Best AI Scheduling Assistants for Productivity and Work-life Balance

Productivity • Feb. 10, 2024

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The past year has seen an increase in adoption rate for AI assistants. While AI assistants like Notion AI help you write better and manage your documents in an organized way, we also have note-taking AIs and meeting schedulers.

While all these AI assistants help you save time, what about AI tools that have a noticeable impact on your life, especially work-life balance? This is precisely what makes AI scheduling assistants unique. Many of them come with features that target the busy individuals and teams we find today.

When used in the best way, AI scheduling assistants can make a huge difference in your life—and your team. But how do you find the best AI scheduling assistant? What features should you look out for? And how much would you have to spend on a decent scheduling app?

We have answered all these questions below and discussed the 7 best AI scheduling assistants you can try.

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Our criteria for choosing the best AI scheduling assistants

One thing we understand at SweetBits is that not all teams are the same. And not all teams can set the same goal and priorities. Therefore, when we set out to find the best AI scheduling assistants, we wanted to ensure some diversity in the options that we chose.

Based on these understandings, we have also categorized the 7 tools into purpose-centric sections.

  • First, many AI scheduling tools focus on productivity. With the power of collaboration, these tools can ensure that your teams have the best use of available time, while also taking the burden of manually scheduling emails.
  • Second, we see AI scheduling assistants with the primary objective of tracking and management. These tools are great when you want to take care of a project or manage multiple members in your team, while taking care of time as a resource.
  • Third, and most importantly, we have AI scheduling assistants that focus on work-life balance. These tools are designed so that you can create a healthy balance between working hours and additional features. You also get some extra perks like habit tracking.

We have consciously stayed away from typical calendar applications. Instead, we are talking about tools that enable smooth scheduling of events, tasks, and happens. As you can guess, our selection has also ensured basic quality and reliability, since you will be dealing with your work life.

Our Testing Scenario: Many of these AI scheduling assistants are available as web applications. However, if and when native apps were available, we tested them on our M1 Mac mini with a standard-speed internet connection. You have to keep this context in mind whenever we mention performance as a factor.

7 Best AI scheduling assistants for productivity

#1 Clockwise AI

Pricing: Free, Subscriptions start at $6.75 per user per month

Clockwise AI is definitely one of the most popular choices when people need an AI schedule assistant. This tool is designed for teams that want to get the best out of time resources. And even when you have a team of hundreds, which means a hectic schedule, Clockwise AI can help you schedule things in just a few seconds. The best part is that you can simply talk to Clockwise AI to get all this done.


  • Easy to interact with and schedule
  • Ensure team-wide focus time concerns
  • Optimized features for specific teams


  • It could use more third-party integrations

clockwise ai

Clockwise AI packs a number of features, including an AI scheduler, flexible meeting system, focus time. You can also use Flexibility Preferences and Scheduling Links to make sure that you choose a time that works correctly. In addition, integrations with platforms like Slack and Asana makes it easy to manage projects and other level of communication from the same spot.

We noticed that clockwise AI makes the best use of natural language processing to enable an interactive way of scheduling. For instance, when you cannot find a good time that works for everyone, you can simply ask the AI assistant to do that. Similarly, you can review others’ time constraints and modify multiple events in a single click.

Thanks to the calendar interface on the right side, every change you make will be instantly visible so that you can keep track of your day, week, or month. You must also appreciate how much value Clockwise AI has given to flexibility. For instance, you’ll be able to enable flexible holds and lunch holds. And as long as you set the meeting and working hours, you can make sure that there is no overlap of hold options.


Pricing: $12.99 per user per month is another productivity-centric AI assistant you can use for scheduling. Unlike Clockwise, though, is designed to optimize the way you schedule your meetings in such a way that you don’t waste time in any way. To achieve this goal, makes use of your preferences, while also ensuring the best level of productivity.


