Proton Launches Proton Pass: the New Encrypted Password Manager

News • July 5, 2023


In an era where data breaches are becoming increasingly common, utilizing a password manager is crucial for safeguarding your online presence. It allows you to employ distinct, complex passwords for every website and service you use, ensuring that even if one platform is compromised, your other accounts remain relatively secure. Proton Pass, the latest addition to the expanding list of password managers, is here to offer a robust solution.

Meet Proton Pass

Proton Pass is an open-source and encrypted password manager designed for both individuals and families.

Proton CEO Andy shared the news in a blog post recently:

We’re happy to announce the global launch of Proton Pass, available now as a browser extension on most major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, and more) and iPhone/iPad and Android. As the name suggests, Proton Pass is a password manager, one of the most highly demanded services from the Proton community in our annual surveys since we first launched Proton Mail, our encrypted email service, in 2014.

By employing end-to-end encryption, Proton Pass ensures that your personal information and passwords are shielded from prying eyes, including Proton itself. This level of encryption applies to all the data stored within the app, including websites, usernames, and even personal notes. It’s worth highlighting that Proton lacks the capability to decrypt your data, even if requested by a third party. The exclusive authority lies with you.

What Makes Proton Pass a Secure Password Manager?

In addition to standard password manager features, Proton Pass provides a unique functionality—it generates email addresses that conceal your real identity from websites you sign up for. Instead, it generates dynamic addresses tailored to each service you require. This feature is not only advantageous for disposable accounts but also for any scenario where you prefer not to disclose your actual email address.

Proton Pass seamlessly integrates with ProtonMail’s email aliases, allowing you to create randomized email aliases directly from the password manager. This integration further safeguards your identity during account creation, making the exposed email addresses useless to hackers attempting credential stuffing attacks. By limiting the consequences of data breaches, Proton Pass enhances your overall security.

The creator of Proton Pass emphasizes several aspects that set it apart from other free password managers. First, it utilizes strong bcrypt password hashing instead of less secure PBKDF2 implementations. Additionally, Proton Pass employs a hardened implementation of Secure Remote Password (SRP) for authentication. These measures ensure that your passwords remain highly resistant to unauthorized access.

Unlike many password managers that solely encrypt the password field, Proton Pass takes it a step further by encrypting all data associated with each entry, including usernames and web addresses. This comprehensive encryption strategy bolsters the overall security of your stored information. This way, your passwords are shielded from being compromised in a similar manner to a LastPass breach, unless hackers gain simultaneous access to both Proton’s database and your device.

Proton Pass Free Download

Proton Pass is available for free download on iOS, Android, and desktop computers, with convenient browser extensions offered for Chrome and Edge. Moreover, by signing up now for an annual subscription, you can access the Plus version for only $1 per month, even after the price reverts to $3.99 per month. Proton’s suite of apps is widely recognized for its exceptional security features, making Proton Pass a top choice for those seeking an ultra-secure password manager.