Nitro PDF Pro 14 Review: Is It Worth for Your PDF Handling?

Reviews • May 29, 2023


Managing and maintaining PDFs has become essential for individuals and businesses alike. As the demand for an efficient and intuitive PDF management application grows, Nitro PDF Pro emerges as a strong contender in terms of affordability and features.

In this review, we will explore the latest version of Nitro PDF Pro 14, and provide an in-depth analysis of its capabilities to help you determine if it is the right choice for your PDF needs.

Please note that Nitro PDF Pro is available for Windows, MacOS, and iOS, our hands-on testing was conducted on a Microsoft Surface Book 3, featuring an Intel i5 processor.

About Nitro PDF Pro 14

Nitro PDF Pro is a robust PDF management software that offers comprehensive control over PDF documents.

The latest version, Nitro PDF Pro 14, offers an enhanced and intuitive user experience through its redesigned interface and outstanding features. This review is based on our personal experiences with the software, and it is important to note that the features discussed here are just a few among many. For more detailed information, visit Nitro PDF’s official website.

Getting Started with Nitro PDF Pro 14

With a new look, refreshed icons and the more intuitive navigation through a redesigned ribbon bar, getting started with the Nitro PDF Pro 14 is extremely easy, and all you do is download and install the setup file.


Once installed, the software presents a familiar interface reminiscent of Microsoft Office applications. Navigating through the software is intuitive, making it easy for both beginners and experienced users to find their way around.

One notable advantage is that there is no need to sign up or log in, allowing users to dive straight into editing and managing their PDFs.

Additionally, during our testing, we appreciated that the trial version did not bombard us with constant purchase notifications, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Core Features of Nitro PDF Pro 14

Nitro PDF Pro 14 comes loaded with an extensive array of features that cater to the diverse needs of professionals and individuals alike. While we can’t cover every feature in detail, we’ve tested some of the core functionalities to provide you with a comprehensive overview.

Custom PDF Editing

Even if you’re a professional or an individual, Nitro PDF Pro 14 got you covered with its extensive editing tools. On Nitro PDF Pro 14, you can easily add, delete, and alter text.


While we were editing a sample PDF for the first time, we tried to add text, make changes to its font, and adjust its position and to our surprise, we did it right away with ease.

Heading to the complex editing, Nitro PDF Pro 14 handled everything decently, and you wouldn’t have to approach other software for any purpose.

For your better understanding, we worked on editing Bates numbering, page labeling, and processing multiple files in a single batch, and everything was smooth.

In addition, we tried adding logos, dynamic bookmarks, watermarks, and page numbers to multiple PDFs, and never has it let us down.

Effortless Annotations

PDFs can serve as a great form of report, presentation, or portfolio, and as a result, many markup operations are carried on them.


Suppose you’re a professional, an individual, or a student. In that case, you must have experienced a hard time managing annotations, but with the Nitro PDF Pro 14, you can easily handle different types of markups.

To test the usability, we have started highlighting multiple PDFs in different states, and even the poorly structured PDFs were easy to annotate.

We went further to test its potential by embedding links, images, and files, and Nitro PDF Pro 14 did a great job. As per our thorough testing, we have noticed all markup tools are reliable and serve all types of users. Hence, you shouldn’t worry if Nitro PDF Pro 14 fits all your markup needs.

Combine and Convert PDFs

Merging PDFs is always a hassle, as many tools would struggle to get it right. If you’re a professional, you might have experienced this issue more than any. To counterattack this issue, Nitro PDF Pro 14 provides a built-in tool that combines multiple PDF files.

We added multiple PDF files to test the ability of the “Combine tool” of Nitro PDF Pro 14, and the output was promising. There were no complaints with this tool, but the only downside was the processing time.

While speaking of converting PDFs to other forms of document, it is arguably more hassle than combining PDFs as the structure of the PDF gets disturbed. Even though there are many tools for this purpose, none does the conversion right.


For this purpose, we have tried converting PDF documents to different formats, and to our surprise, the accuracy of the conversion is on par with the premium PDF management tools.

No tool is made perfect, and we noticed Nitro PDF Pro 14 failing to maintain the structure when the PDF is loaded with tables or pictures. On the bright side, the chances of Nitro PDF Pro 14 failing is very rare and happens only with complex PDFs.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

With enhanced smartphone camera units, people rarely rely on scanners unless working in organizations. The documents scanned through the smartphone are not always capable of editing due to low light or excess glare.


We have uploaded several scanned documents ranging from worst to best to test the potential of Nitro PDF Pro 14’s OCR. From our testing, we have noticed that most of the scanned documents are recognized by Nitro PDF Pro 14 and that only a few poorly scanned ones are not recognized.

Through the Nitro PDF Pro 14’s OCR tool, you can perform search and edit operations instantly without needing conversion. We were happy with Nitro PDF Pro 14’s flexibility with the OCR tool.

Out of all tools, we found the OCR tool extremely helpful; with this tool, we have successfully edited and digitalized many physical documents. Hence, if you’re looking for software to manage scanned documents, Nitro PDF Pro 14 is for you.

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Digital Signatures are used in almost every organization as it is responsible for improving business performance.

The “QuickSign” tool comes in handy for professionals, and the biggest advantage of this feature is it becomes part of the final document and cannot be modified or removed.


You can easily create a signature with the Nitro PDF Pro 14’s QuickSign tool. The best part of the “QuickSign tool” is the flexibility to create new signatures based on your preference. As a result, you can include the signature in the PDF in the form of text, image, or drawing.