  • It does not require the entire team to sign up
  • Instant options for re-scheduling and rebooking
  • It works great with 1:1 and team meetings


  • It could have a better planning management interface

schedule cc

Like you would expect, comes with a pleasant interface with a calendar section on the right side of the page. You can make changes on the left side and real-time updates are available in the calendar. We also loved how has used colors to gamify the scheduling process. You can easily track the actions and events quite easily.

Because you schedule every meeting using the interface, you can real-time monitor the acceptance rate and availability of multiple calendars across your team. For instance, if someone in your team cannot make it to the meeting, there will be an option to rebook the meeting or reschedule it at a time of their convenience.

The AI-powered meeting scheduler also makes it hassle-free to work with different clients, thanks to the Client Portal. You don’t have to manually do anything; instead, the meeting scheduler will recommend a couple of available slots to everyone, and they can pick the best one. Automated notifications also make sure that you or the other invited members do not miss the meeting.

#3 TimeHero

Pricing: Starts at $4.60, Free trial available

You might want to check out TimeHero AI if you are looking for a productivity-centric scheduling tool for your team. It has particularly been designed for teams that are working remotely. So you can use TimeHero to schedule, automate and manage the multiple tasks and projects within your organization. You can do all this while keeping disruptions to a minimum.


  • Built-in tools for project and task management
  • Leaves room for last-time meetings and schedules
  • Smart recurring tasks are effective at saving time


  • The lack of a planner interface is noticeable


On the topmost layer of TimeHero, you can find a couple of smart features. For instance, smart project management, make sure that you can easily track the status of multiple projects. Similarly, task scheduling and time tracking provides you with actionable information on the progress of your team. But when it comes to increasing productivity with AI scheduling, time hero takes a more conventional approach.

Of course, you will be able to adapt your plan so that last-minute meetings are accommodated. Similarly, you can prioritize multiple tasks and habits in such a way that you have a balanced work-life ratio. And in the end, you can use the campaign manager and autopilot to ensure that everything is going smoothly. That is, you can reduce the number of check-ups and routine meetings.

To make all these features work seamlessly, time hero also allows integrations with other apps, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Trello, and Slack. With all this data from multiple sources, time hero can create a productive schedule for your organization, incorporating tracking and project forecasting. However, we missed the presence of an all-in-one AI scheduler in this package.

AI scheduling assistants for tracking and management

#4 Motion

Pricing: Starts at $19 per month, free trial available

Motion is an AI-powered scheduling app that brings the capacity of multiple apps into a single interface. Instead of dealing with multiple to-do lists, tasks and calendars and spreadsheets, you can manage your entire schedule from this tracking and management system. For instance, when you give the details, Motion creates a schedule and helps you focus while also protecting your weekends.


  • An all-in-one solution for project and time management
  • Scheduling features that work within and outside your team
  • Powerful AI scheduling algorithm that works with tasks


  • You may already have separate apps for some features


One thing we love about Motion is that it packs multiple applications in a single interface. For instance, you can use the calendar to keep track of your engagements and use a project manager to explore project-specific tasks. You can also use the task manager and integrations to gather data from third-party platforms. Finally, the meeting assistant helps you improve how you schedule and attend meetings.

We must also appreciate that motion has been designed and optimized for functional teams. Let’s say that you want to streamline the scheduling options within your starting. You can use the project manager to ensure that your deadlines are met and the algorithm will do the rest to ensure that there is maximum team output while not compromising the overall efficiency of the team.

On top of all these, automated task prioritization will always target the best results for your organization. In the same way, if your team has to schedule meetings or appointments with clients, the Meeting Assistant is a time-saver. And it is great that you can enjoy all these features of convenience from a central dashboard of Motion.

#5 Trevor

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $3.99 per month

Trevor is an all-in-one planning and scheduling tool that you can use from your web browser, mobile, or desktop. Even though it is designed to schedule tasks and create productivity, it leaves room for flexibility and clarity. Therefore, while making the best use of AI time-blocking technology, you can have ample control over how your work day turns out to be.


