ClickUp AI vs. Notion AI, Which AI is Better

Reviews • Jan. 29, 2024

notion vs clickup ai

Both Notion and ClickUp have now equipped their life/work management platform with the power of AI. If anything, it has made things difficult when choosing between Notion vs. ClickUp. We have had the space to try both Notion AI and ClickUp AI for a few weeks.

Here, you have a brief comparison between the AI-powered assistants on Notion and ClickUp.

Our take on this comparison

We wanted to set some ground rules before diving into the Notion AI vs. ClickUp AI comparison.

First and foremost, this is strictly a comparison between Notion AI and ClickUp AI—not the platforms. That is, this guide does not tell you which among Notion and ClickUp is the better option. Instead, this comparison guide is meant for a specific group.

Suppose you have tried both Notion and ClickUp. And you are fine with both tools as they fulfil your demands for a workspace. So, if the only thing that would make a difference is the AI assistant, this comparison guide will help you choose. On the contrary, if you already prefer one tool to the other, comparing them based on their AI assistants is a non-ideal way to understand what works best.

Our testing methodology and criteria

We should also be upfront about how we tested and compared Notion AI and ClickUp AI.

It is difficult to look at AI assistants from a single-dimensional perspective. Instead, we have to consider the many relevant aspects like versatility, integration, and performance.

We also understand that each AI may have a different set of dedicated features.

Considering these points, we have tried to use almost all the features from Notion AI and ClickUp AI within the not-so-limited time we had. And we have presented the insights from the comparison in an intuitive way.

Notion AI vs. ClickUp AI: the basics

Notion AI is a generative and analytical AI assistant that works great with Notion. It is designed to simplify how you interact with your documents, ideas, and knowledge. From helping you chat with your documents to autofilling analytical information, many features make Notion AI an impressive choice. You can check out our dedicated page for Notion AI if you need an extensive review.

ClickUp AI, on the other hand, brings the power of generative and conversational AI to your ClickUp spaces. It is equipped with skills like summarizing and sub-task generation, among other features. More importantly, this AI assistant offers pre-built tools for different departments within your organization. Once again, this is a simple description, and you can check out our ClickUp AI review for a better idea.

At the first look, both AI assistants pack a balanced variety of features. But, how do they translate in the real life? Let’s find out.

Notion AI vs. ClickUp AI: integration

There is no point in having an AI assistant if the assistant cannot integrate well with the application and the platform. So we will see how Notion AI and ClickUp AI perform in this particular aspect. We will be judging the easiness of accessing these AI assistants and the usefulness of its assistance.

Notion AI integrates so well with the platform. You can launch Notion AI on any document you have created on Notion. Then, you can choose one of the options based on the context. For instance, if you have already written something, Notion AI can continue writing. On the contrary, if you want ideas for writing, you can ask Notion AI to do some brainstorming. You can also use the AI assistance in automating routine tasks.

notion integration

ClickUp AI follows a different method, though. On one hand, you can launch ClickUp AI from the homepage or dashboard. You can then select an AI tool or provide a topic for writing. On the other hand, the options to launch/access AI features from a document need serious improvement. Sure, you can access all the AI-powered features from a sub-menu, but things could be better.

clickup integration

We are inclined to say both are great, but Notion AI definitely offers the perks of versatility.

Notion AI vs. ClickUp AI: writing assistance

Writing assistance is something you need across your project management tool. In addition to common AI-powered skills, you may also need industry-specific capabilities.

Notion AI offers the standard set of options for writing assistance. As we said, you can launch Notion AI on any document and access the features. For instance, you can select a piece of text and ask Notion AI to give you a summary. In the same way, the writing assistant will help you find action items from the text. It is also great that you can interact with your document with live chat. We would say that the writing options from Notion AI are quite balanced.

notion rewrite

When it comes to ClickUp AI, the writing assistance part offers a little more. Of course, you can apply all the AI features to create and edit content, but the better option is that ClickUp AI has figured out what each industry needs. For instance, if you just want to create something for the design department, you can do that. It could be a design persona or a brainstorm user journey. Similarly, in the product department, you will find options to create product requirements, a release note or generate a user story.

clickup rewrite

Therefore, by the virtue of its versatility and optimization, ClickUp AI seems better in this aspect.

Notion AI vs ClickUp AI: task & project management

Both these AI assistants claim to simplify and automate multiple tasks. Therefore, we should see how Notion AI and ClickUp AI fare in dealing with tasks and projects.

The power of data analytics aside, Notion AI offers only some standard options for task management. That is, you can keep track of your projects and tasks via the Q&A feature. It means you can simply chat with the AI instead of manually understanding tables and status reports. Notion AI works smoothly when it comes to turning data into actionable insights as well. However, you do not find AI features that go deep.

