Looking to Trim Videos? Check Out These Video Cutter Tools

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Having control over the video you love might probably be the most exciting thing in this digital era. Trimming and editing with the generic tools might make the output feel unoriginal because of the quality drop and aspect ratio issues, but we have reliable video trimmer/cutter software and apps to overcome such issues. With these tools, one can cut the videos into various parts without worrying about the output.

In addition, these tools can also help you work on large videos which is a great hassle considering most of the generic tools struggle to generate the desired output. The best part about the video trimmer/cutter software and apps is the amount of flexibility on offer, as you get the ability to trim any part of the video and save it in any desired format. Besides some of the trimmer tools have default presets and sharing options, so one can simply choose a preset and share them on any platform they wish for.

Sounds like dream come true? Here are some of the best trimming/cutting software and apps with wide platform range support.

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Desktop video trimmers for Windows/Mac

1. Gihosoft Free Video Cutter (Best dedicated & FREE video trimmer)

The Gihosoft Video Cutter software for Windows/Mac is a simple yet extremely efficient video trimmer tool with wide format support and a very friendly user interface.


The video can be selected using the “Add file button” and once added, the preview is provided, where you can set the start and end time of the desired trim by adjusting the time frame slider below. Once the adjustment is made, you can select the desired location to save the file and upon clicking on the “Cut” button, the desired part of the video is trimmed and saved without quality loss.

Gihosoft Video Cutter is known for its simplicity as most of the complex and unnecessary options are hidden from the user with visible options that are very basic and don’t require any learning curve to use them.

The most impressive part of this software is the wide range of video and audio formats, as result, you doesn’t have to worry about converting or making changes to the final output. The processed (trimmed) video saves to the specified location and no additional steps needed to be taken to save the file.

Considering the software features very basic options and is very easy to use, it is advised for those who need a tool that performs only video trimming without any advanced options.

Gihosoft offers their Video Cutter tool for free and is available for both Windows and Mac. In addition, they offer a wide range of video tools for free which are also simple and very reliable.

2. Wondershare UniConverter (Best for trimming & converting video)

Wondershare UniConverter is a great package of video conversion tools with new enhanced AI tools and premium features. The trimming tool is a part of the package and with the AI Smart trimmer, trimming videos is never a hassle.

Speaking of features, it offers a wide range with around 24+ tools embedded in one software making it a complete video converter package. The interface is a bit advanced considering the lot of features on offer.


As we are talking about video trimming, the ‘Smart Trimmer’ is very handy as it automatically trims the videos and makes editing easier.

The promising part of these tools is ideal for every possible video editing requirement in one place with reliable processing time. In addition, it asks for every minor detail such as format, aspect ratio, preset, speed, and many more can also be adjusted.

Wondershare UniConverter (read our full review here) offers a 30-day preview free trial version and after the trial period, you need to choose a Perpetual, Annual, or Commercial plan to continue. There is a dedicated Business plan and an inquiry needs to be submitted for pricing.

3. Movavi Video Editor 2023 (Best for cutting & editing video)

The Movavi Video Editor is a must-try for video content creators, thanks to the improved and enhanced tools, the creators can develop pro-level quality videos with ease.

The new version features tools that are curated for video content creators with a wide range of video titles, filters, transitions, and many more features on offer to make content without any hassle.

Speaking of tools, generic video editing tools such as crop, trim, rotate, resize, reverse, and stabilize. In addition, Movavi video editor offers advanced video and newly developed AI tools for video editing and development.


Speaking of the interface, it is very easy to use as every option is displayed on the left pane, and clicking on it displays the contents on the large right pane. The best part of the software regarding usability is it helps you by providing recommendations for each setting, making it easier for you to edit and develop videos.

The overall experience is very promising and features such as presets, filters, transitions, Chroma key, Stabilization, Stylisation, and Voice over have impressed us a lot.

If you’re a video content creator, the direct sharing to platforms like Tiktok and Youtube makes it extremely reliable. Talking about the pricing, there are no plans except for a one-time purchase.

The trial version is available on both Windows and Mac, after the trial ends one needs to purchase the Movavi video editor to continue, which is quite affordable

Online video trimmers for web

The video trimmer tools online are ideal for those who don’t want to install dedicated video converter software and are looking to edit and trim videos once in a while. When compared with the standard video trimmer software, the online tools usually come with upload restrictions, and the features on offer are very less.

4. InVideo (Best for creating videos online)

InVideo is an outstanding online video creation tool and ticks off every box that a creator expects for. It is an all-in-one package of video editing tools featuring an impressive interface and magnificent flexibility.

In addition to these features, you can also make use of premium tools such as templates, elements, and fonts. The interface of the InVideo Video trimmer is very simple and doesn’t require any learning curve.


To trim the video, you need to upload the video and adjust the time frame that is present below the video preview. On adjusting the start and end of the part of the video you want to trim, simply clicking the ‘Done’ button will save the trimmed video to your desired location and format.