  • You can track your entire schedule from a single space
  • It leaves ample room for flexibility and customization
  • The AI algorithm predictions are more accommodative


  • Many core features are exclusive to paid plans


Easy planning is one of the core objectives of Trevor as an AI assistant. It will help you visualize all your tasks and goals in a single interface based on each day. And this view itself makes it easy to understand what you have planned ahead. And scheduling these tasks will be assisted by the AI algorithm. So you do not leave the entire planning to the AI, but the suggestions are nevertheless very helpful.

We also noticed how the app turns into a focus timer. That is, when an action is going on, you can track the time you have spent on it as well as the goals or sub-tasks that you have designed for this particular task. And all in this process, the Trevor AI will make sure that you get meaningful predictions that help you auto-schedule recurring tasks.

Even with a free plan, you get many AI-powered features, such as predicted task duration and AI scheduling suggestions. And when you upgrade to a premium plan, you can also integrate multiple calendar accounts and recurring scheduled tasks. And personal scheduling insights are also beneficial when you want to have a more strategic way of scheduling your week or month.

AI scheduling assistants for work-life balance

#6 Reclaim AI

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $8 per user per month

Reclaim AI is one of the AI scheduling assistants that work with the core objective of helping you establish work-life balance. Even though it focuses on productivity, engagement, and better collaboration, all these features revolve around the fact that you will have time to spend your life, even after better scheduling your events, tasks, and habits.


  • An AI planner that considers your goals and priorities
  • You can track events, habits, and tasks from one place
  • It seamlessly works with Google Calendar


  • It lacks options for project management


The first thing we love about Reclaim AI is that it works with Google Calendar. It means you don’t have to install another calendar app on your device. And as long as you have synchronized multiple calendars, you can manage all your events from a single space. Now, the AI Planner feature of Reclaim AI requires, deserves a lot of praise. It uses AI time blocking and priority tracking in such a way that your workweeks are well-used.

At the same time, you can leave time for things like decompression, lunch, or something that you would like to catch up your teams with. You must also note that you get a couple of features for every type of team that there could be. For instance, if you are an engineering team, you can use the project management app and integrate it with reclaim AI. Similarly, no meeting days and focus time blocks will help you achieve goals.

We also loved the work-life balance-oriented features that Reclaimed AI brings into the team (read our full review here). For instance, you can set up smart breaks and working hours, which help you take load out of your system. By recommending the working hours, Reclaimed AI can schedule your appointments only during those times. Similarly, smart break logs will ensure that you have time to relieve yourself before getting to the next task.

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#7 Clara

Pricing: Beta-only

We wanted to conclude this list with something that, we think, will be revolutionary when it becomes public. Clara is an AI-powered email scheduling assistant that is only available in the beta version. As you can imagine from the name, it works as an assistant to your calendar and email in a different box. It means you don’t have to install another application.


The AI is powerful enough to understand what you want to do on each task and depending on the emails that it sends and receives, Clara can offer information tags that make it easy to track your progress. Once again, you don’t have to worry about the UI because Clara supports natural language processor. Machine intelligence at its best make sure that you can stay on top of your deadlines, reminders and habits.

During our limited testing with Clara, we were really impressed by how intelligent the system is. The level of optimization also makes it easy to use Clara in different environments. For instance, if I want to clear the next week and include only high-priority meetings, I can just ask the assistant. It is in many ways better than, you know, clicking multiple buttons to create a schedule.

Overall, the convenience that Clara offers is innovative in itself.

The bottom line

We understand that this is not the most extensive list of AI scheduling systems. It is a deliberate decision because we do not want to bore you with multiple options that serve the same purpose.

Instead, our objective was to select the best options from different categories. Considering that we have included both paid, free and freemium AI assistants in the list, you will find it easy to pick one that suits you best.

But, if you ask us which one we loved testing the most, our answer would be Reclaimed AI. As we said earlier, we find it impressive when software solutions give priority to human life and work-life balance.

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