Here Are 10 Best AI-Powered macOS Apps You Can Try for FREE

Utilities   •  July 9, 2023

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Artificial Intelligence has witnessed an upsurge in usage in the last years. It has been, so much so, that you lose out when you do not shift from conventional apps to AI-powered ones. And macOS is not an exception!

Since we have been testing out AI apps for quite some time, we are in a position to suggest something. So, we have curated a list of the best AI apps for Mac. As you can guess, we have included apps from a variety of categories, including productivity, writing, utilities, and communication.

Top AI apps for macOS

#1 Notion

As you may know, Notion is not a dedicated AI app. Instead, it is an advanced productivity app that combines a number of features. With the addition of Notion AI, a premium service, you can turn Notion into one of the best productivity apps for Mac.


Notion AI will help you automate many rudimentary tasks. For instance, you can use the app to summarize or rewrite content. It also brings the power of generative AI to help you create content for different needs. The best part? Notion AI integrates so well with existing features of the note-taking app.

It can also replace many apps such as Grammarly Premium and ChatGPT. And we must appreciate Notion’s ability to combine an incredible variety of information, including notes, documents, links, media, etc. So, in short, Notion AI on Mac can be a real-time saver for everyone.

#2 PDFelement

Editing PDF documents on your Mac is nothing new, but Wondershare PDFelement brings the power of AI to the table. Even though PDFelement is a powerful PDF management tool at its core, you can use AI to get the best out of your documents.

For instance, you can use AI to better understand the content of a PDF document. The AI engine will read it and let you ask questions about the content. For instance, you can ask PDFelement to define a term/concept. The AI-powered tech is beneficial when you want to compare PDF documents or convert them.

We should also mention that many PDFelement features require a paid subscription. But compared to the time you can save through these features, whatever you spend is a worthy investment. For instance, a single subscription will give you access to OCR, PDF conversion and AI-based conversations.

#3 MacWhisper

MacWhisper is undoubtedly one of the best AI-based apps you can get for Mac. This audio transcription tool uses the Whisper model from OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. And it does an impressive job of getting audio content transcribed.


Getting started with MacWhisper is easier than you imagine. Once you have installed the app, you can pick one of the transcription models; some are paid while others are free. Then, you can record content or upload an existing video/audio file.

In a few seconds, the app will transcribe the audio content into text that you can copy. Because the entire transcription takes place on your Mac, MacWhisper does not really need an internet connection. And, if you have been manually transcribing content, this AI app will be a game-changer.

#4 Amazing AI

If you are into content creation, you may have to generate images occasionally. And, Stable Diffusion is currently one of the best generative engines out there. The Amazing AI lets you use Stable Diffusion through a native macOS application.

Once you have downloaded the Amazing AI app from the Mac App Store, everything is easy. You can provide the description of the image you want, and you can access the results in no time. You will have the option to download and share these images.

It is also worth noting that Amazing AI has been optimized for Apple Silicon Macs. So, if you have an M1/M2 Mac, the app will offer incredible performance. However, you must note that the app takes up a considerable amount of storage space for the offline model.

#5 Elephas

We already talked about Notion AI, which helps you rewrite and improve content on Notion. But what if you want all these features across macOS? In that case, you should check out Elephas, which is a personal writing assistant for Mac.


Once you have set up the app, you can access the AI features from the menu-bar. For instance, you can select some text and ask Elephas to rewrite it in a different tone. There are other features like Super Brain and Viral Mode.

Super Brain is an impressive feature when you want to critically understand some topic. You can bring in all the content for context and create a virtual brain. This Super Brain will answer all the questions you might have about the text.

#6 Filmora

You may have already heard about Wondershare Filmora, one of the most easy-to-use video editors. But, it now comes with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to these AI-powered features, you can create an impressive collection of videos within less time.

For instance, Filmora now brings the power of AI Copywriting, which will help you add attractive text content to your video. Similarly, the AI Image engine will provide you with the necessary graphics if you need a video with creative elements.

Finally, you can use the speech-to-text engine to transcribe audio. It is great when you want to add subtitles to a podcast episode or an explainer video. Either way, all these features integrate so well with the video editor, and you do not need technical expertise, per se.

#7 Krisp AI

These days, creating unique content can take you way ahead of the game. However, you cannot always get a noise-free environment for recording audio. Krisp AI solves this problem by using Artificial Intelligence to cut out noise from recording, real time.

So, you can benefit from this app if you attend many meetings or record podcast. You can even use the app to record content for your music projects via apps like GarageBand on Mac. We also loved how Krisp AI does not require any technical expertise.

We recommend that you check out this AI app, regardless of what you do. The core features of the app are available free of cost, which is impressive. Just so you know, Krisp AI is the best noise cancellation app for Windows PCs as well.

#8 Luminar Neo

As you can guess, we wanted to include a photo editor that makes things easy. As it happens, Luminar Neo does a decent job of bringing AI-assisted photo editing capabilities. So, while the core UI stays familiar, you can enjoy better control and save time.


So, once you have imported the library, you can choose between a variety of filters and settings. But, if you cannot figure out how to make manual changes, you can use the AI button. Luminar will analyze the image and choose the best option.

We also love that Luminar Neo is pretty fast. We have been using it on an M2 Mac and the performance has been incredible. So, even if you want to add effects to multiple photos from an album, this AI-based photo editor will be of great help.

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#9 Taskheat

We have seen quite a few to-do list apps in the past, but not all of them work well. Taskheat, an AI-powered visual to-do list app, is an exception. We have to focus on the term ‘visual’, because the app will convert your to-do list into a visual master plan.

For instance, you can add sub-tasks and conditional tasks to one entry, making things easier than ever. We have also noticed that the visual treatment makes everything clearer. So, if you have to manage hundreds of tasks per week, this visual to-do list will be useful.

The app lets you use a number of components, such as the Connector Outlet. Similarly, you can use the ultra-flexible design to create and manage complex relationships between your tasks. Even though you may need a couple of minutes to get used to Taskheat, it provides immense value.

#10 PhotosRevive

We would like to conclude this list with PhotosRevive, an app that automatically revives your old photos. So, if you have a monochrome photograph, you can use the PhotosRevive app to colorize it and make many other changes.


As you can imagine, the included AI engine works without an internet connection. So, you can colorize and introduce changes to existing images on your Mac’s internal drive. It is also important that you get several customization options, such as saturation, shadows, and color preferences.

In the end, PhotosRevive does not let you down, and the photo Colorizer is as powerful as a professional’s work. Therefore, while we cannot say whether this AI can compete with professional artists, we can say that the app is a suitable option for beginners.

Wrapping up

While we know that it is not a complete list, all the apps on this list will save you hours, if not days. All these have implemented the best use of Artificial Intelligence as well. So, make sure that you get the best out of these apps for your personal and professional needs.

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