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Mutimedia   •  Updated on July 11, 2023

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With Artificial Intelligence(AI), multiple streams of technology have been revolutionized, and video creation is one among them. Using the AI Video Generator tools, commoners to content creators and emerging businesses, everyone can create emerging, interactive, and life-like videos with very minimal time and effort invested.

All AI video generator tools in the article have features and capabilities backed up by advanced AI and ML, NLP, and DL technologies. In the future, we can expect more accessible and cost-effective video creation through AI video generation tools.

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AI in video generation

With time technology has developed significantly, and Artificial Intelligence is one of the technologies that have created the biggest impact, as it is found to improve people’s lives greatly.

Before, video generation/creation used to be a difficult task, but today with AI, even an individual with no skill can create impressive and engaging videos. With advancements in deep learning, machine learning, and computer vision, AI is deeply rooted in multiple ways associated with creating and managing videos.

For instance, video editors are upgraded with the help of AI, providing an outstanding level of automation to make the videos extraordinarily engaging and impressive. Apart from this, AI also plays a major role in Video animation, enhancement, summarization, and deep fakes.

Top AI video generators

The AI video generation tools are the software that uses AI paired with machine learning and computer vision to create videos automatically. These tools simplify video creation by providing brief input, reducing the effort and time invested in making a video.

With this article, we will be reviewing arguably some of the best AI Video Generator tools and platforms in the market. Make sure to check out each one to find the right one that matches your requirement.

#1. Synthesia

Synthesia is a prominent AI video generation tool with promising reviews and ratings. This text to video tool uses machine learning, deep learning, NLP, and computer vision to generate true-to-life videos.


We felt creating a video using Synthesia was easy, and all we had to do was to write a script, which was analyzed by AI, resulting in a fully customized video. For the AI video generation, Synthesia offers five avatars, but they are locked based on the template.

Even though restricting avatars to a specific template makes it easier for individuals to pick the right avatar for their needs, we felt it was a restriction. However, we are amused at how good these avatars are at lip-syncing to the audio, making eye contact, and displaying different facial expressions.

Upon using Synthesia thoroughly, we have realized that it is on the verge of being close to perfect and requires some improvements. A few times, we had issues with the video not being generated in the way we wished for.

On the bright side, we could make interactive videos with ease. In addition, adding custom backgrounds, animations, and special effects was fun and helped us make the video more interactive.

#2. Pictory

Pictory is arguably one of the best video editor and creation tools with impressive AI features. All the above-listed AI video generator tools use avatars as the host and generate videos, which might not be helpful in every situation. In such cases, Pictory comes into play.


Like all the advanced AI video generator tools, Pictory takes input (script/story) from the user and generates a video based on it. However, the video generation is based on the template chosen, where AI generates the background according to the script.

While generating a video using Pictory, we noticed no issues with any steps in the video generation, considering the easy-to-use interface and detailed tutorials.

Alongside these features, Pictory’s AI-powered voiceover generation feature and captioning feature complete the video generation, resulting in a professional and emerging video.

Pictory’s AI does make mistakes, but on the bright side, the customization support helps clear all mistakes instantly. On using Pictory thoroughly, we felt that it has the potential to generate interactive and life-like avatar-based video through AI.

#3. Virbo

Virbo, the new AI Video Generator app from Wondershare, is a game-changer for text-to-video creation. With its intuitive interface and advanced AI technology, Virbo allows you to create stunning videos effortlessly.


Personally, we don’t have time to learn complicated video creation software, liaise with actors, write scripts and record video footage. Using Virbo, you no longer need video editing experience. Simply input your text, choose your preferred virtual character, and watch as your personalized AI Avatar video comes to life.

One of the aspects that truly sets Virbo apart is its ability to create highly customized videos. With a vast selection of over 180 video templates and a diverse range of nationalities and languages, you can tailor your content to resonate with your audience on a deeper level.