We have experienced no issues using the InVideo and we were able to upload a media file up to 800MB without any issues.

The best part of InVideo tool is the support for extra precision, you can manually enter in and out times to cut your video clip to the desired start and end points.

In addition, it supports cutting multiple videos together and exporting videos in various file types such as: MP4, MOV, WebM, AVI, QuickTime, and others. With a few clicks, you can export your video optimized for social media.

To conclude, InVideo’s Video Trimmer tool is simple and easy to use but the only downside is the upload restrictions and doesn’t allow to use of HD templates without a Pro subscription.

5. VEED Video Cutter Online (Best for quick video projects)

The Veed Video Cutter is yet another outstanding online video editing tool with advanced tools, which makes it a great choice to trim most of your videos and if you’re feeling creative, go deeper with the advanced video editing settings.


Featuring an easy-to-use interface, all the options that are listed on the left pane display content on the large right pane where you can edit the video. To trim the video, you need to upload the video file and adjust the time frame that is present below the video preview. Upon adjusting the time frame of the desired part, you need to press the download button and the video processing starts.

Speaking of the best part of the tool is the quick support for editing and sharing videos on social media. Along with the regular editing features such as cut, trim, and split, you can also crop the video, remove audio, and add subtitles and music.

Even though Veed offers free advanced video editing settings, it does come with restrictions where the free users can download only VEED watermarked trimmed videos, restriction to templates, and the upload limit is restricted to only 250MB. In addition, the export length is restricted to 10 minutes, and the subtitles limit of 30 minutes.

When compared with InVideo’s Video Trimmer tool, there are much more features on offer. In addition, the tool also comes with advanced settings where people with knowledge of these settings can make use of them and create improved and better content.

Veed offers three plans featuring Basic, Pro, and Business (monthly and yearly) and for us, the Basic package felt right. We had no issues using the Veed Video Cutter and the overall user experience felt refined.

To conclude, the Veed offers way more features than the generic trimmer tools online but the only downside is the restrictions. We suggest the Veed tool only to those who want to make quick one-off projects, but if you’re looking for all the features the paid version is worth the price.

6. Flixier YouTube Video Cutter (Best trimmer for YouTube video creators)

The Flixier Video Cutter is not just your regular online video trimmer tool but an exceptional tool with support to edit YouTube videos. All you need to do is paste the hyperlink and import the YouTube video to trim, once done upload back to YouTube, it’s that easy.

Speaking of the interface, it is very similar to most online video converter tools with options present on the left pane, and the contents of each option displayed on the right pane.

Similar to all tools, you can simply upload the file to the ‘Personal Library tab’ and make generic edits such as cut, trim, crop, and splice. In addition, Flixier YouTube Video Cutter also offers unique features such as adding images, videos, music, text, and transitions.

To trim the video, all we had to do is adjust the time frame present under the video preview. For YouTube videos, you need to press the Export button and the video is ready to publish or download. Whereas the uploaded video can be simply downloaded or shared on any media platform.

The free user account comes with restrictions such as a watermark, storage limit, export time, resolution limit, storage time, and many more. To avoid restrictions and use all the features, one has to purchase either Creator or a Business plan.

To conclude, the Flixier YouTube Video Cutter is a unique tool with support to manage and develop YouTube videos, since most video trimmer tools don’t offer to import YouTube videos using links.

For us, making content for YouTube felt very easy on this tool and we suggest the tool, especially for those who want to create content for YouTube.

7. Nova Video Cutter (AI-powered)

Nova A.I. is your friendly web-based video editor that can automatically add subtitles and translate videos for any platform.


It comes with built-in video editing tools that allow you to spruce up your clips with unique transitions, control video speed, and add audio, music, logos, thumbnails, and more.

You can cut your videos directly in your web browser, eliminating the need for downloads. Simply follow a user-friendly 3-step process to quickly remove unwanted parts from your videos. Nova AI provides you with easy-to-use “scissor” tools that look just like the real thing – click where you want to cut and then select the tool. Once your editing is done, export your video effortlessly.

Plus, if you’re new to video editing, check out wearenovaai for training. Whether you’re a big production studio or a beginner content creator, our professional team can help you become a video editing pro.

Video trimmer apps for iOS/Android

8. Inshot (iOS/Android)

The Inshot app is the home for all your social media needs, maybe creating a reel or posting a picture, InShot got you all covered. With outstanding flexibility on premium features, you are never held back from creating amusing content.


InShot features a simple home screen comprising three options ‘Video, Photo, and Collage’. It is developed for both iOS/Android featuring a similar user interface. You can tap on the desired option from the home screen to create a new video, photo, or collage.

Considering all the features, the Inshot app is a complete video and photo editing package with a wide range of features. The Inshot trimming tool is a part of many tools offered and it is very easy to use.

