MacCleaner Pro vs. CCleaner vs. CleanMyMac X vs. OnyX vs. MacFly

Articles • May. 26, 2022

When you search on the internet for the Mac cleaners, you will see a number of softwares that are available. All of those have different features which may or may not cater to your needs. So which ones should you choose?

No need to worry; we got you covered here. In this article, we will discuss some of the best Mac cleaning software available on the internet that can actually help you manage the storage space on your Mac.

App quick look

MacCleaner Pro, CCleaner, CleanMyMac X, OnyX, and MacFly are some of the top software that can help you clean the used-up storage on your Mac. They also come with some extra features.

App details

MacCleaner Pro – Best Storage Manager

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With its clean UI and easy storage access, MacCleaner far outshines the other apps such as CCleaner, CleanMyMac X, and more in storage management. It allows you to gain full control over the storage drive on your Mac. The various options available in this software allow you to clean up your Mac by removing the unwanted files and folders in one go.

In addition to that, it also allows you to analyze the storage by showing you a preview of the storage usage in your Mac.

Standout Features
  1. Speed up Mac: This feature helps in enhancing the performance of the Mac by fixing the issues by freeing up RAM, quitting up heavy storage/RAM consumers, re-indexing of the mail and spotlight, disabling the start-up programs and browser extensions, and removing the internet plugins.
  2. Clean up Mac: It displays the memory used up by the cache data, installation files, language files, mail attachments, trash files, and many other things. It also allows you to clean the space by deleting the undesired files from the Mac.
  3. Disk Space Analysing: This shows a detailed division of the storage space according to the different file types such as images, MP3, videos, applications, and others. It also shows the duplicate files and the system files present on your Mac and also allows you to clean them simultaneously.
  4. Duplicate File Finder: It finds the duplicate files in your Mac and allows you to remove them, merge the folders with similar content, and organize the duplicate content on your Mac.
  5. App Cleaner and Uninstaller: This helps you completely remove the programs and their leftovers, take control of the extensions and the start-up programs, and change the default apps for every purpose.

CCleaner – Best for Disk Clean-up

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CCleaner comes with a straightforward interface, and the tools are elementary to use. You can easily choose the applications that you want to analyze from the home screen only. The long-term piled-up files such as internet or app cache, download history, and others can be deleted very easily using this software.

Not only the junk files, but you can also use them for registry cleanup. You can scan the registry for different issues, such as missing shared DDLs, unused file extensions, and others, and fix all the issues once found. Hence, making it the best app for disk clean-ups in comparison to the other apps on the list.

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Standout Features
  1. System Optimisation Tools:These tools help you to uninstall any application, analyze the defragment disks, and disable start-ups to improve the hard disk performance.
  2. Organizes the Data:The different tools present in this software organize the data into different categories such as image files, video files, music, documents, and others so that you get a detailed view and can delete the unwanted files.
  3. Automatic cleaning: This is the most exclusive feature provided by this software that can be used to delete unwanted data such as cache data, installation files, junk files, and others automatically just by setting up the feature.
  4. PC Health Check:It analyses the PC and checks for any issues. Then it recommends some quick fixes and then automatically tunes and updates them.
  5. One-click Update:It helps in updating all the outdated software and the applications that are at a high risk of getting attacked by a hacker or any malware in just one click.

CleanMyMac X – Overall Best All-round Software

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CleanMyMac X is one of the most feature-loaded software that can help you carry out all the work required to manage the storage space on your Mac.

You can free up the storage space by cleaning the junk files like cache, broken downloads, and many others. You can also delete the unwanted multimedia along with the hidden files in just a few clicks which can free up the space.

Another thing which you can do is enhance the performance of the Mac by freeing up the RAM, running maintenance tasks, and others. So, overall it helps you get full access to your Mac and manage it however you would like to. This makes it one of the only apps that can do everything and makes it the overall best app for managing your Mac.

