This way, you can make sure that your passwords and other credentials are stored in highly secure places, thus reducing the risks of data leaks in possible future.

  • Features

You also have to consider whether the password manager app offers the features you need. For instance, it should have the feature to change compromised passwords or request data removal. Similarly, you might be looking for some additional options for data leaks detection and other privacy boosting aspects. You may also need features like secure notes, privacy-friendly banking, etc.

  • Other Things to Note

In addition to this, you should also make sure that the app comes from a reputed developer. The last thing that you want to happen is submitting information to a problematic entity. However, you don’t have to worry about this particular aspect as long as you choose from this list.

Wondering why? We have chosen the password managers from trusted developers out there. More so, we have hand tested these applications so that you don’t have to worry about the privacy and security aspect.

Note: You should keep in mind that we are considering the personal version of these password manager apps for iPhone and iPad. Most of these developers offer a business version which contains more enterprise-oriented features, which are most probably not required for end-point users. So, if you are looking for business-made purposes for your iPhone or the complete company, you might have to check out the dedicated pages.

The top password managers for iPhone/iPad

#1 Dashlane: Best Overall

Dashlane has been one of the most popular password managers available for most platforms for more than a decade. When compared to the other options we have on the market, the iPhone/iPad app for Dashlane is pretty impressive and offers a balanced experience of privacy, security, and convenience. Thus, it is a no-brainer choice for those who need maximum security without a lot of effort.


  • Tech & Compatibility

Dashlane uses a number of technologies to make sure that the password management process is very secure. In the first step, the application will encrypt all your information. In the second step, the service will also help you identify security threats. And you can delete the data whenever you leave Dashlane.

It is also impressive that all the native apps from Dashlane are equally advanced and compatible with the Apple ecosystem. Therefore, when you want to set up and use the password manager on your iPhone, the process takes only a few minutes, if not seconds.

  • Convenience

We found the password management experience from Dashlane to be very convenient. There are a couple of features that you would love. For instance, Dashlane is very effective when it comes to filling in the passwords and other payment information across the web.

Similarly, it can suggest the strongest password so that you can stay on top of security threats that use brute-force. There are also quick alerts for breached passwords. You can also store many other (digital) things, such as payment details, passkeys, and IDs. And everything is kept in sync.

  • Our Take

As we said, Dashlane brings a more balanced experience that is equally convenient and affordable. It is worth mentioning that Dashlane’s free version lets you store unlimited passwords and passkeys. But if you need all the core features such as VPN, multi-device sync, and parental control, you might have to go for the premium plans, which start at $2.75 per month.

#2 Bitwarden: Best Free

Bitwarden is another popular password manager that lets you save time, take control of your digital life, and make sure that all your information is encrypted with some of the highest technologies. The best part? You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get core features like multi-device sync and unlimited passwords. The iPhone and iPad apps of Bitwarden is also popular for its efficiency.


  • Tech & Compatibility

To begin with, Bitwarden offers end-to-end encryption using AES-256-Bit. Similarly, the open-source security system of the password manager makes sure that it is up-to-date when it comes to threat detection. There are also options for encrypted data sharing on a one-to-one basis if you are interested in those features.

As far as compatibility is concerned, the Bitwarden app is available for both iOS and Apple Watch. Therefore, you can expect the best level of integration within the Apple devices ecosystem. There is no need to worry about issues while autofilling secure data, either.

  • Convenience

In our experience, it took only a few minutes to set up Bitwarden and enable all the features on our iPhone. So, the simple setup process itself adds value to the convenience aspect. It is also great that you can expect the core features such as password generation and built-in password sharing with others.

You can also expect some premium features if you are willing to pay on a monthly subscription fee. For instance, you get two-factor authentication, emergency access, and a dedicated authenticator app alongside security reports. You can also share vault items between six people within your organization or family.

  • Our Take

Overall, we are very much impressed by what Bitwarden has to offer, even with its free plan. Therefore, for someone who is eager to explore the benefits of a password manager on their iPhone/iPad, Bitwarden is the best free choice. When you want to upgrade to a premium plan, you can just pay $10 per year to get advanced features. So, in total, you can’t go wrong with this option.

#3 1Password: Best with Integration

Are you looking for a password manager for iPhone and iPad that integrates so well with not just your iPhone, but also the other Apple devices you own? If so, 1Password is something that you should keep an eye out for. Even though it may not be the most feature-rich password manager, it lets you seamlessly use the service from devices like your iPhone and Apple Watch, even unlocking your Mac using the Apple Watch.