From our testing, we have noticed that the “QuickSign tool” works as advertised, and the signature we created has been displayed in the selected PDF files and cannot be modified or removed.

The best part of the QuickSign tool is the “Password Protect” feature, which enhances security further by protecting the signature using the password.

Password Security

The PDFs featuring private and sensitive information must be protected and not be made available to all users. For this purpose, the reliable approach is protecting them through password use.

If you’re looking for a way to protect your PDFs and prevent other users from accessing them, you must check out the “Nitro PDF Pro 14’s Password Security” tool.


The biggest advantage of this tool is the flexibility to set passwords for access-specific restrictions and printing access. Alongside these, you can also set restrictions to prevent copying text and images from the PDF.

From our testing, we have realized it works extremely well. Even after sharing it with other users on different computers, the protection is prevalent, as it asked for the password every time the PDF was opened.

We believe this tool serves a great purpose for organizations and individuals who must protect confidential documents.

Document Accessibility

We have noticed only a few PDF management tools provide accessibility support for their users. The newer version of the Nitro PDF Pro 14 has introduced “Document Accessibility” support and is extremely reliable for those with special needs.

With this feature, an individual, student, or professional with a disability will no longer rely on multiple tools to manage and maintain PDFs.

This step taken by Nitro has stood as an example for many PDF Management software, as it turned out to be the best approach to making digital information accessible to all.

The Document Accessibility support features many tools, and to test its potential, we have tried “Auto Tag,” and it was close to perfection. For beginners, the Auto Tag is a special feature that identifies the PDF content and assigns a tag accordingly.


With all of Nitro’s accessibility features, creating accessible and compliant PDFs is easily done. Here are a few key advantages of using Nitro’s Document Accessibility support;

  • Auto-tagging documents, tables, and lists in a few simple steps
  • Assigning accessibility tags, roles, and reading order in tagged PDFs
  • Managing artifacts
  • Specifying human languages of tagged PDFs Embedding fonts
  • Supplying alternate text Marking PDF/UA compliance

After thoroughly testing the software, we assure you that all tools are reliable. Features such as Screen Reader, embedding fonts, and marking documents can be great companions for all your special needs.

What We Liked

The intuitive interface and easy navigation were the first things that impressed us while using Nitro PDF Pro 14. Within a few minutes of usage, it felt like we have been familiar with the tool for ages, so if you’re worried about the software being complex, the newer versions aren’t anymore.

Coming to the features, it is great to see all tools necessary for managing the PDFs are in one place and doesn’t require downloading extra software just for one or two additional tools.

Speaking of performance, all tools perform as anticipated, and the time taken to perform a specific operation is just right. Apart from the rest, the OCR tool is worth mentioning, considering how helpful and reliable it is.

Alongside all the editing, combination, converting, and miscellaneous tools, we are extremely happy with the “QuickSign” and “Password Security” tools, as they protect the PDF and prevent others from accessing it.

The accessibility tools can be a great help for those with special needs. To conclude, we were always confident while using Nitro PDF Pro 14 as it has everything we needed, and all the operations performed are arguably accurate and close to perfection.

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What Could Be Better

No software is made perfect, and Nitro PDF Pro 14 has its share of downsides. After testing the software thoroughly, we felt room for improvement with the interface.

You might wonder why we mentioned the interface as a pro above, but we now cite it as a con. The reason behind this is it had lost its originality while trying to resemble Microsoft Office applications with the newer versions.

Even though the performance is exceptional, Nitro PDF Pro 14 struggled with the combining and converting operations if the PDFs are large and have a strict structure with multiple images and tables.

Considering everything and testing it thoroughly, we felt that Nitro PDF Pro 14 would become more reliable if the processing were done faster. On the other hand, the software would become lively if it had the color scheme from the previous versions of Nitro PDF Pro.

Availability and Pricing

Nitro PDF Pro 14 is available on Windows, Mac, and iOS. No free version is available, but you can access and experience all the features by downloading and installing the trial version.

Regarding pricing, Nitro PDF Pro 14 plans are divided into three featuring PDF, eSign, and Platform plans. All three plans are available in subscriptions, but if you want it only for editing, you can check out Nitro’s PDF plan’s one-time payment with life-long validity.

On the other hand, if you need “Nitro Sign Essentials” for eSignature request support, you can check out subscriptions starting from $14 monthly, and there is no one-time purchase.

You can get both through the “Platform Plans” starting at $9.99 monthly with a limit of 20 users. You can reach the sales team for additional flexibility if you’re an organization.

Nitro PDF Pro 14 Vs. Alternatives

There is always a better alternative to any software; one would prefer other software based on performance, features, or pricing. Regarding the Nitro PDF Pro 14, we suggest you check Adobe Acrobat DC.

The main reason behind suggesting Adobe Acrobat DC is it is extremely popular and arguably comes with more features for creating, editing, converting, and collaborating on PDF documents than the Nitro PDF Pro 14.

The only downside with Adobe Acrobat DC that prevents everyone from considering it and choosing Nitro PDF Pro 14 is the expensive subscriptions. If you’re not interested in Adobe Acrobat DC, we suggest checking PDF Expert, PDFelement or Foxit PhantomPDF.

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In summary, Nitro PDF Pro 14 is a powerful PDF management software ideal for handling PDF files most easily and efficiently.

It stands out as a noteworthy option for anyone wishing to take complete control of their PDF documents, as it comes with a wide range of features, a user-friendly design, and support with multiple collaboration tools.

Nitro PDF Pro 14 is a dependable tool that helps increase productivity and efficiency while processing PDF files with unrivaled precision; whether you are a corporate professional, educator, or individual, you’re all covered.

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