As someone who values quality and authenticity, we were impressed by the attention to detail in Virbo’s video production. The app offers a 120+ tones and inflections that ensure your videos sound natural and compelling.

Furthermore, the option to incorporate royalty-free music elevates the overall viewing experience and adds an extra layer of professionalism to your content. We think these features would help you create videos that held the attention of your audience and left a lasting impact.

#4. can be considered an alternative to Pictory and is ideal for those looking for AI-based video generation without a script. With, the video is generated based on the templates.


While creating a video using, we noticed that the video templates available are of high quality but limited, which is a significant downside.

Keeping that aside, we have found a suitable video template, and the best part about is that it provides flexibility and great customization while adding text, transition, and audio.

Every step associated with generating a video is made on’s Videomaker. Apart from the advanced features, the user gets the flexibility to modify aspect ratios and resolutions to create the best-emerging videos for all platforms.

Our review of can be concluded as decent, and we believe everyone can use it without issues. The user interface is intuitive, but we think there is room for more features, and video generation using the script is one of them.

#5. is one of the most advanced AI video generator tools, considering all the advanced features. However, creating videos with is never a hassle, as each step is followed by a detailed tutorial on performing related actions associated with that step.


With, we have successfully generated professional-looking AI videos from text, PDFs and even PPTs, and the conversion results were pleasing. The wide range of avatars featuring different races and nationalities impressed us, as we had more flexibility with making more interactive videos.

Speaking of the process, video generation starts with a user providing a simple yet brief script. uses advanced AI paired with ML and NLP, and generates a video based on it. We are happy with the level of flexibility on offer, considering we could customize the style and tone of their videos.

In addition, the intuitive user interface and multiple pre-built templates and scenes are added advantages. Our honest take on is decent, and we believe there is room for improvement. Sometimes, we went through the hassle of repeating a few steps from the start due to the confusion caused by multiple options.

#6. is yet another AI virtual media platform that creates impressive videos from the script provided by the user. With, we could generate text to voiceover and videos using different avatars and their voices, accents, and languages.


Like, all the steps are backed up with a proper tutorial, which we found helpful while we generated videos. We are amused at the ability of’s AI to analyze the script and create a voiceover that matches the content. However, as we assumed, it did make some mistakes, but on the bright side, they are rare.

The advanced features of include the ability to add music and sound effects, manage background, and create custom branding to make professional videos. In addition, the support for adjusting the speed, tone, and pitch of the voice is reliable and aids video generation by making them interactive and emerging.

After using thoroughly, we noticed some issues, and the interface was significant. Even though the interface is intuitive, one would struggle to navigate as the options are placed everywhere and requires some time to get used to.

#7. is an emerging AI video generation tool that generates videos using machine learning, computer vision algorithms, and natural language processing.


All the avatars made available for the generation of the video are based on deep learning, and the results are life-like. Like other AI Video generation tools, generates videos with an appropriate tone and style based on the script.

Our review on can be described as reliable, considering the simplicity of the interface and the options provided. We could create a video easily by following the tutorial associated with each step without any confusion.

Even though fixes most of the limitations associated with and, we noticed that it lacks many features and requires a lot of improvement. For instance, the avatars on offer are great, but their capabilities and the number of avatars available are limited.

On the brighter side, we could easily adjust the characters, colors, and scenes according to our preferences. In addition, the ability to add music, sound effects, and voiceovers makes the videos more engaging and interactive.

#8. Canva

Canva is a complete graphic design platform featuring various video creation tools, but recently it has joined the AI race. The advanced AI features of Canva assist the AI video generation with editing, and the new “Beat Sync” is a game changer. With “Beat Sync,” you can automatically align clips to the beat of a given music video.

Canva video

We could create a video using the pre-made video templates, and they are of high quality. In addition, Canva can add images, audio, video clips, and text to the template, which helps generate an emerging video.

Canva doesn’t support text-to-video generation yet, but we are impressed with the accuracy of Canva’s AI Text to Image tool. The Magic Eraser and Edit are other features worth mentioning of Canva that aid the video generation process.