  • Tech & Compatibility

Like the other password managers that we have covered so far, 1Password also offers the best blend of technology and innovation. It is also one of the few password managers with complete support for passkeys, which Apple introduced recently.

Depending on the requirements, you can choose between personal, business, enterprise, and developer modes of the service. Regardless of this choice, 1Password offers the best blend of speed and convenience, especially while sharing information, autofilling data and ensuring maximum data security.

  • Convenience

As you can guess, the deeper integration 1Password has with the Apple ecosystem makes it a convenient choice in general. But you don’t have to the simple UI and what it says for granted, either. For instance, there is a Security Watchtower that will provide you a brief overview of your security aspects in general.

Similarly, the modern design and reasonable pricing will be quite convenient even if you go for the family plan. There are also plenty of resources that you can find from the 1Password website to get started and use all the features.

  • Our Take

If you ask us, the best thing about 1Password is the integration and convenience it offers. However, we can’t help but notice that it has been one of the secure password management services out there for years. You can also get some additional features like the password generator and username generator alongside all the plans.

#4  RoboForm: Best for Autofilling

Sometimes, you need the convenience of autofilling passwords and other secure connections. Of course, it does not mean that you should compromise security. In that case, RoboForm is a password manager worth considering. The primary reason for recommending RoboForm has to deal with how effective the iOS app is in autofilling passwords and credentials.


  • Tech & Compatibility

You don’t have to worry about the security and the innovative nature of the app just because it prioritizes convenience. You can use this autofilling app to enable one-click login across your devices. There are also options to encrypt and share your information with friends and family, but these depend on your plan.

Talking about the security aspect, you can expect the benefits of strong encryption and the zero-knowledge infrastructure. You can also count on multifactor authentication and the security center when you have to take care of your entire digital identity on the web.

  • Convenience

In terms of convenience, the RoboForm app doesn’t compromise at all. Regardless of the browser that you’re using on your iPhone, the autofilling process works like a charm and compared to the mini password sharing apps that we have tested, it scores a very high in terms of overall usability as well.

Other convenience-oriented features of RoboForm include a built-in secure browser and the ability to scan for compromised passwords on the dark web. Finally, you can use the password generator utility on RoboForm to make sure that your accounts are super secure.

  • Our Take

As we said in the introduction, we do not want you to trade anything for security. Therefore, we have done some extra research to make sure that RoboForm is secure when it comes to storing your passwords. Thanks to that analysis, we can confidently recommend this password manager if you want a smooth autofilling experience on the different browsers that you might use on your iPhone or iPad.

#5 LastPass: Best with Rich Features

If you’d like to have the maximum number of features in the password manager app, you should check out what LastPass has to offer. LastPass has also been in the industry for more than a decade, and it has always put these advanced features as the unique selling point. Therefore, if you need maximum security along with features that add value to the internet experience, you should check this out.


Full disclaimer: We understand that LastPass has a history of data breach and related security threats. But, if anything, the company has used those opportunities to amplify the security measures. Therefore, when it comes to storing passwords, we believe you can count on the service.

  • Tech & Compatibility

LastPass has also been one of the go-to options we have had in the security market for quite some time. To make this possible, the company employs a couple of technologies such as zero-knowledge security and dark web alerts.

In addition, multifactor authentication and easier autofill makes it effortless to use LastPass on your iPhone and other devices. Because the LastPass app is also available for Apple Watch and other devices, everything you store will be perfectly in sync so that you can access the information from almost any device.

  • Convenience

In terms of convenience, our experience with LastPass was remarkable in the sense that you don’t need any technical expertise to get started or use the service proactively. This is also where the additional features come to aid your experience.

For instance, dark web alert makes sure that you are up-to-date with the problems on the web. Similarly, the LastPass app can analyze your internet habits to recommend certain steps to increase your security. Finally, the ability to manage multiple family members and their security levels is very convenient.

  • Our Take

In the end, we have more reasons to recommend LastPass for individual and family users. More importantly, considering the features that you get on each package, the price you pay, which starts at $3 a month, is pretty reasonable. The fact that you get digital storage space and monitoring services is also another reason to go for this instead of other password manager apps for iPhone and iPad.

Other options you should consider

Here are a few password managers that did not make the final cut. However, you may consider these options when you have other priorities, such as affordability.