Inshot offers premium features such as fonts, transitions, and stickers. To trim the video, you have to do was select the file and the rest of the processing is done step by step, once all the changes are made, you have to tap on the “Save” button to save the processed file on your device.

The processing can be made using the generic and premium tools that are present on the bottom pane. Whereas the rest of the space displays the preview, where changes made are displayed.

The best part of the app is the pre-defined presets for all the generic tools such as canvas, trim, filter, crop, and many more. Speaking of the impressive part of the app, features such as Smooth Slow motion, Video effects, Chroma, and Video collages are extremely reliable.

Regarding pricing, the free version comes with most of the generic tools support but comes with restrictions such as ads, watermarks, and locked access to premium tools. To unlock the full potential and all the premium tools of the app, you need to take a subscription package and the pricing is based on the platform.

9. YouCut (Android)

YouCut is a special video editor, made specifically for Android by the InShot Video Editor team. Both InShot and YouCut app features the same generic tools with few changes in YouCut’s premium tools specifically designed for video editing.


The interface of the YouCut is improved and feels more refined even though the editing layout screen is the same as InShot but with a new color scheme. Speaking of the generic tools, YouCut offers Trim, Speed control, Volume, Rotate, Flip, Crop, and many more. Whereas the premium features include music, filters, text, stickers, PIP, BG, and many more.

Unlike other apps, YouCut is generous to provide some extent of premium tools for free users. As we are speaking about trimming the video, all you need to do is select the video first, choose the trim tool from the bottom pane and adjust the start and end time from the provided time frame using the slider. Once satisfied with the preview, simply tapping on the “Save” button saves the video on the device.

When we used the app, features such as a wide collection of music, filters, video transitions, and effects along with overlap video, keyframe animations, animated text, and slideshow maker impressed us a lot.

Speaking of downsides, for the free users the app is not ad-free and most of the premium content is locked. Unlike InShot, there are no subscriptions and a one-time purchase gets you full access to all premium tools and features.

We suggest this app to everyone as it is very simple and any user can make good use of the app since all the tools are extremely reliable and simple to use.

10. Adobe Express (iOS/Android)

Adobe Express is probably the most advanced video and photo editing app available on the mobile platform. Simply upload your file and you will never run out of options to make impressive content.


Speaking of the interface, it is loaded full of features and one might have to take time to explore and learn about each tool and how to use it.

Coming to Adobe Express is an all-in-one tool for all your video and photo editing needs. Adobe Express comes with a ton of generic and premium tools and presets and if you’re professional and aware of the settings, you can make custom changes for every minor detail.

The best part of the app is the support for quick resize support for social media platforms and instant background removal. To trim the video, all you have to do is select the video file, adjust the start and end time stamp and save it to the device.

Once we got used to the app, we are satisfied with how good the app is, and features such as Adobe‘s templates, fonts, design assets, royalty-free stock photo collection, and access to Adobe Creative Cloud libraries impressed us a lot. In addition, it is extremely useful for Business as well as Creative users.

Regarding pricing, Adobe offers monthly and annual subscriptions with a hefty price tag. We suggest the app for those, who are extremely professional and are capable of fully utilizing the app as most of the features and tools are locked and are available only on the Pro version which is tremendously costly.

What to look for?

Here are some of the key factors that we suggest while selecting video trimmer software.

Easy to use: The first and foremost thing to check before choosing or purchasing the software is to check for the trial version. The interface of the software must be very simple and easy to use.

Tools and Features: Even though you’re looking for a specific tool, make sure the software offers more than one generic and premium tool with features that are extremely reliable and advanced.

Performance and Efficiency: The most important thing to check for in software is performance and efficiency. The processing time taken by the tool must be reliable and come with features that make the software efficient to use. In the case of video trimming software, the software must offer features such as format selection, faster processing, and sharing support.

Know your needs: The biggest mistake one usually makes while purchasing software is not knowing their needs. Before purchasing software one has to research what tools the software is offering and if it is the best bang for the buck and is also important. If you’re not using the software to its full potential, check for free online alternatives.

Price and Customer Support: The pricing for the subscriptions or the overall price of the software must be decent and not overpriced. Make sure to check that the tools offered are worth the subscription/purchase cost.

All the above-said factors are kept in mind and the video trimmer software/apps listed in the compilation are selected based on these factors. We have made sure to use all the software well before reviewing and listing them in the compilation.


The video trimmer programs are a great way to save time and provides the easiest way to trim the desired part of the video without any effort. Without the video trimmer tools, saving a specific part of the video is extremely difficult as you have to go through a hectic process of getting the video without losing the quality.

With the enhanced technology, the video trimmer software and apps are available on all platforms. All these options are available in both free and paid versions, so it is your role to pick the right one.

Finally, we suggest you go for the free online trimmer tools if you rarely trim the videos but if you’re creative and a content developer, approach the paid ones as they come with a lot of tools and will be helpful throughout the content creation.

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