ClickUp AI, on the other hand, is more optimized for task and project management. Because ClickUp AI is accessible from different spaces, it is easy for you to launch a particular project and get the status. For instance, on a document, there is always an option to summarize the document and get action items. Or when preparing a project with multiple tasks, ClickUp AI will help you create sub-tasks for the project.

clickup tools

So the contextual understanding of the AI and the integration of these features does magic. And it is a good-enough reason to choose ClickUp AI over Notion AI.

Notion AI vs. ClickUp AI: data analytics

Complex data analytics is something that AI assistants should help you with, right? Well, both Notion AI and ClickUp AI are ambitious in this aspect.

Notion AI does the standard job in terms of data management. As we said earlier, it can understand the main context of the document and offer task suggestions. In the same way, you can engage in conversations with data, thanks to the Q&A feature. The Fill with AI button has helped us more than we had expected it to. In total, we think the data management capabilities of Notion are satisfactory.

notion analytics

ClickUp AI, on the other hand, offers a limited set of features when it comes to data analytics. Of course, the AI can help you summarize tasks and progress, and the option to find action items is also impressive. But other features of the AI are not really making use of data analytics, and it may not be a great option when your documents contain numerous equations, tables and analytics-worthy information.

Therefore, if you are looking for an AI assistant with the best skills for data analytics, you would have to go for Notion AI.

Notion AI vs. ClickUp AI: pricing & value

Both Notion AI and ClickUp AI are available as add-ons to the current plan that you have for the respective platforms.

For Notion AI, you will have to pay $8 per month for the AI extension, and it can be added only to premium plans. Therefore, the practical amount you’ll have to pay for a Notion AI-enabled workspace will be around $16 per month.

ClickUp AI, for that matter, is available for a monthly price of $5. Once again, you need a paid ClickUp plan to add this function to the package. So, you can pay a total of $12 per month to have an AI-powered ClickUp workspace.

While we think that both these plans offer satisfactory value, the lower price of ClickUp AI should be noticed. Considering that ClickUp AI comes with many features that help you better organize the content and access information, we would say ClickUp AI is the more affordable plan.

Notion AI vs. ClickUp AI: which to choose?

After comparing Notion AI and ClickUp AI based on factors like data analytic skills, writing assistance options, task management and, of course, integration, we have some recommendations on who should get what.

If you are looking for an all-in-one AI package for your workspace, we think you’re better off with Notion. It comes with all the features you would expect for writing assistance, brainstorming, and a very preliminary level of data analytics. You can also benefit from the multiple AI-powered templates available on Notion, as they can save a lot of time.

On the other hand, if you need an AI assistant that can do many things, you are better off with ClickUp AI. This AI tool can offer pre-built tools for different departments. The increasing collection of templates and improvement in the integration aspect is also welcome. But then again, you would miss out on some features like data analytics. But that loss is something that you should expect when you are paying relatively less per month.


  • What is better than Notion AI?

While there are many other AI assistants, only a few are available on project management apps. For instance, if you are fine with ClickUp as a work/life management app, you should consider ClickUp AI. Compared to Notion AI, ClickUp AI brings a couple of better features in versatile content creation, thanks to its many built-in templates.

  • Why is Notion AI so expensive?

It is commonly believed that Notion AI is a little expensive, but you should keep in mind the fact that you only have to pay $8 extra per month to add Notion AI to any paid plan. But it’s another case that you need a paid plan in the first place, meaning that you will have to pay around $16 per month. But when you consider the features you get from Notion AI, the pricing is reasonable, indeed.

  • Is Notion AI unlimited?

Yes, you get unlimited access to Notion AI when you purchase the add-on. However, not everyone on your team may have access to the AI features. By the way, also keep in mind that Notion may have internal limits for AI use.

  • How much does ClickUp AI cost?

You can get ClickUp AI by paying only $5 per month in addition to the paid plan. Unfortunately, you’d need a premium plan to get ClickUp AI in the first place. So, ultimately, you have to pay around $12 a month to have a smooth experience.

Wrapping up

We attempted to show the different aspects of Notion AI and ClickUp AI and how they work as AI-powered assistants for your workspaces. We believe our insights have helped you make the right decision so that you don’t have to keep both AI tools.

Many of the features are overlapping and by understanding what your work requires, you can easily get rid of one subscription. For instance, if you don’t need the additional features of data analytics or auto-filling information, it makes more sense to go for ClickUp AI, which in itself is an inexpensive option.

Hope the guide helps.

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