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Standout Features
  1. Cleaning: It can detect gigabytes of junk data from your Mac that cause glitches and bugs. It helps in cleaning up the macOS system folders, iTunes, photos, and everything else. Plus, it also locates the large hidden files in your Mac and allows you to review them and then delete the unwanted ones.
  2. Speed: It can help in increasing the speed of your Mac by removing unwanted, broken, or hidden login items. It also frees up the RAM, runs various maintenance checks, trims down the memory using apps to ensure proper memory availability for main apps, switches off the memory earing apps, and trims down the hidden launch agents.
  3. Protection: It can help in the protection of the system from viruses and malware through regular system scans and provides anti-malware protection for your Mac. It scans file by file to check for any harmful activity and block it. It also provides a full browser scan that clears all the browsing history and the data.
  4. Application Management: This has a combination of an uninstaller and an updater. The uninstaller deletes the app from the Mac, along with each and every file related to that app. It also allows you to reset the apps when they are misbehaving. The updater updates all the applications to the most recent version.

OnyX – Best for Overall Maintenance

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Need a free app that can do most of the same things as the other apps on the list? Well, OnyX is the one you need. From automatic cleaning maintenance tasks such as verification and rebuilding of indexes, OnyX can do it all.

You can also clean the storage space on your Mac using this. This helps in the removal of duplicate files, junk files, trash files, and many others. You can also perform various system checks using the utilities feature available in it. This makes it a great contender for the best Mac management apps.

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Standout Features
  1. Maintenance: It can be used to perform various maintenance tasks such as verification, rebuilding, cleaning, and others. You can verify the file system’s structure, delete a large amount of data, rebuild mailboxes, indexes, and many more.
  2. Disk Clean-up: It can be used to clean up the storage space on your Mac by deleting duplicate files, outdated applications, sensitive information without any trace, junk and trash files, sensitive internet data, and many others.
  3. System Checks: It can perform various system checks such as file system checks, a check for the reasons for app crashes and freezes, and a check for the applications having hidden system utilities.
  4. Customization: It can be used for various customizations such as a new path for the saved screenshots and changing their format, setting up the lock screen message, and many other things.
  5. Information: It can also provide you with some important information about your Mac’s hardware and software, such as processor speed and number, OS version, memory distribution, security information, and other things.

MacFly – Best for Mac Clean-up

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While CCleaner is the best disk clean-up app for your Mac. The best app for overall cleaning your Mac is MacFly. It can help you clean the hard drive/SSD, remove cache and login data, clear apps from memory, and a lot more.

You can further clean up the space by deleting the mail attachments and reducing the memory usage for the apps. Plus, it also allows you to look for duplicate files, system trash, and a whole lot more.

So, if your Mac is feeling a bit clunky and you don’t seem to have enough storage space, I would recommend giving MacFly a go.

Standout Features
  1. Cleanup: This feature helps in a complete cleanup of the used up storage space in the Mac. It cleans up the hard drive and removes the cache and login data from the web browser. It also helps in the deletion of the mail attachments such as archives, logos, pictures, and others. Plus, it helps in removing the useless browser extensions and the unsolicited add-ons on the browser or the home screen, and helps in cleaning up the space by locating the duplicate files and folders and helping in removing them.
  2. Privacy: It helps protect privacy by deleting sensitive data from the internet and helps in the deletion of confidential files with no trace with the use of the shredder tool.
  3. Apps: This tool helps get deep into the apps and see their memory usage and other statistics. The unused and outdated apps can also be uninstalled from here.
  4. Assistant: The smart assistant keeps a regular check on the performance of your Mac and notifies you in case of any discrepancies in the system.

MacCleaner vs. CCleaner vs. CleanMyMac X vs. OnyX vs. MacFly – which is better?

Finally, we have reached the end of our blog today. Well, this means you would need to choose one app above the others. All the apps come with their separate disadvantages and advantages.

However, they are all great for some things. For example:

CleanMyMac X has a great interface and comes with pro tools that you can use and keep your Mac running smoothly. However, another app – CCleaner, offers a disk cleaner that is literally better and faster at cleaning your Mac’s storage drive than the other choices.

It all depends on you, your preferences, and which app you should be using. So, go ahead and try out all the apps and then select the best one for your Mac.

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