Calendar Overload? How to Manage Your Schedule With Reclaim AI Assistant

Tips • March 1, 2024

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These days, our calendars have become more congested than they have ever been. Things are even worse when you consider the work calendar. We can imagine the utmost difficulty if you use the same calendar for life and work. Regardless of your preferences, calendar overload can be a bad thing.

Instead of helping you stay ahead of your agenda, an overloaded calendar turns things the other way around. Trust us when we say this: fixing your schedule all by yourself can be tedious. But, if you want a helping hand, you should consider Reclaim AI.

This AI-powered scheduling assistant helps you regain control over your schedule with minimal interruptions in your productivity. In this guide, we will show you how you can manage your schedule with the Reclaim AI Assistant.

A bit about Reclaim AI

Reclaim AI is a smart scheduling app designed to work with Google Calculator. Although it is designed for busy teams, you can use the AI tool to take care of your personal schedules.

The Reclaim AI Assistant doesn’t simply take over scheduling your life. Instead, you will have the option to set your preferences even before you begin. We will explore some of these features and show you how helpful they are in real-life scenarios. Thus, it offers a hassle-free experience of managing habits, tasks, and other engagements in your professional or personal life.

If you want more details about all the features of Reclaim AI, you may want to check our Reclaim AI Review.

Get started with Reclaim AI

At the time of writing, Reclaim AI is available only on Google Calendar. The developer has been working on Outlook Calendar for Reclaim, but it is still in the waiting list phase. So, if you want to try all the scheduling features of Reclaim AI, you would want to stick to a Google Calendar account.

When you do so, it feels easy to get started with Reclaim AI. You can sign in using your Google account and provide the permissions when prompted. This process takes barely a minute and you will see the Reclaim AI dashboard in an instant. Depending on the pricing plan, you can choose between multiple viewing options. With the Lite plan, you get Day and Week viewing options.

From this point onwards, this UI can be a centralized hub for all your planning and scheduling needs. We will tell you how Reclaim AI does it.

Steps to manage your schedule with Reclaim AI

You do not have to follow any particular order to make the best use of reclaimed AI. However, to ensure maximum efficiency, we have arranged the features in a productive order. We will discuss the core features of the scheduling app: Events, Tasks, and Habits.

#1 Manage Events

Reclaim AI offers an intuitive interface to manage your events. One, you can track all the events you have added from different calendar apps. For instance, I have connected my Google Calendar to my iPhone, Mac, and Android. Because every app syncs with Google Calendar, Reclaim AI makes it easy for me to manage not just events but also reminders synchronized with Google Calendar.

Something we loved about the Planner interface is Smart Events. Instead of repeating the same steps, you can let Reclaim AI create smart events automatically. This interface can help you in creating daily schedules, which can ensure productivity and work-life balance. For instance, you can suggest the amount of time you want for regular breaks. From then, Reclaim AI will consider these preferences while planning a week/day.


Since Reclaim AI keeps everything in check, you can understand your agenda with a single look. The interface makes the best use of color palettes as well. By highlighting your focus time and breaks, Reclaim AI will make it easy to control the agenda. Similarly, you can enable Buffer Time to avoid burnout. Buffer time will ensure that you get sufficient time to rest between multiple meetings.

The AI can also understand when an event specifies the location. If it is far from your home or work, Reclaim AI will automatically add travel time to the schedule. I find it impressive that the AI scheduling assistant can remind you about these buffer times and necessary breaks. Likewise, if you want to avoid the buffer time after in-person meetings, you can set it up as well.

it is also convenient that you can dynamically reschedule any event even if you miss something or go past a deadline. For instance, when you want to catch up on missed schedules from the last week, the scheduling AI will intelligently accommodate these events in your next week’s schedule.

#2 Schedule Tasks

You do not need another task manager when you use Reclaim AI. The built-in task manager integrates well with the Planner UI. This way, you can quickly look at scheduled tasks on the same screen. When you need more screen real estate, you can also go to the Tasks section. Reclaim AI works with existing task and project management tools.


For instance, you can connect apps like Todoist to Reclaim AI and manage tasks across these apps. We also loved the integration options for other apps like Raycast. Using this integration, I can manage my tasks right from my Mac. In the same way, you can connect multiple services like Zoom and Trello to manage different meetings and projects, respectively.

Here is probably the best part. Because Reclaim AI works as a unified scheduling solution, it is well aware of all the tasks and habits that you are keeping track of. It means you can easily avoid scheduling conflicts between newly created tasks as well as planned events.

We should mention that most Reclaim AI features are designed for a collaborative working environment. Therefore, you might not find all these features useful if you use only a particular set of services. Regardless, it is good to know that you can enable a full-length task scheduling and management suite right from this dashboard.

#3 Track Habits

When you want a productive life, you also have to actively track your habits. These could be mundane tasks you do every day or something new you want to try out. One thing we love about Reclaim AI is that it can gather input from you and use the information to include habits in your daily schedules.

Here is how the habit-tracking system works. You can choose between one of the mini templates to create multiple habits that you want to enable per week. Then you can also set up preferences for each habit, such as the duration, schedule, and the specific hours you need them to be included with it. Once you’re done, the rest is all simple, because the Reclaim AI will automatically include all these habits without overlapping with your existing schedule.


I should also mention that the template collections from the Reclaim AI are a great way to understand what the common habits are. For instance, you can choose between typical habits such as having lunch or taking some time for medication. But if you want, you can also go to department-level categories. For instance, if you go to the engineering section, you will be able to find specific templates such as testing or debugging.

On a personal note, the habit-tracking feature on Reclaim AI has decreased the number of separate apps I use every day. Instead, as I said earlier, it is comfortable to track the progress from a single dashboard. The other advantage is that you do not have to confuse between events and habits. Instead, these will stay in their respective places, with sufficient color-coding to make everything simpler.

Extras for enhanced scheduling

Above, we have talked about the core functions that will help you take care of calendar overload with Reclaim AI. But there are a couple of other options that make this scheduling assistant work seamlessly.

For instance, we have to talk about Calendar Sync. This option will make sure that all the changes you make in your Reclaim AI calendar are synchronized with all the calendar applications and services that you have connected. This way, you do not have to make manual changes to each calendar you own. It is a great time saver if you work with multiple calendar services for your work and life.

Similarly, we have to mention smart meetings and smart 1:1s. Both these pptions are helpful when you want to make the best use of available time, not just for you, but also for the people on the other end. With the help of scheduling links, you can make sure that no time is wasted with unnecessary meetings. In short, Reclaim AI helps you save time across the team.

Manage your schedule today

We believe this guide helped you understand all the functions of Reclaim AI that you can use to fix calendar overload. If you always cope between different calendar applications and services, you might want to consider sticking to Reclaim AI. In addition to the smart scheduling, this application becomes a central platform from where you can manage all the different aspects of your calendars. Take control of your time and manage your schedule today!

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