While using the newer Magic Edit feature, we had mixed thoughts. The new AI tool could add or replace content in the brushed area through text. However, we noticed several limitations, and the tool’s accuracy isn’t reliable yet.

We have used Canva thoroughly and found it helpful while generating videos. There are multiple limitations with Canva when used for AI Video generation, but it is best in the segment if you use it for simple video editing and generation.

#9. isn’t an AI Video generator tool but assists video generation by providing impressive templates. For automation of video editing, uses Machine Learning to bring the best out of an input reducing time and effort.


The main reason behind us using is to create a script from the audio of a video. We noticed automatic transcription making mistakes now and then, but in the end, the accuracy is reliable.

Alongside other essential features such as captioning and image recognition, the AI-powered background removal tool helped us make the video more professional. We used’s background removal tool to remove undesired background from a video generated by the AI video generators, which was most helpful.

Apart from these, you can create a simple video on by adding media, audio, subtitles, and text. Usually, creating a video from scratch is hard, but with, the in-built templates make the work easier. However, the templates on offer are minimum and can be considered a limitation.

Upon using the app thoroughly, we have felt that has the capability to be a standalone AI video generator tool. We are pleased with the accuracy of the AI tools, and an individual would love to make content on the intuitive interface.

#10. Lumen5

Lumen5 also uses the script to generate video using advanced AI paired with natural language processing and machine learning algorithms. Like other AI video generator tools, Lumen5 generates videos, but it is preferred for professional purposes as it is perfect for businesses and content creators.


While creating a video using Lumen5, we felt the interface was more refined and easy to navigate. Lumen5 is smart enough to identify the text’s tone, style, and message and generate the video accordingly.

In addition, Lumen5 also provides the flexibility to select and edit visual content to suit the video’s narrative. We are happy with the wide range of customizable templates, themes, and color schemes offered by Lumen5, and if you’re running a business, you must check it out.

Apart from these advanced features, Lumen5 also offers the support to edit the visual content, add captions, change background music, and adjust the timing and pace of the video according to the user’s requirements.

No tool or software is made perfect, and neither does the Lumen5. Our honest review of Lumen5 can be defined as reliable. However, we felt that Lumen5 is more focused on professional users, and commoners wouldn’t find it completely worthy, as most features are tailored for professional purposes.

#11. Filmora

Filmora is a popular video editing software to create videos. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any AI video generation feature, but it helps edit the videos generated by AI.


The main reason behind considering Filmora is because the videos generated by AI feature issues that cannot be edited to the full extent. For this purpose, we have used Filmora’s AI Scene Detection to reduce the background noise and enhance the video’s audio quality.

In addition to Scene Detection, the Instant Cutter feature of Filmora helps identify critical moments of the video for instant sharing. We have tried and tested the AI tools of Filmora and felt that the accuracy could not be wholly relied on.

Filmora offers a range of effects, transitions, and filters to create simple videos. In addition, you can also access advanced editing options, making the videos more emerging and professional.

After thoroughly checking out Filmora, we felt it is an excellent add-on for AI Video generation tools. On the dark side, the user interface isn’t intuitive and needs some work, as it is challenging to navigate.

The future of AI video technology

With constant technological improvement, AI is growing steadily and becoming more helpful for humankind in making things easier by automating tasks. In the case of video technology, AI plays a significant role, and we can expect impressive advancements in how we create, edit, and consume video content.

Today we see AI playing a significant role in video technology with Augmented and virtual reality. We can expect highly realistic deep fakes and hyper-personalized video content in the future.

Apart from these, we can see outstanding video editors with impressive automation skills and the ability of AI video generator tools to create interactive videos while providing extraordinary video quality.

Currently, multiple technologies have been found to enhance video search and analysis, and in the future, we can expect better search, audio, and text recognition with videos through AI. Considering everything, expect significant future video technology innovations with AI involvement.

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