#6 NordPass

NordPass is another digital life manager that works great on the iPhone and iPad. As you can guess, this comes from the same developers as NordVPN, and you can use this app to generate strong passwords and share the same with your friends and family. As you would also imagine, there is an option to know whether your data has been breached on the dark web.

As far as the compatibility is concerned, the app works fine within all the browsers and there is native support for pass keys and credit cards. For what it’s worth, NordPass also offers a couple of reasonable pricing plans that you may want to check out. You can also get this service by purchasing a premium plan of NordVPN, which comes with its own set of advantages.

#7 Keeper

Keeper is another password manager that has been trending in the industry for quite some time. It checks all the basic boxes, such as a single password to login, autofilling options and the ability to share passwords and files. However, it is different in that you have a couple of other features. For instance, the zero-knowledge architecture makes sure that your information is visible to yourself only.

Similarly, there are the syncing options, which are helpful when you have to store confidential information. However, if you want to leverage the sharing options from the service, you should get the Family Unlimited plan. We should also add that Keeper has a more refined business plan, which comes with a set of enterprise add-ons. So, if you would like to protect all your employees’ devices through, you should consider Keeper.

#8 Enpass

Enpass is another option that you can consider, especially if you are looking for the cheapest password manager for the iPhone. You can get this password manager service by spending less than you would on a cup of coffee every day. However, you have to make some compromises on the features front because the app has been kept pretty minimal.

On the bright side, the Enpass password manager offers a rather minimalistic experience. It means you don’t have to get stuck between different options and many features. Instead, you can focus on what you need and keep track of multiple passwords and websites with ease. The biggest let-down here is that Enpass does not sync your passwords. Instead, they are stored on your device.

#9 Proton Pass

Proton Pass doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of top 5 options, but it’s a solid open source password manager. Pass offers more than other free password managers and has no ads or data collection. You can use it for free on all your devices forever, and it lets you create and store as many passwords as you need, autofill logins, generate 2FA codes, make email aliases, keep your notes safe, and more.

The real strength of Proton Pass is its default end-to-end encryption (E2EE), which keeps your personal info safe from prying eyes. We tested out a beta version of Proton Pass, and it covers all the basics you’d expect from a password manager. On an iPhone/iPad, it can even automatically fill in passwords for Safari and mobile apps, and it syncs your logins and passwords across your devices without any hassle.


What is the best iPhone/iPad password manager for free?

There are a couple of options when you need to get a password manager that works on iPhone/iPad without having you to pay anything. The first option is to go for the free version of many premium services, which offer a rather limited experience, but you can get the job done. On the other hand, you have options like Bitwarden, which has a dedicated free version without many limitations.

Is the iPhone/iPad password manager safe?

As you know, Apple keeps a rather tough routine when it comes to ensuring the safety of the information that you keep and share with your iPhone or iPad. However, because iPhone password manager apps require many permissions, they can be unsafe at certain times. Therefore, it is important to choose an iPhone or iPad password manager from a trusted developer who has done repeated work in the past.

Is the Apple keychain safer than password managers?

Choosing between Apple keychain and third-party password managers can be a tough affair, depending on what you’re looking for. For instance, while the Apple keychain is well integrated within the ecosystem, not all third-party password managers are. However, with some research and guidance you will be able to find a password manager which not only offers superior security but also works well within your iPhone.

So passkeys work with an iOS password manager?

If you use a preferred password manager such as 1Password or Dashlane, you might be curious about passkey integration. While an iPhone/iPad password manager isn’t mandatory for utilizing passkeys, many of these managers offer passkey storing, similar to how they handle their generated passwords. Widely-used managers like 1Password already support passkeys, and others are in the process of implementing compatibility.

The bottom line

In summary, even as we transition toward a passwordless future, password managers will continue to play a crucial role, especially during this interim period.

We believe this list has been helpful in at least narrowing down the better options you have in the world of password managers designed for your iPhone or iPad. As we said earlier, all our options have been tested for their security and reputation so that you don’t give away information to anything.

More importantly, all these services are using high-level encryption tech so that the companies themselves cannot access your data even if they’d like to. Therefore, you should leave those things to the side and focus on the features that you are looking for. For instance, some of you want a convenient option while others might prefer advanced features.

At the end of the day, you should also consider how much you would like to spend on the password manager. On a related note, we would like to mention that many of these companies also offer a VPN service, which you can combine with the password manager.

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